Syndicate remains, kiezkultur preserved from below and defended

Preserve and defend neighborhood culture from below

What to do after the judgment? Family meeting on December 19!


On November 26th the Berlin Regional Court issued the eviction judgment against us. We received the written judgment at the end of last week. In addition to weighing up our arguments, there is a passage that makes it very uncertain whether we can prevent an eviction notice by going to the next instance by then. We are nevertheless appealing and will continue to use all the resources available to us at the legal level. So that we stay – or at least an eviction is delayed as long as possible. However, we must slowly face the seriousness of the situation. Winter is coming – let’s be prepared.

Therefore, we invite you to a neighborhood meeting on Thursday, December 19, from 7 p.m. in the Syndicate.

There we want to explain the current state of affairs and give you an assessment of what this means for the near and distant future. Furthermore, we want to start slowly with you to discuss the emergency. Some of us and our environment have thought about it and developed ideas. We would like to introduce these to you, discuss them with you and develop them together. Feel free to think about it in advance, bring ideas and find fellow campaigners to implement them on site.

Nothing is lost yet – we can still win everything.

15 Berlin Antifa groups say: No less house & also: Syndicate remains!

For more independent structures against the social shift to the right

The situation is getting worse. In the first half of 2020, several rooms and houses of the radical left in Berlin are on the brink – others are at risk or face constant threats. We as anti-fascists know about their importance and will defend them!

Invitation to the 7th tenants’ meeting in the Schillerkiez
Sunday, December 1st, 4pm
Syndicate, Weisestr 56

Topics at the meeting will be:

Introduction of participants:
What problems are there in my house? How annoying is my landlord? Where do I need support??

Plan support:
How can we support each other? Only together we are strong!

Collect ideas to carry our anger to politicians:
Joint visit to the town hall, denounce vacancy, and much more. Bring ideas with you, what you always wanted to say to the responsible politicians.

There is coffee and cake. Who likes to bring something to eat with them. If you need childcare, write us an email beforehand.

Saturday, December 7th 3 pm | @ Gorlitzer Park

After getting a thousand people out on the streets for the mutiny, taking an overland trip to Zossen and conquering the Landwehr Canal, we want to add another one and enjoy Berlin air with you.
We will fly kites in Görli. There are balloons, zeppelins, gotongis and floating transpis. We will track down the real estate birds and end their flight.
We float through the neighborhood loud, colorful and mutinous. Hopefully the whole thing will end before the mutiny with Berlin air and bean salad. Because: real estate birds to feather pillows!
The mutiny is an endangered pub collective, social meeting point, neighborhood pub, place for collective work, all of our living rooms at Reichenberger Straße 58 and since the beginning of June 2019 without a rental agreement. In the meantime, the clearance process date has also been set for Thursday, December 12, 2019, 1:30 p.m. January 23, 2020.

We don’t let ourselves be pushed out!

Call for over 70 Berlin (house) projects, district initiatives and organizations

List of supporters and contact to sign on

Without its alternative house and cultural projects, Berlin would only be the city where the wall once stood. It would be much poorer socially, politically and culturally.

Thousands of people find affordable housing in home projects without fear of repression; People who are discriminated against elsewhere find a safe home here. The houses and projects also offer a fundamental infrastructure for their neighborhoods. Here you will find rooms for rental advice, political networking, cultural events and places to stay without the need to consume.
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The verdict in the Pears Global lawsuit (officially by Firman Properties, one of their many letterbox companies) against us is here. As was unfortunately to be expected, the Berlin Regional Court once again decided for the profit interests of a few and against the interests of the residents of Berlin. That means now a clearance title against us consists.

The title is not yet final; this only happens as soon as the written judgment has been served, which can take a few days or weeks. And in principle we still have the option of a revision to the next higher instance. As soon as the verdict is there, we will our Let lawyers review and then decide how we will proceed. We will of course inform you as soon as possible.

Until then, of course, we do not want to keep still, but continue to fight every day for our preservation and the preservation of other threatened projects, houses, small businesses and our neighbors and we hope that you will do so.

Participate in the various actions of the projects and other urban policy initiatives, since loud and unruly and visit the court cases of Mutiny, Liebig34 and Potse:

  • Mutiny: 12.12.19 1.30 p.m. Regional Court CAUTION! Postponed to 23.01.20!
  • Liebig34: 12/13/19 (more information on Twitter or on her blog)
  • Potse: 08.12.20 (more information on Twitter)

Press review on the verdict:

The long awaited clearance process on October 29th is over. Result: Unclear. Forecast: Bad. Official verdict is on November 26th around 9:45 o clock in the district court.

No matter how the evacuation process ends today, we’ll keep on moving. We have a new wave of current propaganda for the next few days. Flyers and posters for the neighborhood meeting next Thursday with us in the syndicate, as well as various posters and flyers for the Interkiezionale star demo / nationwide Riseup4Rojava demo next Saturday.

You see, everything is fresh and everything has to go quickly. That is why we look forward to any form of support in distributing. Ask friends, get together and do a poster round, hand out flyers and posters in pubs and other shops, or take a flyer with you and put them in your letterbox at home.

And, of course, comes to the neighborhood meeting on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. & on Saturday at 12 p.m. for the Rojava-Soli demo at Alexanderplatz and / or after 3.30 p.m. for the inter-regional “Projects united” demo at the info wall in Schillerkiez (Weise- / Herrfurthstr.)

Neighborhood meeting | 31.10.19. | 6:30 pm | @ Syndicate (Weisestr. 56)

On October 29, the eviction process against the Kiezkneipe Syndikat took place at the Berlin Regional Court.

We want with all of you, guests, friend: inside and neighbors: evaluate the verdict, tell how it goes on legally and politically from our side and together consider what we can all do in the near future so that the syndicate remains!

Feel free to think about ideas and actions in advance. The neighborhood assembly is the place to discuss, plan, and find supporters.

You can find the latest information on our blog and on our Twitter account (readable even without your own account).

Nationwide demonstration “Riseup4Rojava”: 12 noon @ Alexanderplatz

Interciezale star demo “Projects united – We all stay!”: 3:30 p.m. Weise- / Herrfurthstraße, 4:00 p.m. Lausitzer Platz & Köpi (Köpenicker Straße 137)

Our call:

For the syndicate – for all endangered projects and residents of Berlin – for the people and the utopia of Rojava!


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