Table tennis exercises that are fun

Reading time: minute of boredom in table tennis training? Here I give you tips for a table tennis training that is fun for everyone, whether young or old, whether hobbyist or competitive player. Because these table tennis exercises promote coordination skills, footwork and fitness in a playful way.

Four tips for table tennis exercises that everyone can enjoy

Table tennis exercise 1 and first tip: play with different rackets

My first tip for more variety in table tennis training is this Play with different rackets. In a table tennis shop you can get table tennis bats in different sizes Mini, Midi and Piccolo as well Maxi. Playing with the different sizes is fun for every leisure and hobby player and a challenge for the competitive player, as he can improve his marksmanship with this table tennis exercise. Play with the different rackets just for fun or conduct a small competition.

Second table tennis exercise: table tennis XL

Divide two volleyball fields with the borders. The borders take on the function of a network. With your table tennis racket and a table tennis ball you can now play like tennis. Table tennis XL is entertaining and also improves your condition and footwork. This table tennis exercise is suitable for single play as well as for double play. With this exercise you can play freely or compete against each other.

Third exercise: table tennis circuit

At least three players are required for the table tennis circuit. At a table tennis table, at least two players stand on one side, one player is sufficient on the opposite side. Now that a player has hit the ball flawlessly, he runs to the other side and stands in line (if there are several players) to take another hit. If you don’t get the ball or don’t hit it, you’re out. At the end there are two players left to fight for a point. Who ends up the most Points has won.

Fourth table tennis exercise: playing over a high net

A border is placed on a table tennis table. Since the border is longer than the width of the table tennis table, place an upright box on the right and left or set up two referee tables. This creates a high, opaque network. This exercise improves intuitive play and responsiveness.

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