Supplementary health insurance for children

The birth of a child is a joyful event. At the same time, however, the addition to the family means
also a turning point in parents’ lives, concern for the well-being of their child, especially his
health, takes a high priority in her life.

There are also supplementary insurance plans
especially for children

As a compulsorily insured member of the statutory health insurance
you’ve probably already thought about it,
as you do for your child, in the event of a illness, an optimal one
Reach medical care and at the same time oppose yourself
can secure high costs.

Usually your child will be the better off
Parent also insured.

The insurance of the parent through whom your child is insured bears your child’s usual treatment and medical costs, just as it does for an adult. In addition, however, there are a number of supplementary health insurance plans for children. A so-called “Private supplementary health insurance child” covers a variety of the costs of the diseases that occur particularly often in childhood.

Types of private supplementary health insurance for children

A private supplementary health insurance for children worth
especially for the typical “teething problems”, such as in
orthodontic field.

Braces are expensive and without additional insurance
for children could easily cost several thousand euros
coming to you, which you pay out of your own pocket
if you don’t protect yourself privately.

But private “supplementary health insurance for children” also applies in other areas. For example, if your child is hospitalized in the hospital Supplementary health insurance for children pays accommodation in a single room so that one parent can stay with your child.

Supplementary health insurance for children also helps in less dramatic cases.For example, if you want your child to be treated by a naturopath, you can also insure yourself against the costs incurred.Unlike the statutory health insurers, private supplementary health insurance for children accepts billing alternative healing methods.

Find the right supplementary health insurance for your child

Supplementary insurance for children
Zahnzusatzvers. for children
Daily hospital allowance f. children
Supplementary insurance glasses
Supplementary insurance providers

As you can see, private supplementary health insurance can
extremely useful for children, in some cases even absolutely
to be necessary.

Before you sign up for a particular provider or
To decide tariff, you should check the individual provider, prices
and compare the catalog of services they offer.

The insurance comparison of supplementary health insurance (right) is suitable for this. This way, you can find the optimal supplementary health insurance for your child quickly and free of charge.


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