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Parents are always faced with the question of whether they Baby seat or child seat in the car better to attach in front or in the back seat. If you want to take your child with you in your own car, you should switch off the front passenger airbag beforehand. We explain here why deactivation is necessary for the safety of the child in the vehicle.

Parents are always faced with the question of whether they Baby seat or child seat in the car better to attach in front or in the back seat. If you want to take the offspring with you in your own car, you should first switch off the front passenger airbag. We explain here why deactivation is necessary for the safety of the child in the vehicle.

When should you switch off the airbag in your car?

There are numerous options, Babies and toddlers in their own car to transport. Safety is always the top priority. Because the drivers carry an enormous amount here responsibility. The front passenger airbag must always be deactivated as soon as a child seat is used in the front passenger seat, which is directed towards the rear. Is this It is not possible for the front passenger to switch off the airbag; a child seat may only be fitted if it has one Sitting position forward allows.

This regulation is laid down by law and must be complied with urgently. Loud Section 35 (8) StVZO (Road Traffic Licensing Regulations) does that mean: "Rear-facing child restraint systems must not be installed on front passenger seats in front of which an operational airbag is installed. "

Baby on board: Why do I have to switch off the passenger airbag?

Even a car accident at low speed can life threatening become. If a car hits another vehicle or an obstacle, they shoot Impact cushions at high speed on the seat shell. Backwards facing bowls formally buckle. Since the child’s neck muscles are not yet developed sufficiently, this can result in considerable damage, which in the worst case can even have fatal consequences.

This is how you transport babies safely in the vehicle

Parents often feel more comfortable when they can keep an eye on their child in the front seat. However, it is recommended to generally use the rear seats for child transport. As a rule of thumb: The Back seat is the safest place. The recommendation is to put children under 12 years of age backwards to prevent worse damage in the event of a possible accident. In exceptional cases, for example if you traveling alone your offspring can also ride as a passenger. Crash tests have shown that this variant is safe if two important requirements are met.

If infants in one Baby car seat with the head in the direction of travel you have to lie before Switch off the front passenger airbag. This is even required by law. Failure to do so will result in a fine. Because the force of the airbag can lead to serious injuries in the head and neck area in babies.

If that Child a little bigger and looks in the direction of travel from its seat, you should Do not deactivate the airbag. However, the distance to the activated airbag must not be too small. The closer the child sits to the dashboard of the car, the more they are hit by the airbag in the event of an impact. This can result in broken bones, burns and abrasions, or even more serious damage.

Child seats are legally regulated

Since April 1993 the Child safety seat regulations regulated in the road traffic regulations. It specifies up to what size and up to what age a child seat must be used. So there are children up to 12 years or with one Height up to 1.50 meters secured by a restraint.

In addition, other conditions must be observed. The seats should age-appropriate and tested his. This means that the seat fits the body size and weight. In addition, the seats in Europe approved his. In order to comply with all specifications, it is very advisable to read the operating instructions of the model carefully in order to attach the seats correctly. This is the only way to prepare yourself for a safe car ride with your protégés.

How to turn off the front passenger airbag on your vehicle

Before your child takes a seat in the front passenger seat, you should Instructions for use of the vehicle read carefully and search for restrictions. In some cases, older models are advised not to deactivate the front passenger airbag. If you still switch off the airbag, you risk deleting the type approval for the car.

The specialist staff of a workshop can Switch off the airbag for the passenger permanently. After the airbag is deactivated, it is activated Entry in the vehicle registration. In addition, a clearly visible pictogram on the passenger side indicates that the airbag is switched off.

First switch off the front passenger airbag, then switch it on again!

After driving with the offspring in the front seat, you must not forget that To reactivate the airbag, if elder Passengers sit in the front. This is also necessary if you are using a new child seat with the child traveling in the direction of travel. Make sure that you push the passenger seat as far back as possible. This is the safest solution for your child to protect them from too much impact in a car accident.

Switch off airbag through seat recognition

New car models usually also have one key switch, with the help of Passenger airbag deactivated automatically can be. In most cases, deactivation is signaled by a yellow indicator light. The most convenient way to deactivate the airbag is Seat recognition. The passenger airbag is made by a special Transponder in the child seat automatically switched off. However, not all car manufacturers offer the function.

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