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Some people become nervous when they think about their next visit to the dentist or suffer from anxiety. They are not alone in this, because every second Swiss person says they are afraid of the dentist. This often manifests itself in sweats, sleeplessness or panic attacks. Most of the time, this fear means that the next appointment with the dentist is delayed, which unfortunately also affects the dental health of the patient concerned and often leads to chronic complaints.

So expresses fear of dentist

A pronounced fear of dentists in patients manifests itself through both psychological and physical symptoms. The signs on a psychological level are, in particular, inner restlessness and nervousness when an upcoming dentist appointment is approaching. The person concerned usually thinks of the upcoming appointment continuously, in addition nightmares and insomnia can occur at night. It is not uncommon for the upcoming appointment at the dentist to be canceled or postponed at short notice for vain reasons. Physical symptoms are manifested, among other things, by increased sweating, an increased pulse and stomach and intestinal complaints.

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Dentist for anxiety patients in Oldenburg

Are you afraid of the dentist? Do not worry! You are not alone in your fear. Many patients fear visiting the dentist. This is mostly based on negative experiences that a dental patient has often had in childhood. The fear of the dentist often leads to a severe impairment of the quality of life, because missing dental treatment can have serious consequences, such as B. carious, dead teeth, tooth gaps, pain, inflammation and abscesses. Often there are mental impairments such as avoidance of intimate contacts, abuse of painkillers, social isolation, depression.

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anxiety patients

We are pleased that you have found your way to us – no matter how long ago you last visited the dentist.

Incidentally, they are not alone with their fears. Around 60% of the German population says they are afraid of going to the dentist.

At this point we can assure you: No matter what condition your teeth are in, we will find a way together to remedy the situation and make you smile again.


power description
To get to know The first appointment is for getting to know each other. In a consultation, we will inform you about the options for pain-free treatment. In some cases, an x-ray is also taken.
treatment plan Together we will draw up a plan for future treatment with you, introduce you to various solutions and will be happy to discuss equipment and materials that can be used. Then choose a follow-up appointment to actually start your treatment.
treatment On the basis of the developed treatment plan, we carry out the planned treatments with you step by step.
retching For patients with gag reflexes, we have the option of not taking impressions. Here we use a camera and scan your teeth before making inlays, crowns and bridges. The use of hypnosis and oral acupuncture can also significantly reduce gagging and other fears (such as the fear of anesthetic injections).
deflection With long treatments, you have the option of listening to your desired music on headphones and thus relaxing despite the treatment.
anesthesia Whenever you wish, local anesthesia can provide pain relief in the area being treated.

Contact Person

The team of the dental practice Dr. med. Karin Fiedler and Dr. med. Michael Rusetzki has more than 25 years of experience and numerous during this time anxiety patients professional and with that necessary empathy treated at the Dresden location. We are happy to personally support you advisory interview available and plan the first sensible treatment steps together with you.

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Top 10: Dentists for anxiety patients

Aubacke (Zehlendorf)

Behind Aubacke says Alexander Pirk. He is a dentist, General practitioner and psychotherapeutic medicine in one person – a very rare combination. Alexander Pirk not only treats the teeth, but also the fear of the dentist through behavioral therapy. In his group practice in Clayallee, Pirk and his partner Daniela Daniel (dentist) also offer special treatments such as general anesthesia or hypnosis. And best of all: Almost all health insurance companies pay for the (psycho) therapeutic approach in practice.
More information about Aubacke

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Dentist Schöneberg

Dentist Kreuzberg

Dentist Marzahn


Child treatments in Berlin Dentist for children and anxious patients

Dental practice for children’s treatments in Berlin

We are not afraid of the dentist. A fear of the dentist usually arises in childhood when the child feels anxiety and nervousness among the adults. It is therefore particularly important that parents have a relaxed approach to the topic of dentists and bring their children to the practice early on as a companion. In our dental surgeries in Berlin, we have prepared ourselves specifically for child treatments and maintain child-friendly treatment with our little patients.

To go to the dentist? It’s not that bad!

For us, child treatments begin with the establishment of our dental practice. Through a child-friendly environment with pleasant colors, movement and play options, we take away the smallest possible feelings of fear from our smallest patients. A child-friendly language and detailed explanations of what will happen next are also part of good child treatment.

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Gentle treatment especially for dentist fear / dentist phobia

The real fear of dentists – a taboo subject with bitter consequences

With real fear of dentists you still come across many prejudices today. To date, no celebrity has dared to go public with it. Most of the time, neither the family nor friends or acquaintances know about it. Stigmatization and the psychosocial effects usually put real fear of dentists under greater stress than bad teeth themselves. Further information

Dr. Michael Leu has developed a treatment technique that has proven itself many times over for real dentist anxiety patients: 3TermineTherapie. After the third appointment, the patients are usually refurbished and can now go to the normal dentist fear specialist "around the corner". We have been treating true dental anxiety patients across Europe using this method for almost 20 years. In the meantime, there are more than 4,000 successfully treated people.

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Your experienced dentist for anxiety patients in Aachen

Do you have to overcome yourself every time to make your way to the dentist? Are you ashamed of showing your teeth to the dentist? Before each visit to the dentist, do you wait until the toothache becomes unbearable? Always postpone your dentist appointment?

Believe us, you are not the first and you will not be the last patient with dental phobia who has these problems in the dental practice Dr. Tomko appears in Aachen.

More than half of the German population suffers from mild to severe fear of dentists. The cause is often in the direct social environment of friends or family, who may have had bad experiences with dentists and have been emotionally affected by negative events.

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anxiety patient

Tips for anxious patients

Take a little nap and wake up refreshed with bright teeth! This is what some patients dream of before their dentist appointment – especially if a supposedly painful treatment is on the agenda.

This dream does not become a reality for us because we do not offer general anesthesia. And we have good reasons for that. It is not only since the tragic death of an 18-year-old fear patient in a Hamburg practice at the end of May 2016 that medical doctors have warned against the careless handling of general anesthesia. Even if all the high requirements for room and device standards are met and an anesthetist and qualified assistant initiate and discharge anesthesia, incidents can occur. For example, because the patient suffers from previous illnesses of which, as in the Hamburg case, he knew nothing at all.

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