Where to go with children in Vienna? 16 eventful activities

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Where to go with children in Vienna? We have numerous ideas for adventurous activities. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) nadezhda1906

When painting with crayons or building with Lego is bland and even the TV becomes uninteresting, it’s time to leave the house with the kids. Especially on weekends or during the holidays, it is good to occasionally escape the madness of everyday life. But where to go with children in Vienna? We have 16 exciting activities in Vienna in rainy weather and in sunshine.

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What shall we do today? # 1 – 101 ideas for great things to do & trips

How often do you ask yourself: What are we doing today? – We have the answer! Today we’ll present you the 101 best, coolest in our opinion & most exciting leisure activities for which you leave the house.

Finally weekend, vacation or holiday! You and your friends, your partner or your family want to experience something great – but don’t know what. The big question is: What shall we do today?

And there are many answers to this question … And a crucial point that depends largely on the weather, the season and mood, is the question that follows: Let’s go out or stay at home?

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Holidays in rust: sights and activities

Vacation in Rust

Rust is located in the Ortenaukreis in Baden-Württemberg and was a fishing and farming village. Today the place, which lies north of Freiburg im Breisgau, is best known for the Rust amusement park. Europa-Park Rust is the largest amusement park in Germany and attracts millions of visitors every year. The Europa-Park is the most visited amusement park in Europe from March to October according to the number of visitors.

The huge amusement park opened in 1975 and employs over 3,000 people. He is the most important employer in tourism in the region. The family park’s attractions include the Silver Star roller coaster or the Poseidon water roller coaster. The numerous roller coasters are among the popular offers of the park, as are the themed areas. The subject areas are broken down by European countries. The children’s world offers a North Sea landscape with many water activities. The city of Rust has benefited greatly from the volume of tourism in the Europa-Park and offers some attractions in the region, such as the Funny-World Kappel-Grafenhausen family park.

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Activities with children in wismar: tips and ideas

Things to do with children in Wismar

If you want to spend your next family vacation on the Baltic Sea, you should pay a visit to Wismar and the beautiful old town of Wismar. This visit is definitely worthwhile even with children. We briefly present sights in Wismar and focus on events in Wismar that are great for the whole family. We did a bit of research and asked around.

Things to do with children in Wismar

Where is Wismar actually?

The Hanseatic city of Wismar is located on the Baltic Sea coast in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The Wismar Bay with the Poel Island. Wismar is a popular destination for day tourists, which of course also includes families. But it is also worthwhile to explore the surrounding area as a longer place to stay.

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Activities with children in Kassel

(Last update on February 15, 2019) Are you looking for things to do with children? There are many options in Kassel, regardless of the weather. Here we collect a few ideas for you and present you a small selection.

Activities with children in good weather

When the weather is good, it is of course above all outdoor activities that many are looking for. Regardless of whether it is sunny or cloudy – if it is dry, there are numerous things to do in Kassel.

Kassel climbing forest

How about, for example, a visit to the climbing forest in Kassel (see map)? In good weather, a trip is definitely worth it. The climbing forest is also not just for children. The courses in different heights and difficulties are an adventure for the whole family. There is an easier course for smaller children, where the children can test their body control and skill. The older ones can dare to tackle the routes at dizzying heights. Children from the age of twelve are allowed to climb alone, which requires a declaration of consent from the parents.

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Top 20 Recycling Games and Activities for Children Child: Women’s magazine January 2020

Female V >

Recycling means making old things old and making them useful. It is important that we all recycle in order to conserve the earth’s natural resources, protect the environment and reduce waste to a minimum. And, here are a few activities and games to get your little environmentalist familiar with the concept of recycling.

10 interesting recycling games for kids:

1. Waste no water:

You need:

Non-breakable containers (soup can, or a plastic spaghetti sauce) work.

Divide the children into two teams.

  1. Fill a clean container with water for each team. Make sure the containers are the exact size and are filled to the brim with water.
  2. Now set a start and end point.
  3. If you signal ‘go’, the first player in the team has the finish line, turns, goes back to his team and hands the container over to the next person in the row.
  4. The team with the most water in the bowl or container will be the winner.
  5. 2. Bottle bowling:

You need:

2 liter soda pop bottles or detergent bottles and small bleach bottles

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Tips for families 5 leisure activities with your child that cost nothing

by BUNTE.de Redaktion April 18, 2018 at 9:40 am

Going out with the kids is a lot of money. You can also spend your free time completely free – with what is already available at home. Bet that with the following five ideas there is something for you too?

1. Leisure activities with kids that cost nothing: go on a smart treasure hunt

Turn long hiking tours or city walks into an adventurous mission. And without spending a cent. The magic word is: Geocaching, the modern treasure hunt for fresh air fans.

You can find out where treasures (“caches”) are hidden in the online database on the website “geocaching.com”. There are now several million hiding places worldwide. You can select the levels of difficulty of the search, the length of the path and the type of hiding places here. You enter their coordinates in a GPS-enabled device or in one of the numerous free apps (e.g. "CGeo"). And the search begins.

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Study of leisure time activities in children: personal development is more important than school performance

New study on children’s leisure activities: personality development more important than school performance

Almost every second family attaches the greatest importance to the personal development of their offspring, only for every fourth do school performance come first. In contrast, sporting activities with only ten percent and creativity with eight percent agree. This is the result of a current Forsa survey commissioned by Bepanthen to promote children, for which a total of 1,008 parents of children between the ages of 6 and 16 were interviewed.

There are again significant differences with regard to the age and average household income of the families surveyed: While 38 percent of 18- to 39-year-old parents consider the child’s personal development to be particularly important, exactly half of those surveyed over the age of 50 see this years.
The situation is similar for families with an average monthly household income of over 3,000 euros: for every second family, personal development is more important than school performance. Families with an income of less than 3,000 euros per month rate their own personal development and school performance roughly the same, however, and these have to be balanced.

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Games and activities

Games and activities

In this article


Play with natural materials

If you want your child to understand how the world works, they need to know which materials come from nature and where. If you live in an apartment building and do not have a garden, then your child will not be able to open it up by himself. Your job then is to tell him that plastic is artificial and that not all of the water or milk comes from bottles, a carton, or other packaging. You also need to give him research materials and tolerate it causing a little mess. Because it learns how to use it.

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Useful extracurricular activities

After school, the day is far from over for many children, and homework often has to be done now. When these are ready, some children don’t know much to do with themselves. It is also important to switch off so that new energy can be filled up for everyday life. In this article, we give 5 recommendations for meaningful extracurricular activities that school children can use to make the most of their free time and have a lot of fun at the same time.

What exactly are extracurricular activities?

We understand extracurricular activities to mean all activities that take place outside of school. These activities can be organized by the school and take place in the school building – e.g. B. AGs such as the chess AG as well as sports and music offers. Of course, there are also private offers that are in the interest of the child. It is important that something is done that has nothing to do with normal school lessons so that the child can switch off and think of something other than school.

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