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Professional gum treatment (periodontology)

Every third person in Germany suffers from periodontitis. Anyone who suffers from this has to fight with an inflammation of the tooth-holding apparatus – also called periodontium. This spreads from the gumline to the tooth cement and the root skin and is a common cause of tooth loss, especially as we age.

What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis usually progresses slowly and initially does not cause pain. Periodontitis only becomes noticeable with the appearance of regular bleeding gums, reddening and swelling of the gum tissue and unpleasant bad breath. As a result, there are so-called gum pockets, which may secrete secretions. This can lead to loosening and ultimately loss of teeth, which can only be compensated for by dentures. These pockets go hand in hand with a decrease in gums and sensitive tooth necks, but a change in the tooth position can also be the result. Periodontitis can progress chronically (gradually) or aggressively (within a few weeks).

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Dentures costs; dentist price, dental treatment, dentures

Dentures costs

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Dentures, a collective term

It used to be dentures made of ivory or wood, like that History of dentistry shows.

Dentures costs

On cheaper dentures is the denture.

The dentures is a dentures how dental implant as high quality dentures for the missing teeth.

The information in Dentist Rate Comparison as in Budapest, To sing or Vienna offer one Price Range For dental treatment and dentures, because every dental treatment is individual.

Dental prosthesis costs

The Dentist costs for dentures are very different, because there are many different variants dentures.

In the Dentists prices respectively. Price overview of dental tariffs Germany, Austria and Hungary is the Dentures including treatment included, so Dental treatment costs complete with staff and the Cost of dentures. Thus, the Cost of dentures how Dental implants or dentures directly with the Dental practice costs or dental clinic be compared in the home country. Under Zahnprothetik one understands at dentures in dentistry the planning, production and integration of dentures and therefore also the Total cost of dentures or bioesthetic dentures. Dentures can only be made on a healthy socket of a tooth hold well and for a long time, because a tooth is defective due to caries (carious lesions) badly damaged, one is sufficient tooth filling not enough to keep the tooth functional. The tooth must be like a missing tooth after the tooth extraction be replaced with what one of dentures speaks. Depending on the situation, there are different options and dentures combinations how Dental implants, dental bridges, crowns or dentures as dentures.

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Dentures: types, materials, costs - risks

Dentures: types, materials, costs & risks

Dentures are crowns, bridges, implants and prostheses. In our guide you will learn everything about the different denture treatments.

Dentures: What types are there??

Fixed dentures

Crown: A tooth crown can replace larger parts of a damaged tooth. The artificial crown is placed on the broken tooth and glued to it. This form of fixed dentures is mostly used when a tooth filling is no longer an alternative treatment, because the tooth is too badly damaged by caries or an accident.

Bridge: A dental bridge can replace one or more teeth. The natural teeth shown here are crowned and serve as bridge pillars. Accordingly, they must be strong and have healthy tooth roots in order to keep the bridge stable.

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What does dentures cost and what are the options?

Dentures that look deceptively similar to your own teeth and can hardly be distinguished from them are available in different versions. How much you have to spend on this care depends on various factors and the subsidy granted by the health insurance company. In an interview with the cost check expert, we will inform you in detail about the different options for dentures and the expenses you will incur as a result.

How much does the supply of dentures cost in comparison?

Check cost: The costs differ greatly, because individual factors play a major role in every denture. Therefore the price range of this dental care is very high.

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Dental bridge: types, treatment and costs

Dental bridge: types, treatment and costs

In the event of tooth loss, the gap between the teeth can be closed using a dental bridge. This denture can be both fixed and removable.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge (short bridge) is a form of artificial denture with which one or more missing teeth are replaced. The adjacent teeth serve as pillars of the bridge, which can be used as removable and fixed dentures. The pillars are prepared like a crown and used for stabilization and fastening. There are individual dental bridges, but also those with several middle parts, which are used when several teeth are missing and need to be replaced. A bridge can close tooth gaps with up to 4 missing teeth. The different types of bridges differ according to the type of fastening and the materials.

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Where can I compare dentist costs? ?

