Supplementary dental insurance for tooth cleaning, test 2020

Supplementary dental insurance for tooth cleaning: Top 10 tariffs in comparison & test

Although the conditions for dentures and dental treatments are of particular interest when choosing a dental supplementary insurance, the services for dental care measures, such as professional tooth cleaning, should not be forgotten. Many tariffs now reimburse a share of the costs of professional tooth cleaning and also cover other dental care measures. They are therefore a useful addition to the protection provided by the statutory health insurance company, which, although it bears the costs of the annual check-ups at the dentist, but does not pay for professional teeth cleaning.

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Supplementary dental insurance for tooth cleaning – the top 5 tariffs

The following table shows five tariffs that primarily cover the area of ​​tooth cleaning and prophylactic measures. The price shown refers to a person to be insured with the age of 30 years.

Table 1: Overview of teeth cleaning and prophylaxis tariffs

collective name Service for teeth cleaning waiting period monthly fee
ERGO Direct ZBB + ZBE 100% (unlimited) no waiting time € 12.80
Hallesche Smart Dent 100% (max. 160 € p.a.) no waiting time € 10.90
DKV KDBE 100% (max. € 150 p.a.) no waiting time € 9.84
Barmenia Prophy 100% (max. € 60 p.a.) no waiting time € 9.90
ERGO Direct ZBB 100% (max. € 50 p.a.) no waiting time € 7.90

In addition to the few tariffs that have designed their secured range of services purely for tooth cleaning and prophylaxis, there are a large number of so-called complete safeguards which, in addition to the service for tooth cleaning and prophylaxis, also ensure very good reimbursements for dental treatment and denture measures.

The top 5 premium tariffs including teeth cleaning

The following 5 tariffs, in addition to the services for tooth cleaning and prophylaxis measures, ensure a comprehensive range of services, at least in the areas of dental treatment and dentures. The table shows the reimbursed level of reimbursement for tooth cleaning and prophylaxis as well as the secured level of performance in general for all areas (dental treatment and dentures). In addition, the monthly contribution to be paid per tariff is shown for a 30-year-old person to be insured.

Table 2: Overview of premium coverage including tooth cleaning / prophylaxis

collective name Service for teeth cleaning General performance level. Monthly contribution
Exclusive German family insurance for dental protection 100% (max. € 200 p.a.) 100% € 24.00
The Bavarian ZAHN Prestige 100% (max. € 200 p.a.) 100% € 25.00
ERGO Direct Premium (ZAB + ZAE + ZBB + ZBE) 100% (unlimited) 90-100% € 21.20
Munich Association 571 + 572 + 573 + 574 100% (max. 170 € p.a.) 90-100% € 24.32
Württemberg ZE90 + ZBE 100% (max. € 150 p.a.) 90-100% € 34.37

The five tariffs shown also do not provide waiting times for all secured service areas. In addition to the services for tooth cleaning / prophylaxis, dental treatment and dentures, some tariffs also ensure special services such as laser treatment or acupuncture or orthodontics for children and adolescents. Further information can be found on the respective tariff detail pages.

What exactly does "tooth cleaning" mean??

Professional tooth cleaning, together with the annual check-ups at the dentist, is one of the most important measures for dental care. It helps to reduce the risk of dental diseases, such as tooth decay or gingivitis, and thus contributes significantly to keeping the teeth healthy.

Professional tooth cleaning is carried out by a dentist or an assistant and takes about 45 to 60 minutes. The teeth are cleaned more thoroughly than with daily dental care at home, the interdental spaces are cleaned and hard plaque is removed.

Why is a dental cleaning tariff useful??

The cost of professional tooth cleaning can vary widely and is around 70 to 100 euros. With six-monthly teeth cleaning there are costs of 140 to 200 euros per year, which are not covered by the health insurance.

On the other hand, many tariffs for private dental supplement insurance also include professional tooth cleaning in their scope of services and reimburse the costs at least in part. This means that even healthy teeth benefit from a tariff for tooth cleaning, since they save these regularly occurring, "pre-programmed" costs.

There are disadvantages to a dental cleaning tariff?

Tariffs with extensive services in the field of dental prophylaxis and in particular the taking over of professional tooth cleaning usually charge slightly higher monthly contributions, since they expect regular costs. However, the contributions are very different. In general, before taking out dental insurance, it is advisable to think carefully about how often professional dental cleaning is likely to be used and to weigh the costs accordingly.

What are the limits of a tariff for tooth cleaning??

The cost coverage of professional tooth cleaning is limited by many providers. Insurance companies very often only reimburse teeth cleaning costs up to twice a year. In addition, some providers set a limit on the annual reimbursement amount (e.g. 120 euros p.a. at Allianz DentalBest). Still other tariffs leave a share of the costs with the insured (e.g. 15 percent with Barmenia ZGU +). On the other hand, very few tariffs do not restrict the reimbursement of costs for professional tooth cleaning (e.g. 100 percent, several times a year at Ergo Direkt Premium / ZAB + ZAE + ZBB + ZBE).

In addition, some tariffs only pay after a waiting period of up to 8 months after taking out insurance. However, these tariffs represent the minority in terms of professional tooth cleaning, so that in most cases, dental care services can be used from the first day.

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