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= Bridge link full cast
BM = Pontic fully veneered
BV = Pontic veneered pontic
e = replaced tooth
H = Holding element
K = Full cast crown
KH = Full cast crown with holding element

KM = Crown fully veneered
KMH = Crown fully veneered with holding element
KMO = Crown fully veneered with attachment
KO = Full cast crown with attachment
KV = Crown veneered vestibularly
KVH = Crown veneered with vestibular element
KVO = Crown veined with vestibular attachment

PK = Partial crown
SK = Full cast crown on superstructure
SKM = Crown fully veneered on superstructure
SKV = Crown veneered on the superstructure
T = Telescopic full cast
TM = Telescope fully blinded
TV = Vestibularly blinded telescope

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Divorce cost calculator: calculate your divorce costs free of charge

Custody may need to be reorganized as part of the divorce. This can be done by mutual agreement by the spouses or by consulting the court. more .

divorce petition

Submitting the divorce petition is the beginning of the divorce proceedings. This can only be done by a lawyer, otherwise the application is ineffective. more .

Court on costs

After the divorce application has been received by the court, the court requests that the expected court costs be paid or advanced. more .

Abolition of civil partnership

The registered civil partnership is now largely legally equivalent to marriage. Therefore, the divorce rules are also comparable. more .

Christina Cherry