Sweden literature in stormarn: the exhibition of walk-in books

13. December 2017

Exhibition "cheeky, wild & wonderful “Photo: Bernd Ludewig

Bad Oldesloe – Pettersson and Findus, Mama Muh and a few Mucklas are already jumping around on the windows of the district council building and provide astonished passers-by looks.

You and many other characters from the world of current Swedish children’s literature will transform the building into a creative exhibition space for seven weeks from January 26 and invite young and old to the interactive literature exhibition “cheeky, wild & wonderful – Swedish children’s book worlds ”.

Photo: Kreis Stormarn / Hfr

The Stormarn district is cooperating with the Swedish embassy in Berlin, where the exhibition premiered this year.

"It is as if the children and adults can go into the individual scenes," says culture officer at the Swedish embassy Hanna Robertz. The idea of ​​the exhibition is to show literature outside of the well-known Lindgren universe. "We are showing nine books by contemporary authors," says the embassy official.

Nine accessible book worlds from well-known and current Swedish children’s literature will be presented on two floors in the foyer of the district council building until March 18.

After stations in Berlin and currently Duisburg the interactive literature exhibition in Stormarn will be presented by the cultural department of the district with the working group “Stormarn cultural strengthening” and with the participation of the vocational school of the district Stormarn in Bad Oldesloe.

"We always try to make our educator training as practical as possible," says Kai Aagardt, senior study director. This is not always easy in subjects such as German and design. "This is a unique opportunity for us," said Aagardt. budding educator will participate in their own creations such as a themed board game and develop creative-pedagogical concepts.

Kindergarten groups and school classes can travel by train free of charge. "The Sparkassen-Stiftung bus can also be used if there is availability," says Lütje.

The exhibition “Naughty, Wild & Wunderbar ”can be seen in the foyer of the district council from January 26 to March 28 and is open to the public on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The weekdays from Wednesday to Friday are reserved for kindergarten and school groups. Groups can book a binding appointment for the exhibition and creative program in advance. The entrance fee for individual visitors is three euros per person. A family ticket for two adults and any number of children costs ten euros. Entry for groups of children is free. Schools and daycare centers can register at 04531 / 160-1491.


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