Tooth sealing costs

The essentials in brief:

»A tooth seal enables small depressions to be sealed on the surface of a tooth (fissures).

»The measure has proven to be useful on broken molars, as they serve as a breeding ground for bacteria.

»For children and adolescents, the statutory health insurance company pays the costs of a tooth seal in full.

»Adult patients often pay for the measure independently, which can cost 40 euros per tooth.

»If the patient has supplementary dental insurance, the patient’s own contribution is reduced because the insurance usually reimburses 70 to 80 percent of the costs.

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Braces for adults

All the facts about braces for adults

Suitable for Adults / adolescents who suffer from misaligned teeth
indications Misaligned teeth and misalignments, wisdom teeth, premature tooth loss
methods Invisalign, incognito braces (lingual technique)
Duration of treatment depending on the malposition
costs depending on the scope of treatment

Braces for adults: corrections are possible at any age

Misaligned teeth are usually corrected at a young age. The treatment works relatively quickly and reliably in children and adolescents. If you missed this time for a tooth correction for various reasons, you can always have a correction done later with the help of braces. Since adult patients place different demands on orthodontic treatment, orthodontics offers various procedures, all of which promise very good success. The most important thing for most adults is that tooth correction is unobtrusive and remains hidden from others. In our practice, we focused, among other things, on the use of invisible braces. Fixed appliances can also be concealed on the inside of the teeth. This so-called lingual technique is particularly suitable for patients who need fixed braces due to pronounced misaligned teeth, but who do not want to wear them visibly on the outside of their teeth. Adults who have a loose brace to correct their teeth can use Invisalign. The teeth are gradually moved into the desired position using transparent plastic rails. As an orthodontic practice in Munich, we specialize in the treatment of bite correction and misaligned teeth. Thanks to our modern and adapted techniques, we can make successful corrections both for children and adolescents and for adults.

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How much does braces cost??

Since 2002, the health insurance companies no longer cover the costs for all braces. But crooked teeth are not only an aesthetic problem, they are also a medical problem and so the severity of the misaligned tooth now determines whether statutory health insurance covers the costs of treatment or the patient or the parents of the child to be treated.

On average, braces cost between 1,500 and 8,000 euros.

Braces costs – tabular overview

In the table you will find an overview of the prices for braces.

costing approximate costs
Braces for children 1,500 to 8,000 euros
Braces for adults 1,000 to 5,000 euros
professional tooth cleaning 80 to 120 euros
Additional services (e.g. special brackets and arches) 500, – to 2,000, – euros

All prices are rough guidelines including VAT and can of course vary.

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Tooth cleaning costs

Teeth cleaning costs

The cost of professional tooth cleaning ranges from € 40 to € 150 depending on the treatment effort. You have to be aware that you have to bear the costs for good tooth cleaning. If a professional tooth cleaning costs € 40, it can be assumed that it cannot be done carefully enough, otherwise it will not pay off for the dental practice. The cost of teeth cleaning is almost always borne entirely by private health insurance companies.

The situation is different for statutory health insurance companies: the health insurance benefits only include the removal of tartar once a year, but the costs of tooth cleaning for a complete professional tooth cleaning must be borne by the patient privately.

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Adult teeth correction – fixed and loose braces for adults – types and costs of tooth correction

Tooth correction with the help of braces is the best way to get aesthetic teeth – no matter what age! Effect and cost of tooth correction in adults

It is never too late to have beautiful teeth! For adults with misaligned teeth who have not worn braces in childhood or have not taken any other tooth correction measures, treatment is possible at an older age. Tooth correction with braces is suitable for adults with misaligned teeth such as cross bites, pre-bites or other types of misaligned teeth. Healthy and beautiful teeth allow a beautiful smile and increase self-confidence. You can also increase your self-confidence by finding out how to create and change websites, all without programming.

Orthodontists usually recommend adult teeth to fixed teeth correction devices such as brackets and lingual braces. These are attached to the teeth and act continuously and actively on the jaw muscles to correct the position of the teeth. After the bracket therapy, the patient must wear a retainer to stabilize the tooth correction, which ensures that the teeth remain in the new position. If adults skip this step of tooth correction, there is a high risk that the teeth will return to their original position despite long-term treatment. The correction of misaligned teeth i.e. Wrong bite, cross bite, pre-bite, tooth or jaw outgrowth, is often done for aesthetic purposes because of speech and eating disabilities. Surgical interventions such as dental implants, complete dentures by bridges or correction of tooth gaps by crowns are also often performed by adults. In comparison, tooth correction using braces in adults is often part of aesthetic tooth regulation.

An inconspicuous – almost invisible tooth correction is possible with the help of invisible braces or transparent brackets and aligners. In this way, the psychological effects of tooth correction in adults are avoided and a healthy smile is achieved with minimal aesthetic stress. Another tooth correction method for adults is aligner therapy. Aligners are transparent removable splints, each for the upper and lower dental arch. As the only loose tooth correction method that is also suitable for adults, aligners have become very popular in recent years. Paternity analysis has also become very popular in recent years, opt for DNA analysis, which is very easy to do with a test set.

