Dental supplementary insurance comparison 2020

The best dental supplement insurance in the test.

A beautiful smile can not only enchant, bright white and healthy teeth also strengthen our self-confidence. But if you are not naturally blessed with intact rows of teeth, you should make provisions early and rely on dental insurance.

The services can differ significantly depending on the provider. If you focus on dentures, you should pay attention to the highest possible subsidy or a complete assumption of costs. Which insurers also high Prophylaxis and treatment grants guarantee, our test or comparison table shows you at first glance.

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dental insurance

What is dental insurance??

A private supplementary dental insurance reimburses the costs for dental treatments that are not or only partially covered by the statutory health insurance companies. As a result, they reduce their own contribution to high dental bills.

Because especially when teeth have to be replaced, it often becomes really expensive. High-quality dentures such as an implant quickly cost several thousand euros. At the same time, the health insurance companies have reduced their benefits significantly in recent years.

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Braces - cost comparison and dental practices abroad


Akdent Marmaris Clinic

Akdent mouth and dental health clinic were found by dentist Zekeriya İlkhan in 1997. The location of the clinic is in Marmaris. In all branches of dentistry, it continues to provide services with the staff that are expert on their expertise.

Implant type dental clinic

The Implant Art Dental Clinic in Warsaw is one of the most advanced dentistry facilities in Poland. The clinic specializes in oral surgery, dental implants, dental aesthetics, dental prosthetics and pediatric dentistry.

Turism dental clinic

The Turism Dental Clinic in Bucharest, Romania offers international patients professional dental services. The clinic specializes in dental aesthetics, dental cosmetics, implantology and oral surgery. Patients can also enjoy free online medical advice.

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Dentist comparison prices dentist cost comparison

Optimal dental treatment

Dentist price comparison

Comparing dentist prices is worthwhile by comparing offers

At the Dental Price Comparison it is about comparing dental treatment costs, which is not always easy, because you should be able to compare the same with the same.

Since the dentists in Germany and Switzerland have a leeway in the price of the dentist when it comes to pricing, there are big differences in the costs of dental treatment as well as in dental restoration with dentures because of the material costs and laboratory costs. It is not always easy to compare dentist costs and prices for dentures with the different terms, but you can save money by comparing dentist prices. The neutral dentist specialist advice can help you with the dentist price comparison and explain the technical terms. For dental treatments and dental restorations with dentures, we recommend that you first carry out a preliminary examination with a dentist, so that more detailed information can also be provided on the price comparison or dentist’s cost comparison using a healing and cost plan.

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Dentist price comparison: how to lower your dentist costs, dentolo

Dentist price comparison – lower your dentist costs

Dental treatment is not a pleasure in itself – and unfortunately it is often very expensive. But a dentist comparison portal can help you save money and receive high-quality treatment at the same time. Read all about dentist price comparison here.

Why a dentist price comparison is worthwhile for you

If a major dental treatment or a new denture, such as the use of several dental implants, is pending, you will receive a treatment plan and an estimate from your dentist in advance. This often involves immense costs that are not understandable for most patients.

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Winter boots children comparison 2020

The 10 best snow boots, winter boots and winter shoes for children at a glance.

Good winter shoes and winter boots for children have to endure a lot: They should have children’s feet lead safely and dryly over slush, snow and frozen ground and be warm and easy to clean. Because they are used every day in the winter months in kindergarten, school and during leisure activities.

That is why winter boots for children clearly show in tests that the focus should be on a non-slip but flexible sole and water-repellent materials. Read our purchase advice now, which purchase criteria are decisive and find the right model for your offspring in our comparison table of the best winter boots for children!

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Winter boots comparison 2020

The 8 best winter boats at a glance.

Not only cars need winter tires in the cold season to get through traffic safely – too You should have the right profile under your feet for icy flooring. A robust sole is an absolute must, when it comes to good winter boots for women and men.

Now you can find different winter boots in our comparison table in quality and materials differ. We’ll tell you, which type of closure is particularly practical and which winter boots pass each heat test.

The quality management for our test and comparison process is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

