Supplementary dental insurance for tooth cleaning: Top 10 tariffs in comparison & test

Although the conditions for dentures and dental treatments are of particular interest when choosing a dental supplementary insurance, the services for dental care measures, such as professional tooth cleaning, should not be forgotten. Many tariffs now reimburse a share of the costs of professional tooth cleaning and also cover other dental care measures. They are therefore a useful addition to the protection provided by the statutory health insurance company, which, although it bears the costs of the annual check-ups at the dentist, but does not pay for professional teeth cleaning.

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Tooth cleaning costs

Teeth cleaning costs

The cost of professional tooth cleaning ranges from € 40 to € 150 depending on the treatment effort. You have to be aware that you have to bear the costs for good tooth cleaning. If a professional tooth cleaning costs € 40, it can be assumed that it cannot be done carefully enough, otherwise it will not pay off for the dental practice. The cost of teeth cleaning is almost always borne entirely by private health insurance companies.

The situation is different for statutory health insurance companies: the health insurance benefits only include the removal of tartar once a year, but the costs of tooth cleaning for a complete professional tooth cleaning must be borne by the patient privately.

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Professional teeth cleaning and what you should consider

Maybe your dentist already has one for you professional tooth cleaning recommended. Professional teeth cleaning removes plaque and slight discoloration – and despite the advantages, many patients are unsettled and have many questions.

Why should you have professional teeth cleaning done??

Most people clean their teeth with a toothbrush every day. Nevertheless, almost everyone develops tooth decay or periodontitis in their life. As thorough as the daily cleaning is; on average, you can only reach 60 percent of the tooth surfaces. Teeth are angled and the brush, whether electric or manual, does not reach all corners and interdental spaces. This is how the biofilm, also called plaque, can accumulate. The result is tartar, tooth decay and periodontal disease. This is where dental cleaning comes in. Existing tartar is removed and, depending on the method, the teeth are cleaned with a powder jet or ultrasound. Not only is plaque removed at every angle, the teeth are then polished, so that bacteria can colonize the tooth surface more poorly in the future. Finally, the teeth are sealed with a special fluoride varnish or gel.

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Professional teeth cleaning: process, costs, disadvantages, health insurance

For regular domestic dental care dentists always recommend one professional cleaning in practice, the stubborn residue and Remove dirt that are difficult to remove with standard toothbrushes. But: does this treatment really make sense for everyone? And how exactly does the dental cleaning work in the clinic??

Dental cleaning in practice – useful or not?

A Tooth cleaning in the dental practice should be as Supplement to daily dental care serve. Even if you clean your teeth several times a day and do it conscientiously, there is no guarantee that you will actually reach every area. Toothbrushes, dental floss and mouthwashes already do a good job, but the additional one ensures an even better mouthfeel Teeth cleaning by the professional.

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Professional teeth cleaning »what does the insurance pay?

Professional teeth cleaning »What does insurance pay??

Dentists recommend having professional teeth cleaning done every 6 months. Although this is an effective preventive measure against tooth decay damage, the costs are not covered by the statutory health insurance. Many private dental insurance companies, however, provide professional teeth cleaning in their range of services and reimburse the treatment costs at least in part.

What exactly does "professional teeth cleaning" mean??

Professional tooth cleaning, like the annual check-ups, is an important measure for the prevention of dental diseases, such as tooth decay or periodontitis (inflammation of the tooth support system). It not only helps to avoid annoying, unpleasant dental treatments, but also the costs for the treatment of To save caries consequences, such as fillings, root canal treatments and dentures. Professional tooth cleaning is usually carried out by the dentist himself or a suitably trained assistant and takes between 30 and 60 minutes. The teeth are cleaned of plaques more thoroughly than with daily tooth cleaning at home, interdental spaces are cleaned and hard plaque is removed.

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How much does professional tooth cleaning cost??

Almost everyone goes to the dentist once a year. In addition to checking dental health, professional tooth cleaning (PZR) is also on the agenda for many. It is considered the best means of preventing tooth decay and periodontitis, since it is significantly more effective than brushing your teeth. But what does the treatment cost? We clarify this and many other questions on this topic in an interview with the cost check expert.

What will this cost me?

Check cost: The costs for the PZR fluctuate strongly, since the dentist bills this treatment according to the private fee schedule.

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Professional teeth cleaning – what is done?

Dental care is very important and, like the air we breathe, should be part of daily care. Some invest a lot of time in dental care, others reduce this to a minimum. But even when using the recommended tools: Toothbrush, solo brush and space brush certain areas cannot be reached. Only professional tooth cleaning helps here.

Once an error has crept in, there is a high probability that it will be repeated regularly. In addition, plaque forms in hard-to-reach areas. If not removed, it will turn into tartar. These two components not only look ugly, but are the pioneers of tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis.

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What does professional tooth cleaning cost??

Professional teeth cleaning is recommended by dentists once or twice a year. In addition to the removal of tartar, the dental plaque is also carefully removed. Caries and periodontitis are prevented. You can have your teeth cleaned by a professional from just € 50.

That costs professional teeth cleaning

Professional tooth cleaning costs between 50 and 250 euros. On average in Germany, depending on the state, condition and number of teeth, you pay between 75 and 85 euros for a treatment.

The costs are also based on a billing rate that each dentist sets for himself. With a normal workload, this amounts to approx. 3.50 euros per tooth. If the effort is higher, the costs can be around 5.50 euros per tooth.

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Professional tooth cleaning (pzr): process and costs

teeth cleaning

definition & introduction

Professional teeth cleaning: process and costs

definition: Professional teeth cleaning (PZR) means prophylaxis treatment at the dentist, in which the teeth are professionally cleaned mechanically. The scope of professional tooth cleaning (PZR) depends on the oral hygiene condition.

The cost of professional teeth cleaning must i. d. Usually be borne by yourself, since very few health insurance companies take over this service.

It is not uncommon for you to incur costs of around 200 euros per year. It doesn’t have to be.

With MediKompassDE you can compare prices for professional teeth cleaning. Top-rated dentists in your area make you a cheap offer here. Our service is free of charge for you as a patient.

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Can you drop that?

Discontinue professional tooth cleaning (PZR)
Can professional dental cleaning (PZR) be deducted from the tax??

The cost of professional teeth cleaning (PZR) can be recognized as an extraordinary burden in the income tax return. A reasonable burden will be deducted from the costs, only then will the extraordinary burden have an impact. The amount of this reasonable burden depends on life situation, annual income, marital status and number of children.

tax calculator

More information on the subject Discontinue professional tooth cleaning (PZR)

Private costs usually don’t play a role in the tax return. However, if there are exceptional situations that involve unusually high costs, extraordinary burdens can arise that you may be able to relieve yourself of.

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