Swabian alb with children – 10 top destinations

Swabian Alb with children – 10 top destinations

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We love traveling. But it doesn’t always have to be far away, there are also great excursion destinations nearby. We want to offer parents, especially children, little explorers and scouts, a lot. And don’t always go anywhere else. Therefore:

Today we make a detour to the Swabian Alb; I have put together 10 + 1 great goals for you! The Swabian Alb is not far from my current place of residence near Upper Bavaria. By the way, our family moved there in 1982: to the heart of the Swabian Jura. To this day, I still don’t understand everything the Swabians say and I am very amused. Or would you have known what "Gsälz" is? Or “crumbs”? Jeez, I probably misspelled that too. You can find the resolution below in the article. Now have fun reading my top 10 in the Swabian Jura – for families.

The Eselsburger valley near Herbrechtingen

Sports climbers and nature lovers will get their money’s worth here. The valley with the “Stone Virgins”, crossed by the Brenz, is ideal for hikes and a picnic in the juniper heath. In addition, the children can run, run around and discover: Here, at most fathers pull their wagons through Father’s Day through the valley or some cyclists or riders come to meet you. More info: here

Donkey Valley with children – a journey of discovery

Teddy trend: The Steiff Museum in Giengen an der Brenz attracts the little ones with soft toys, dolls and hands-on activities. At Christmas time there is also a Christmas market in the Steiff Museum on the Ostalb. Highlights are the snake slide, the Steiff petting zoo and the display production.

Visitor mine Tiefer Stollen, Aalen

The deep tunnel is not only exciting to explore, the former mine is also a healing mine for asthma sufferers, neurodermatitis and others. There is now a Christmas market in and around the Tiefen Stollen. Barrier-free tours are possible. Children from 4 years old pay 5 EUR admission. Special tours are only permitted from the age of 14.

Nature in the Swabian Alb makes everyone an adventurer

The Romans were everywhere, especially on the Ostalb: In Aalen you will find the Limes Museum with the largest equestrian castle north of the Alps – and the Limestherme for relaxation. Excavations take place again and again in Heidenheim an der Brenz and in the museum in the Römerbad you walk on wooden walkways through the excavation world: I was on the road here as a child and it was always exciting!

Giengen / Hürben cave adventure world with adventure playground

Adventure and water playground with barbecue facilities, various rest areas as well as a family-friendly gastronomic offer, a cave house with exhibits from prehistoric times to touch – you will find that in the Giengen Cave Experience World. Then it’s off to the Charlottenhöhle: at 587 meters, the Charlottenhöhle is one of the longest show caves in southern Germany and thus the longest stalactite cave in the Swabian Jura. Warning, frosty: Temperatures of 9 degrees prevail down there.

The Limes Museum in Aalen: In the footsteps of the Romans

Archeopark in Niederstotzingen

The UNESCO World Heritage Site in Niederstotzingen is a dream of all Stone Age fans: Even children can celebrate their birthday here! Otherwise, the Archaeopark offers circular hiking trails, a visit to the Vogelherd cave, a nice café and a barbecue area: children welcome!

The biosphere reserve attracts to Münsingen, but the main and state stud in Marbach is also worth seeing: the stallion parade takes place there in autumn. Horse lovers can visit the facility and stroke foals. If they come to the fence.

Knights can also be found on the Swabian Alb!

Märklin adventure world in Göppingen

Märklin is a household name for every railroad enthusiast: in the world of adventure you will also find all sorts of other things, for example racing cars from Märklin! A highlight for older children and the young at heart!

Pony and fairy tale park Zwergental

In Laichingen you will find the Ponypark Zwergental. Children up to the age of 12 can have fun on the large playground, in the fairytale park or while riding. Parents enjoy the beer garden. Winter break until Easter.

Härtsfeldsee water experience, Katzenstein Castle & Thurn Castle & Taxis in Dischingen

Visit castles and palaces in one wash, then the youngsters relax in the cool water: The warm hardship makes it possible. At Katzenstein Castle you can dine in the style of a knight, the children paint coats of arms or practice crossbow shooting. Thurn Castle & Taxis can be viewed from the outside, the "English Forest" invites you to go for a walk and discover.

Children’s Railway & Miniature village near Schömberg / Balingen (Zollernalb)

Here are original replicas of German half-timbered houses. Children travel around the mini-village on the Swabian railway. In the amusement park you will find a carousel, a racecourse, bumper cars and a petting zoo with ponies and goats.

Entry is free on the grounds of the Waldschenke mini-village. Incidentally, the Roman Festival takes place nearby every two years (next date 2018)

The Swabian Alb is full of adventures for the whole family. Every city, every place has its own charm (sometimes it takes some getting used to, I as a North German sometimes had problems with the quite rough nature of some residents); and the food – dumplings, spaetzle, … really delicious. By the way: The most delicious Swabian food is available in Heidenheim in the “Black Ox”.

Extra tip: The family guide to the Swabian Jura: Here

Do you have any nice tips for families around the Swabian Jura? I have definitely forgotten a lot! Please comment below this post and I will add to the list! I’m glad,

Solution: French lesson at school, 7th grade. We want to make crepe and a student asks if she should bring “Gsälz” with her. Little Victoria was confused: spices (my interpretation) to sweet pancakes? For heaven’s sake! No, Gsälz is jam. And crumbs are potatoes (smarter again).

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