1 cm
2 cm
2 cm
2 cm
1 cm
2 cm
2 cm
2.5 cm

Illustration Compare winner

Price-performance winner

model BOWS SUSI winter boots women Sorel women’s winter carnival boots Polar women’s snow winter boots Spiral winter boots Moon Boot nylon unisex snow boot Polar mid calf winter boots Timberland Women’s 6 Premium Waterproof SAGUARO outdoor winter shoes
on Amazon
209 reviews 16 reviews 107 reviews 21 reviews 5 reviews 341 reviews 623 reviews 521 reviews
Boots Type Outdoor Cold Weather Boots Outdoor Cold Weather Boots Outdoor Cold Weather Boots Outdoor Cold Weather Boots Outdoor Cold Weather Boots Everyday winter boots Everyday winter boots Everyday winter boots
uppers synthetic synthetic nylon synthetic nylon synthetic leather leather
Lining Faux fur Faux fur Textile Faux fur Textile Faux fur leather lining Feed Mix
Workmanship and quality
warming particularly warm particularly warm particularly warm particularly warm particularly warm very warm warm warning
Waterproof particularly waterproof particularly waterproof particularly waterproof particularly waterproof particularly waterproof very waterproof very waterproof permeable to water
fit particularly good particularly good very good very good satisfactory particularly good very good particularly good
Firm sole
Insulating rubber sole
With laces with winter boots Laces can be tied particularly tight guarantee such a individual fit and a lot of support.
velcro fastener on the other hand has the advantage too opened with mittens or thick gloves to be able to – but can also after a while Lose liability.
Size and colors
Available sizes 36-42 36-42 36-42 31-47 35/38 – 45/47 36-40 35.5 – 42 38-48
Available colors
  • brown
  • green
  • Green Beige
  • red
  • Mountain-Red
  • black
  • Gray
  • Gray
  • black
  • White
  • brown
  • Gray
  • black
  • green
  • brown
  • blue
  • red
  • White
  • pink
  • black
  • Black with leather inserts
  • yellow
  • black
  • tan
  • dark Blue
  • absolutely waterproof
  • particularly warming
  • with calf-high shaft for more warmth and support
  • particularly good profile
  • with side buckle to adjust shape
  • particularly warming
  • high shaft for more warmth and support
  • non-slip profile
  • particularly easy to put on
  • especially non-slip rubber sole
  • particularly waterproof thanks to the raised rubber sole
  • particularly firm and thick sole
  • particularly insulating inner and upper material
  • extremely waterproof
  • particularly high shaft
  • particularly high shaft for a lot of warmth
  • strong hold
  • good profile
  • with removable footbed
  • with recyclable PET laces
  • with padded shoe collar
  • particularly light
  • particularly good fit
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about BOWS SUSI winter boots women Questions and answers about Sorel women’s winter carnival boots Questions and answers about Polar women’s snow winter boots Questions and answers about spiral winter boots Questions and answers about Moon Boot Nylon unisex snow boots Questions and answers about Polar mid calf winter boots Questions and answers about Timberland Women’s 6 Premium Waterproof Questions and answers about SAGUARO outdoor winter shoes
to offer To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer "
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Winter Boots Buyer’s Guide:
How to choose the right product from the winter boot test or comparison above


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  • Winter boots should do one thing above all: keep your feet warm and dry in the cold season. That is why shoes made from a water-repellent material such as nylon, rubber and leather are particularly suitable. Fake fur warms from the inside.
  • Since the cold heats up from below, the sole is also crucial. Most winter shoes have a rubber sole. The rule here is: the thicker, the more stable and heat-insulating.
  • There are winter boots for women and winter boots for men. The main differences are in the design. Many winter shoes are equally suitable for women as for men.

With low temperatures and wetness in the winter months, you should especially keep your feet warm and dry. Because: Cold can quickly drag from icy soils into the body and cause colds.

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Vitamin D supplements comparison 2020

The 11 best supplements for vitamin D deficiency at a glance.

Fatigue, aching bones and mood swings are among the first Signs of a vitamin D deficiency. Normally, people produce enough vitamin D in the summer months, but they should stored reserves in the winter months used up prematurely you can be on Dietary supplements with vitamin D To fall back on. Decide between Tablets, capsules or particularly economical drops and cover your daily vitamin D needs before breakfast.

Plant-based preparations are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Check our table to see which product is suitable for you.

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Accident insurance comparison 2020

The best private accident insurance in the test.

In the event of disability caused by an accident, accident insurance will step in. Your pension payments then help to bring the financial imbalance caused by disability back into balance. The insurance also contributes to health costs and even costs that may have arisen during the salvage.

From our tariff comparison, choose a suitable offer from many insurers who have always received good grades in tests.

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Accident insurance:
Rarely used, but very important when the worst comes to the worst


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  • The core of accident insurance is financial support for permanent disability caused by an accident. Participation in rescue and health costs, even in the case of injuries that are not so dramatic, are part of the additional benefits.
  • Among other things, testers praised the providers InterRisk, HanseMerkur, VHV and Janitos multiple times. The ratings also showed that the best private accident insurance is offered at moderate costs.
  • An accident is the cause of only 10% of all cases of disability. Accident insurance is therefore not a substitute for occupational disability insurance.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, there were 9.77 million accident injuries in Germany in 2014. round 70% from that injure themselves in their free time or in the house. Even in the case of fatal accidents, the domestic ones are among the sad ones.

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Accident insurance for children: compare now!

Thats what our customers say

Accident insurance for children: this is what you need to know

Up until adolescence, many children are characterized by careless and reckless behavior. Parents know that playing can be a bit more turbulent. Falls and minor injuries are therefore not uncommon. As a rule, children quickly recover from their injuries.

But what if a serious accident occurs, possibly even with the child becoming disabled afterwards? If this is not covered by the statutory accident insurance, parents can face considerable financial difficulties due to the accident costs. Accident insurance for children provides financial security in the event of an emergency. Verivox’s insurance comparison enables consumers to find a cheap and powerful tariff.

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