Christina Cherry

Pediatric dentistry in Aachen

Regular check-ups at the dentist are not only important for adults with permanent teeth. Even for children, it is very important to go to dental appointments early to ensure healthy teeth. But why exactly it is so important for children and what parents can do for their children’s healthy teeth is explained here in detail.

Why should children go to the dentist from an early age??

Regular visits to the dentist at an early stage help the children to gain positive experiences. Many adults are very afraid of the dentist. Due to the early visits and the positive experiences, the fear of the dentist can be avoided and the children find the check-ups pleasant.

Christina Cherry

Your dentist in Aachen

Welcome to the dental practice Dr. Tomko in Aachen! We have been offering our patients dentistry at the highest level since 1991. Our goal is natural aesthetics and healthy teeth for a lifetime. We can achieve this through constant further training, conscientiousness and good listening.

You are in good hands with us

Our dental practice in Aachen Mitte

The dental practice Dr. Tomko combines the latest dentistry with an extremely warm atmosphere. You as a patient are the focus of our practice and for this reason we try everything to make your visit to the dental practice in Aachen as pleasant as possible. Of course, we respond very precisely to the requirements and needs of our patients. We offer you everything from dental implants and veneers to root canal treatment.

Christina Cherry

Your experienced dentist for anxiety patients in Aachen

Do you have to overcome yourself every time to make your way to the dentist? Are you ashamed of showing your teeth to the dentist? Before each visit to the dentist, do you wait until the toothache becomes unbearable? Always postpone your dentist appointment?

Believe us, you are not the first and you will not be the last patient with dental phobia who has these problems in the dental practice Dr. Tomko appears in Aachen.

More than half of the German population suffers from mild to severe fear of dentists. The cause is often in the direct social environment of friends or family, who may have had bad experiences with dentists and have been emotionally affected by negative events.

Christina Cherry