Christmas wishes - love wishes for the Christmas card

The best Christmas wishes for your Christmas mail

Writing Christmas cards isn’t easy for everyone; So that you are guaranteed to find the right words for your Christmas message to family, friends and Co., we have searched for and collected the best and best Christmas wishes for you. In this category you can look forward to special Christmas wishes to get you in the mood for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Advent: Whether contemplative Christmas wishes, Christmas wish texts for magical Christmas cards, funny Christmas wishes or Christmas greetings – with us there are the most popular words and texts to wish Merry Christmas for children and adults!

Imagine you get beautifully designed greeting cards from your friends and relatives in the calm and contemplative pre-Christmas season, who wish you a nice Christmas with loving lines. Certainly your joy about it is huge and your Christmas mood is at its peak. It is always a great gesture to sweeten your loved ones’ advent before Christmas Eve with impressive wishes and to share their anticipation and love. So make your parents, grandparents, colleagues and friends happy and write a unique and stylish Christmas message of a special kind. Grab a pen and paper and start designing your very own contemplative Christmas mail, hearts will touch and inspire. We offer you wishes for Christmas and ready-made texts as a suggestion – in fact, perfectly suited to write your own personal Christmas wishes text to your loved ones.

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Christmas games for the whole family - sat

Christmas games for the whole family: nice ideas

The family strolls on the couch while the classic Christmas films are on TV – communication? None. It doesn’t have to be. Christmas games not only ensure a good mood, but also promote cooperation. Ideas for fun games in good company here in the SAT.1 guide.

Christmas games that ensure a good mood

Would you like some exercise? Then play, for example, "Journey to Jerusalem", perfectly tailored for Christmas. The rules are the same as always: chairs are placed in a circle, one less than the number of participants. A family member has to bite the bullet and play the DJ, so cannot join "travel". When the music plays, the funny company wanders around the chairs. As soon as the music stops abruptly, everyone has to sit in an empty chair. If you don’t make it, fly out. Now take a chair from the middle and continue playing until there is only one chair left and the music sounds for the last time – and breaks off. To make the whole thing a little more Christmassy, ​​you can only play Christmas carols.

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Reading time: 3 minutes Do you dread the holidays because your children garnish the boring family celebrations with wild romp? Our Christmas games for children not only entertain the little bullies. Try to build a bridge between the generations and encourage all family members to participate. In this way you strengthen family cohesion.

Christmas games for children loosen up family celebrations

Liven up family celebrations with game ideas

The holidays are a lot of stress for children. On the one hand, they are very prickly because of the many gifts. On the other hand, the whole family is gathered, everyone is talking confused and nobody really has time for the children. These promptly increase the volume level in order to attract the desired attention.

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Christmas games: 18 great Christmas games

Christmas Games – 18 great Christmas games

When it is cold and uncomfortable outside on Sundays during Advent, there is nothing better for Christmas fans, big and small, to pass the time playing games together. We have put together 18 great Christmas games that will make time fly by.

Naturally, the little ones find it difficult to curb their impatience, especially on Christmas Eve, until the Christ child heralds the gift giving. If you have good ideas for exciting Christmas games for this important event, you will help your children to survive the waiting time better and also ensure a relaxed game evening that will delight the whole family.

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The best Christmas series 2019

Christmas series – we present you the most beautiful! Regardless of whether on Netflix or on ZDF, whether for children or adults, these Christmas series will have something for everyone in December 2019. What is your favorite Christmas series?

Pippi Longstocking: Nostalgic Christmas series on ZDF

Astrid Lindgrens Stories about that very strong girl Pippi, that moves in next to Tommy and Annika in the Villa Kunterbunt have already for more than 70 years Fans all over the world.

But there was a real surge in popularity in Germany when Pippi and her adventures were on TV. Shot in 1969, there was Pippi long stocking only when series and later also in the form of feature films, but from the individual episodes edited together were.

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Christmas singing 2019 at BVB in the Westfalenstadion – advance sales start in October

26.09.19 updated: 13:43

Dortmund / NRW – On December 15th the BVB Christmas singing will take place in the Westphalia Stadium with the motto "Dortmund is singing Christmas carols" instead of. Presale is on October 7th.

The Christmas singing at BVB goes in the year 2019 in the third round. Advance booking for the event in Westfalenstadion "Dortmund sings Christmas carols" starts in October.

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Christmas rhymes – the winners are…

Finally the time has come! Christmas Eve is not far anymore and therefore not the presents! Some of you will sing a song or recite a poem before the gift giving! If you still lack the right poem, you will find a few masterpieces here!

You sent us many beautiful Christmas rhymes in our competition. Thank you for the great rhymes! Here are the three winning poems!

Poem 1

Christmas, Christmas, what does it smell so fine here,
Children, all children, come into the rooms,
Lights and candles, gifts and cookies, that’s how it should be,
Family and friends, happy hearts and cozy togetherness.

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Christmas Quiz

Nice ideas for a Christmas together

40th birthday party / 50th birthday party / 60th birthday party

There is a lot to celebrate before Christmas is just around the corner – like 40th / 50th / 60th Birthdays!

Time is progressing steadily and you can forget that in everyday stress. At the latest at the birthday party, however, it becomes apparent that 10 years have passed again. It is better to organize the festival properly. This applies in particular to round birthday parties.

Regardless of whether for the 40th birthday party, 50th birthday party, 60th birthday party – you usually spend this highlight with the whole family at an extensive party in your favorite restaurant. On the other hand, you can celebrate on a small scale, only with family and closest friends at home or on vacation. One invites all acquaintances to the 40th birthday party, at the 50th birthday party there are usually fewer with friends and long-time acquaintances; and at the 60th birthday party it is sometimes a family celebration. There are umpteen different ways to celebrate such an anniversary – but also some “must”. Of course, the birthday child determines how and what is specifically organized. Larger fixed companies logically require more planning; the budget and the venue have to be determined. For smaller celebrations, you may have a catering company come for a special meal or organize a professional cook who prepares a delicious meal at home.

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Christmas markets with attractions for children - Christmas in Berlin

Christmas markets with attractions for children

Christmas market at the Red Town Hall

November 23 to January 4, 2021

Berlin’s Christmas season has a lot to offer: ice skating rink, panoramic ferris wheel and a wide range of gastronomic options. more

The Great Berlin Christmas Market

November 20 to the end of December 2020

Young people in particular are enthusiastic about this action-packed Christmas market on the avenue. There is usually an exuberant mood at the colorful, fast rides. more

Advent market on the Dahlem domain

On all advent weekends

The Christmas market on the Dahlem domain in the south of Berlin offers culinary delicacies and handicraft gift ideas on the Advent weekends before the festival. more

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Christmas carols to sing with children ♪ ♫, babyduda »song book

Free Christmas carols
Ohhh merry – uh – licheee
What would Christmas be without a Christmas serenade. Christmas carols are just as much a part of it as the cookies and the fir tree.
The free Christmas carols for singing from A to Z are all available, of course, with public domain sheet music, MP3 audio and texts. Because all Christmas carols should invite you to sing and make music. For children as well as in the family or in the daycare. Therefore you can not only listen to all free songs. The materials are license-free and are available for download.

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