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Do surfboards mean the world to you? It’s not only the Eisbach that makes surfers’ hearts beat faster in Munich! We reveal the hotspots for surfers, windsurfers and wakeboarders.


  • Why would you stop by? The Eisbach wave is a real classic! We have been showing it to Munich visitors for a long time with more than a hint of pride: because in few places the atmosphere is as spontaneous and relaxed as when surfers elegantly ride the Eisbach wave at the Haus der Kunst.
  • What level is the spot suitable for? Only absolute professionals should venture into the water, because surfing is neither easy nor harmless and therefore not suitable for beginners. Swimming is not allowed here. But don’t worry, the spot is also ideal for hanging out in the English Garden.
  • How do you get there? The Eisbach wave is hard to miss: From the National Museum bus stop on Prinzregentenstraße, you can see the spectators at the balustrade of the small bridge right next to the Haus der Kunst. Or you simply follow one of the people carrying their surfboard through the English Garden.

rafting area

  • Why would you stop by? The rafting area was already used for surfing in the early 1970s – earlier than the Eisbach wave. In comparison to this one, things are more relaxed here, and there is food at the nearby camping site. Afterwards you can relax in the nearby natural swimming pool Maria Einsiedel.
  • What level is the spot suitable for? Posers and top dogs have a break here: The wave is mild enough for beginners and if it takes longer for beginners, nobody will stress. Besides surfers, canoeists and kayakers try their hand at the current. When a raft approaches, others warn the surfer in the water. A relaxed togetherness.
  • How do you get there? From the Camping Thalkirchen station you can hardly miss the City-Surfspot. Please note: The wave is only surfable during the rafting season at certain times: From 1 May to mid-September, between 14.00 and 19.00.


  • Why would you try it? Windsurfing is the perfect mixture of demanding training and refreshing time out: Gliding over water has something meditative about it, but besides coordination, leg, trunk, back and arm muscles are really required. You are in the middle of the most beautiful nature.
  • Where do you take your first steps? At the Ammersee there are several surf schools, for example in Eching. At the Starnberger See you will find surf schools in Tutzing and Sankt Heinrich and also at the Walchensee there is a windsurfing center with equipment and courses.
  • What are the hotspots for experts? If you no longer need help, you can find beautiful hotspots at the Ammersee in the bay of Herrsching, in Utting or in Aidenried. At Walchensee there are really good surf spots in Sachenbacher Bucht, which can only be reached by a two kilometre long footpath.


  • Why would you try it? Surf through the water and show spectacular jumps or involuntary exits: Wakeboarding combines elements from surfing and water skiing. You stand on the side of a board and are pulled over a rope either by a motor boat or by a water ski lift – but you probably already know the sport from various fail compilations on the Internet.
  • Where can you board? The closest water ski lift for wakeboarding from Munich is in Aschheim. Advanced skiers will also find ramps and rails for tricks and jumps. Wakeboarding is also possible at any lake where motorboats are allowed.

No swimming at Eisbach wave and rafting area

Surfing at the Eisbachwelle near the Haus der Kunst was legalized in summer 2010. However, this permit only applies to experienced surfers – less experienced athletes can test their skills on the rafting area. Surfing is at your own risk. Swimming and bathing are not permitted at either location. Where swimming in the Isar is permitted, the bathing and boat regulation of the City of Munich

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