However, this method is associated with higher costs. The cost of tooth correction in adult patients is not covered by the health insurance – unless the patient has supplementary dental insurance that covers this tooth correction treatment (both the practice fees and the pres of the device). Unlike adults, braces for children are paid for by the health insurance. Additional costs may also arise for young patients, e.g. because of expensive tooth bracket models or when the squib correction is not urgently needed.

Lenticular printing wiggle cards prices


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Gum treatment (periodontology) - process & costs

Gum Treatment | Periodontitis | Periodontitis | Periodontology | Periodontitis Treatment Causes | Costs | procedure

Professional gum treatment (periodontology)

Every third person in Germany suffers from periodontitis. Anyone who suffers from this has to fight with an inflammation of the tooth-holding apparatus – also called periodontium. This spreads from the gumline to the tooth cement and the root skin and is a common cause of tooth loss, especially as we age.

What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis usually progresses slowly and initially does not cause pain. Periodontitis only becomes noticeable with the appearance of regular bleeding gums, reddening and swelling of the gum tissue and unpleasant bad breath. As a result, there are so-called gum pockets, which may secrete secretions. This can lead to loosening and ultimately loss of teeth, which can only be compensated for by dentures. These pockets go hand in hand with a decrease in gums and sensitive tooth necks, but a change in the tooth position can also be the result. Periodontitis can progress chronically (gradually) or aggressively (within a few weeks).

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Dentures costs; dentist price, dental treatment, dentures

Dentures costs

Article Index

Dentures, a collective term

It used to be dentures made of ivory or wood, like that History of dentistry shows.

Dentures costs

On cheaper dentures is the denture.

The dentures is a dentures how dental implant as high quality dentures for the missing teeth.

The information in Dentist Rate Comparison as in Budapest, To sing or Vienna offer one Price Range For dental treatment and dentures, because every dental treatment is individual.

Dental prosthesis costs

The Dentist costs for dentures are very different, because there are many different variants dentures.

In the Dentists prices respectively. Price overview of dental tariffs Germany, Austria and Hungary is the Dentures including treatment included, so Dental treatment costs complete with staff and the Cost of dentures. Thus, the Cost of dentures how Dental implants or dentures directly with the Dental practice costs or dental clinic be compared in the home country. Under Zahnprothetik one understands at dentures in dentistry the planning, production and integration of dentures and therefore also the Total cost of dentures or bioesthetic dentures. Dentures can only be made on a healthy socket of a tooth hold well and for a long time, because a tooth is defective due to caries (carious lesions) badly damaged, one is sufficient tooth filling not enough to keep the tooth functional. The tooth must be like a missing tooth after the tooth extraction be replaced with what one of dentures speaks. Depending on the situation, there are different options and dentures combinations how Dental implants, dental bridges, crowns or dentures as dentures.

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Dentures: types, materials, costs - risks

Dentures: types, materials, costs & risks

Dentures are crowns, bridges, implants and prostheses. In our guide you will learn everything about the different denture treatments.

Dentures: What types are there??

Fixed dentures

Crown: A tooth crown can replace larger parts of a damaged tooth. The artificial crown is placed on the broken tooth and glued to it. This form of fixed dentures is mostly used when a tooth filling is no longer an alternative treatment, because the tooth is too badly damaged by caries or an accident.

Bridge: A dental bridge can replace one or more teeth. The natural teeth shown here are crowned and serve as bridge pillars. Accordingly, they must be strong and have healthy tooth roots in order to keep the bridge stable.

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What does dentures cost and what are the options?

Dentures that look deceptively similar to your own teeth and can hardly be distinguished from them are available in different versions. How much you have to spend on this care depends on various factors and the subsidy granted by the health insurance company. In an interview with the cost check expert, we will inform you in detail about the different options for dentures and the expenses you will incur as a result.

How much does the supply of dentures cost in comparison?

Check cost: The costs differ greatly, because individual factors play a major role in every denture. Therefore the price range of this dental care is very high.

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Dental bridge: types, treatment and costs

Dental bridge: types, treatment and costs

In the event of tooth loss, the gap between the teeth can be closed using a dental bridge. This denture can be both fixed and removable.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge (short bridge) is a form of artificial denture with which one or more missing teeth are replaced. The adjacent teeth serve as pillars of the bridge, which can be used as removable and fixed dentures. The pillars are prepared like a crown and used for stabilization and fastening. There are individual dental bridges, but also those with several middle parts, which are used when several teeth are missing and need to be replaced. A bridge can close tooth gaps with up to 4 missing teeth. The different types of bridges differ according to the type of fastening and the materials.

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