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For our little!

All parents who want to spend time in the water with their child and experience a lot of joy. Also well suited for parents whose children are even more anxious about using water. For older children, this course can be a good preparation for a subsequent beginner swimming course, which the children can attend without parents.

Different movement tasks with and without swimming aids, different materials, playful learning of the basic skills for swimming such as floating, jumping, breathing in water, diving and gliding.

Water habits, playful preparation for swimming, first swimming movements

  • Seniorenwohnanlage Lokstedt, Julius-Vosseler-Strasse 10, 22527 Hamburg
  • Training pool Bramfelder Weg 121, 22159 Hamburg /Farmsen

Group size:

depending on the bathroom max. 8 parent-child pairs

Trade Time:


165.00 EUR for 10 lessons (toddlers 3-4 years)

Next appointments Lokstedt

Infants 3-4 years:

  • Wed 26.02.2020 to 13.05.2020 3.15-4.00 p.m. (full)
  • Wed 27.05.2020 to 09.09.2020 15.15-16.00 / summer break 01.07.2020 up to and including 05.08.2020


Infants 3-4 years:

  • Sat 18.01.2020 to 04.04.2020 2.45-3.30pm (full)
  • Sa 18.04.2020 to 08.08.2020 14.45-15.30 p.m. / summer break 27.06.2020 up to and including 01.08.2020

There are usually no courses during the Hamburg school holidays and on public holidays. You will be specifically informed of this in your registration confirmation. We thank you for your understanding.

What can you expect from this course?

The focus is on fun without any pressure. Just enjoy spending time with your child.

Different buoyancy agents and materials come for use. Your child has the opportunity to move in the water in a variety of ways with and without the help of parents. Self-rescue exercises pelvic edge are used to give your child the "pelvic edge as a secure hold".

The children jump, climb and slide into the water. They crawl or balance over shaky mats. Different movement tasks promote your child’s variety of movements.

We practice important basic swimming skills such as hovering, gliding, breathing, etc. in a playful manner adapted to the age of the child.

Through simple diving exercises, your child is given another goal of getting used to water in a playful way.

registration form


Dear Mrs. Prante, we just wanted to inform you that our son M. passed his seahorse yesterday at the swimming course near Constanca, which he was kindly allowed to make up for due to his absenteeism due to illness. We would like to thank you very much for this uncomplicated arrangement and the great support from Laura. M. is very proud. We would also like to register M. for the follow-up course with the aim of bronze badges. Bettina K.

Dear Ms. Prante, I would like to thank you and your team very much. No matter what it was, you helped me quickly and easily and our daughter not only passed her bronze badge, but is happy to go swimming and is now really good at it. At this point, of course, a big compliment to Constanca, she is the best trainer I know – thank you very much. I will definitely recommend your swimming school. Gaby L.

Thanks again and best regards to your team, which does a great job and is happy and committed to the cause. We can only recommend all parents to attend a course with you. Sylvia M.

Dear Ms. Prante, I would like to thank you and Constanca once more – we were so happy with L. when she achieved the bronze swimming badge last Friday. The classes were really great, L. has made great progress. Michael G.

Dear team of the swimming school Wasserlust,
we would like to thank you for the last course "Advanced course with the goal of seahorses" thank. Thanks to the loving and very patient Nadine, our son is afraid front Water completely stored. He is now swimming with great joy and pride with the seahorse on his swimming trunks. We look forward to the bronze course. :-) Kathrin H.

During my vacation in Croatia I was never as relaxed as this year. We are really grateful to you that both children felt like swimming. Jennifer C..

The course gave B. so much confidence – thanks to the great team!
Anke P.

A big thank you to you and your team for the past few years. They all gave our two children a wonderful time. Both have always enjoyed coming to your courses. We already have and will continue to warmly recommend your swimming school.
Elina R.

THANKS for all the great hours with both children, for the patience, the seahorses and the great care, both loved it. We will continue to tell all those who know and don’t want to know that their children have to learn to swim with you!
Meike B.

Dear Mrs. Prante, many thanks again for the two wonderful courses that our daughter Lina M. was able to attend with you! A year ago she was so afraid of water and then lost all fear and is to "fish" become :)))
Anna G.

My daughter passed her bronze test today! This was not a matter of course, since she was quite overwhelmed with the examination situation. With a lot of empathy and flexibility, the trainer managed to motivate and encourage her. A special thank you for that, I really appreciate it!
Mechtild L.

We had a fantastic time with you. You are a great team with a lot of heart.
I really liked the structure of the courses and I never thought that you could learn to swim so quickly with so much joy. But that’s also because you treat every child so individually.
I recommend you in any case.
Dana K.

Dear Andrea,
At this point, many thanks again for the great swimming courses that A. and I had with you. The diverse possibilities of movement in the water, the playful acclimatization to this exciting element, the great tips for holding, supporting and moving a baby in (and under) water have not only given us a lot of security and trust, but above all it was a lot of fun.
A.’s eyes were always shining when he saw the pool and in the warm water they immediately started splashing. Now we will definitely miss the Wednesday mornings in the swimming pool!
Birte St.

We hardly believe that there is another swimming school in which you can do each child individually and at the same time the group.
It’s also wonderful that there are no tears or annoyances when we go to the swimming pool.
Diana K.

We are thrilled with the WasserLust swimming school. Our son learned to swim in a short time and is swimming like a fish from now on.
Carmen E..

I have to say really honestly that I totally miss the Wednesday courses.
Sandra G.

It’s great that the knot has finally burst. thanks To you.
Dana K.

I now feel much safer with my little one in the water. I also loved the many suggestions and ideas for playing in the water.
Nina S.

Thanks on the occasion for the great courses so far – it was really fun!
Maike B.

Thank you again for the wonderful time that the now swimming M. had in your courses …Eva B.

Before we became aware of water lust, our son unfortunately had very bad experiences with swimming lessons. In the end, he completely refused. When we got a taste for water, the trainer managed to conquer our son’s heart within a short time. You are just great, keep going. There is no better swimming school.
Sina H.

Unfortunately for M. the bronze swimming course ended today!
Unfortunately, because he had a lot of fun and felt very comfortable. Everything was fine for you and that’s why he managed to get his bronze badge after 8 hours of course. …Andrea Sch.


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