Dental costs can go into the thousands of euros for a patient who needs a complete restoration. But even a dental implant or regular restoration with a crown and a bridge is not cheap. For this reason, it makes sense if a patient not only relies on the offer of his dentist, but also obtains a second offer. Basically, the patient is entitled to get a second or a third opinion before starting treatment. The treating dentist is by no means entitled to treatment, even if he has submitted the healing and cost plan. Rather, the patient has the right to decide in his own interest who he wants to be treated with.

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Binding dentist costs?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in everyday patient life: A patient finds that his dentist bill, for example for a bridge in the upper jaw, turns out to be much higher than was foreseen in the cost estimate. If the cost estimate still contained growth factors of 2.3 and 3.0, the practice now calculated the 3.5 times the rate and in two positions even the 4.0 times the rate. Very annoying for the patient. Because the cost estimate should serve the financial planning security.

But it is not only with the personal contribution for dentures that insured persons with statutory health insurance (GKV) can experience unpleasant surprises regarding the final bill. Also in the case of therapies that allow an additional payment in addition to the health insurance, e.g. more complex dental fillings (additional cost agreement in accordance with Section 28 Paragraph 2 SGB V), or in the case of pure private services, such as implantations, there may be differences between the cost estimate and the invoice. In these cases, the services are to be rendered privately according to the fee schedule for dentists (GOZ), which allows a relatively large scope for fees, since dental services can be calculated between 1 and 3.5 times the fee. Even fees with a factor over 3.5 times are possible, but must be agreed with the patient in writing before the start of treatment in accordance with Section 2 Paragraphs 1 and 2 GOZ. Services that are charged over 2.3 times the fee rate must be justified in the invoice (Section 10 (3) GOZ).

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Optimally deduct dentist costs from tax

Optimally deduct dentist costs from the tax

Invoices that the dentist issues after treatment can be deducted from the tax under certain conditions. The amount will then be entered in the tax documents under the heading “Extraordinary charges”. Whether the costs are actually deductible depends on the fulfillment of some criteria, which include based on the amount of income, marital status and number of children.

Which dentist costs can be deducted from the tax?

Patients can deduct dentist costs from the tax and claim them as an extraordinary tax if they are not borne by the health insurance or by the dental insurance. For example, if you, as a legally insured person, decide against regular care, dentures are tax deductible. Then health insurance usually only covers a small part of the costs and the limit of unreasonableness can be reached quickly. If the treating dentist prescribes medication or prescribes certain therapies, the resulting costs can also be listed in the tax documents. Travel expenses are also tax deductible in this context and are set at 30 cents per kilometer.

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Compare dentist costs and prices

Dental treatment costs in Switzerland

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  • 1. Select tax point value.
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In cities, the tax point value is usually between 1 and 1.2.

The prices are understood as benchmarks. Our partner practices always calculate the effective costs according to the dental tariff. Effective costs may vary.

Dental treatment costs in Switzerland

Would you like to receive a personal dentist offer free of charge?

questions and answers

No. The prices given serve as an indication of how much a dental treatment in Switzerland approximately costs.

The new dental tariff and the new tax point value include the new treatments, methods and the current state of the art. Since the old tariff was introduced more than 20 years ago, the maintenance costs of medical practices have increased. The revised tariff and tax point value should provide a compensation for the rising costs. However, it only needs to be used in the treatment of UV, MV or IV patients. Dental practices can choose whether to switch to the new tariff for private patients or to stay with the old one. The new dental tariff was used in the present cost overview.

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How much does it cost to have a tooth pulled??

For medical reasons, tooth extraction cannot always be avoided. Tooth damage, misaligned teeth or an accident can be causes that make this routine intervention necessary. But what does it cost to pull a tooth, what are the risks and what are the consequences of removing a tooth? We clarify these and other questions in an interview with the cost check expert.

Tooth extraction – what does it mean??

Check cost: Tooth extraction is the technical term for teeth extraction. It is a very old treatment method. Records from the first century show that sore teeth were already pulled out at that time. There are two different methods for tooth extraction:

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