Supplementary health insurance test winners and recommendations

The additional health insurance test winner page gives compact recommendations for individual insurance policies that are available from us in the comparison calculator or whose tariffs we can offer our customers. In the recommendations in supplementary health insurance test winners, we refer to serious analyzes by independent institutions.

However, we would like to point out that the test results shown always refer to people with defined characteristics (model customers) and that in individual cases it can also lead to other results. It is therefore recommended that the weighting of the test results be more accurate

to watch.

Furthermore, new tariffs may have been added or individual tariffs that were not part of the Health Insurance Supplement Test Winners page or the analyzes or tests may also be missing, so it is recommended to have a look at the complete list of sources.

In addition to the recommendations of supplementary health insurance, test winners and performance winners, a review using the insurance comparison calculator is recommended,.

dental insurance

There are two types of dental supplementary insurance: Dental rates according to the type of life insurance (fixed contributions) and by type of General insurance (variable contributions).

The tariff by type of life insurance is alliance with the tariffs Zahnbest and Zahnfit with quality rating 1.1 very good were evaluated as well as the Tariffs EZ + EZT the HanseMerkur. Still is R + V with its tariffs Tooth premium and ZV with very good 1.1 rated.

With the tariffs according to the type of General insurance is the Stuttgart With Tooth premium (very good 1.1) and AXA With Dent Premium and the grade was rated very good 1.2. Also the DKV is a very good recommendation with the tariff DT85 (Grade 1.4) and also the Barmenia with the tariff ZGplus and the grade 1.3.

hospital insurance

In supplementary health insurance test winners, the tariffs for supplementary hospital insurance differ greatly in price and are dependent on gender. This is no longer possible after the introduction of unisex. It has good to very good in almost all categories Tariff 262 the ARAG cut off. In the services for Twin room with chief doctor the tariff for men as well as women was also the first two places with the Overall result very good for women (grade 0.9) and good (grade 1.8 for men). Regarding the premium development according to unisex, it can be seen that there was no adjustment but the more expensive contribution for men (€ 36) for women (€ 33) was increased to over € 37. With a grade of 2.0 for men and 1.4 for women, the Einbetttarifen the LKH with the Tariff 400 a good (2+) recommendation.

International travel health insurance annual policy (vacation + business trip)

With its international travel health insurance, Hansemerkur has a product on the market that is unparalleled as an annual policy. In the analysis of supplementary health insurance, test winner from the financial test 01/2011 is the HanseMerkur clear test winner. The most important services are:

International health insurance for long trips and worldwide validity

The HanseMerkur with the tariff RK 365 is multiple test winner and can be completed using our online comparison calculator. The tariff also has this in the financial test quality judgment 1.2 very good received (source special issue finance, as of June 2012, page 30).

Travel health insurance for international students, work & travel, Aupair

The HanseMerkur offers with the tariff Young Travel (YT-Out) Premium and Basic different performance classes and thus achieved the quality assessment very well in financial test.

Supplementary health insurance test winner – integration of new test results

The supplementary health insurance test winner mainly takes into account the results of state and independent institutions. We try our best to make this page current hold so that our customers can get the most benefit from it.

It makes little sense to fall back on test results older than those shown here, since the introduction of the unisex tariffs and, consequently, a new price structure have changed world the supplementary health plans and private health insurance have fundamentally changed.

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