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Tooth broken off but no pain – what can I do??

A piece of tooth has broken off? Do not hesitate with the treatment! (© It is an uncomfortable moment and unfortunately it always happens: A tooth breaks off. Despite the initial shock and for no apparent reason, it happens very painlessly. What to do?

What can I do if my tooth has broken off??

Those affected should not hesitate for long. If possible, pick up the broken piece and pick up the phone. You should make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible and report the incident on the phone. If you still have the broken tooth, keep it in a damp environment – ideally in milk or in a saline solution. This applies if you notice the incident immediately. However, it often happens that only a small corner breaks off.

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How to deal with the broken tooth of your child, child: women's magazine january 2020

How do you deal with your child’s broken tooth? | Child: Women’s magazine January 2020

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In children at home, accidents can knock in countless forms and shapes. So what should a mother do? Get ready, that’s all you can do!

When your baby’s first tooth appears, it’s time to celebrate another milestone. But do you know that your child’s teeth can break and chip? Sounds alarming, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, broken tooth in children is not a serious illness!

We have simple tips to help you with a dental emergency. Print it out and have it ready if you need to recommend it!

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Broken tooth

On broken tooth arises from external action on the tooth structure, which breaks as a result. In many cases, a dentist can treat such tooth fractures by reconstructing the tooth. Treatment varies depending on the type of fracture.

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What is a broken tooth?

A broken tooth is a fracture, chipping, splitting or cracking of a tooth (infracture). A knock, blow, bite on something hard, accident or deliberate pressure on the tooth by instruments during tooth extraction are triggers of the so-called tooth fracture.

Broken teeth occur both with milk teeth and with permanent teeth. The affected person perceives the tooth fracture due to pain or injuries in the oral cavity. Injuries result from the sharp edges of the broken tooth.

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