Support for maria 2.0

Support for maria 2.0

After her repeatedly harsh criticism of the Catholic Church, Carolin Kebekus has announced that she will be supporting the movement "Maria 2.0" to support. She does not want to hurt people in their faith, but to contribute to the renewal of the church.

The Cologne TV comedian Carolin Kebekus wants to support the Catholic women's initiative "Maria 2.0 insert. "I definitely want these women to get the maximum attention," Kebekus explained in an interview with the "Zeit" supplement "Christ Welt". Kebekus had repeatedly criticized the Catholic Church in the past.

She was not concerned with abolishing the church, but with renewal from within. In addition, she does not want to hurt people in their faith.

Mary 2.0 Welcomes support

The co-founder of the Maria 2 reform movement.0, Elisabeth Kotter, welcomed the support of Kebekus. "A woman who fights so strongly for our goals belongs to us," she tells "Christ World". If Carolin Kebekus for Maria 2.0 want to speak, "then she is allowed to do so

The Catholic reform movement Maria 2.0 demands access for women to all offices in the church, the abolition of compulsory celibacy and a comprehensive reappraisal of sexual abuse by priests.

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