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Would you like to stand out from the crowd with creative design dresses? But the stylish look is usually associated with many costs. Not if you design a unique T-shirt yourself! We’ll show you creative techniques and clever ideas that will inspire you to paint your T-shirt. Helpful DIY instructions should not be missing! Let us inspire you!

T-shirt painting – what techniques are there?

There’s nothing more creative than hand-painting your favourite T-shirt. No, you don’t need to be a professional painter to create fun and creative designs. There are different techniques to paint a T-shirt yourself, but you can do that without any printer or computer programs. The technique used in the picture above is simple hand painting, just like you write or paint on paper. This is possible if you buy textile paint. If you are not so good at painting, you can also use a Tshirt template. With different stencils, which you can print out from the internet, you can design your T-shirt with unique and funny motifs. You can have a look at an example and very easy DIY instructions here:

T Shirt design with summery motifs

T-shirt self print at home

But if you have two left hands, you know very well that the finished stencils don’t help to create a nice final effect when designing a T-shirt. To this end we tell you to print your T-shirt yourself. How does that work, with a printer? No, with a stamp. You can see what such a stamp looks like in the picture above. Instructions on how to make a stamp yourself can be found here. We have another suggestion for the DIY heroes with two left hands: T Shirt design with spray effect. Here the left hands make a miracle! Convince yourself by scrolling down to find the DIY guide!

T-shirt paint with stencils and textile paint: That’s it!

Everything you need – T-shirt, print templates and textile dyes

Choosing a T-shirt sounds very easy – a simple white T-shirt. But that’s not the case with T-shirt painting. It is important that the cotton fabric is free of finishing. Also silk or linen can be painted. If you can’t find articles without a finish, you should wash the T-shirt before painting (without fabric softener!).

Step 1: Press the selected template and cut it out.

Step 2: Iron the template onto the T-shirt using baking paper.

Maybe you’re wondering here if there’s another way instead of ironing. The answer is yes! Place the stencil under the fabric to be painted and you can see the contours through the fabric. In this way you can repaint the contours. A tip: It is essential that you place a cardboard under the painting template so that the colours cannot press through to the back of the T-shirt when painting.

Step 3: Then paint the motifs with the desired textile colour.

When buying textile dyes, pay attention to non-toxic (water-based) and odourless dyes. Many of you like to do handicrafts with children, but for children we do not recommend painting with paint and brushes, but with pencils. The textile paint we have chosen for this project has an excellent effect as it gives a special effect. We created this effect with glitter colours.

Step 4: Remove the foil

Ready! You already have a unique T-shirt for every occasion!

Idea for summer – this T-shirt will be top hit of summer 2017

This technique of t-shirt painting looks like a breeze. Look below for the final result! It looks totally cool!

T Shirt paint with syringe defect – DIY Instructions

Scroll down to get more creative ideas!

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