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How to prevent irritable cough in children

Can you prevent irritable cough in toddlers? In fact, it is possible to reduce the susceptibility to infections somewhat. But we cannot really protect ourselves from it. But those who are armed with a healthy immune system are much more likely to ward off pathogens. But when it comes to coughing, there are many things you can do to help your child.

What is irritable cough?

If the Coughing children affected, this is a great burden for everyone involved. The level of suffering in children is significantly higher than in adults. She torments them especially at night dry and scratchy cough especially. Irritant cough usually occurs at the beginning of a cold or a flu infection. Cold viruses then settled on the pharynx. There they dry out the surrounding tissue and cause irritation. If the irritable cough affects a baby or toddler, the symptoms appear even more severe. The little ones in particular can literally get into coughing fits.

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Cough drier in a child: how to treat at home?

Dry cough in a child: treat at home?

Cough is a fairly common symptom that accompanies a cold in a child. The respiratory organs are damaged by the penetration of the virus into the child’s organism. Therefore, the baby starts tickling in the throat, a feeling of slight irritation, a natural desire for cough. The symptom cannot be ignored so as not to aggravate the problem.

When a child develops a cold, a sputum is formed in the body, which relieves the throat. After some time, when the manifestations of the disease disappear, the expectoration of the expectoration is slowed down, the larynx will dry out, which leads to a dry cough.

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Dry cough (toddler)

Dry cough is a common accompanying symptom at the beginning and end of a cold or flu (influenza). Young children have a hard time falling asleep and are agitated. According to statistics, children suffer from a "banal" cold 7 to 10 times a year.

The following article describes four different home remedies that help against dry cough in toddlers.

Home remedies for dry cough in young children

If the dry cough is caused by a cold or flu (influenza), it usually takes up to 2 weeks for the cough, along with the other symptoms, to heal on its own. In exceptional cases, a dry cough may persist for up to 3 weeks after a cold. The reason for this is the tissue damage in the area of ​​the upper respiratory tract caused by the infection. Treating a flu or influenza is difficult because colds (in most cases) and influenza are viral. Therefore, the focus of treatment is often on relieving symptomatic symptoms until the body can cope with the disease on its own. Both classic medicines and home remedies are available for treating a cold or influenza. These can be used separately or in combination.

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Cough tablets - instructions for use, dosage for children

cough drop

Cough tablets – combines phytopreparation for complex treatment of respiratory diseases.

Pharmacological effects

Therapeutic effects of using tablets from cough due to its constituent active ingredients:

  • Grass Thermopsis due to the alkaloids it contains – cytisine, metiltsitizin, pahikarpin, anagirinu, termopsinu and termopsidinu reflexively increases the secretion of bronchial glands and has unspoken irritant effects on the receptors of the gastric mucosa. In addition, with expectorant, stimulating effect on the respiratory center;
  • Sodium bicarbonate helps to reduce the viscosity of the mucus while also stimulating the secretion of bronchial glands.

product form

The medicine is expelled in the form of a greenish-gray cone tablets with grass termopsisa stinging powder (in an amount of 6, 7 mg) and sodium hydrogen carbonate (250 mg). 10 tablets per pack.

Analogs tablets cough

An analog of the drug active ingredient Termopsol. From analogs tablets cough mechanism of action includes drugs:

  • Syrup – Amtersol, Bronchipret slept Linkus, Gedeliks, protiazin loosening, Gerbion, Dr. Mom, Koch Coldrex Bronchitis, Pertussin, Stoptussin-Fito, Theraflu HF Travisil, Tussamag, Fitolor, Evkabal;
  • Raw vegetable – aniseed fruit alteynogo root dry extract, Ledum palustre shoots Thoracic collection №1-4, Alant rhizome and roots, oregano grass, licorice root, pine buds, thyme grass;
  • Extract oral – anti-asthmatic drugs by prescribing Traskova;
  • Oral drops – Bronhikum, Bronchipret;
  • Elixir – Bronhikum;
  • Pastilles – Bronhikum C Eucalyptus-M, Dr. Mom, Linkus Lohr, Fitolor;
  • Powder for solution – cough syrup for adults, cough syrup for children;
  • Tablets – Mukaltin, Pectusin, Travisil.

Notes tablets cough

The drug, prescribed according to the instructions in the complex therapy in the treatment of respiratory diseases, which are accompanied by a difficult cough with expectoration, including bronchitis and tracheitis.

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Irritating cough: duration and course

Dry, irritating cough, i.e. unproductive cough, can be very excruciating. It tickles in the throat and on the palate and you have the feeling that you have to scratch constantly there. You cough and it comes no expectoration, You get the feeling that this stimulating cough has you completely under control and wish that it should finally stop. But how long does cough usually last?

Key facts at a glance

  • Duration of irritable cough with a cold
  • Typical course of cough
  • Help, my cough doesn’t go away
  • Irritant cough duration in children

Duration of irritable cough with a cold

Irritant cough is in most cases Harbinger of colds. You have contracted cold viruses and these have nested in the sensitive mucous membrane of the throat and upper respiratory tract. They irritate the tissue, causing this uncomfortable itch. The body instinctively reacts with a cough reflex. Since the Infection has not yet spread, the cough remains dry and excruciating. It is particularly disturbing at night. So it is good if you have a few cough medicine for irritable cough on hand or you can use home remedies for irritable cough. Often, however, coughing cough does not last longer than up to three days. If it came up due to a cold, the dry cough then turns into a productive cough, in which you get expectoration.

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Irritant cough in children at night – an ordeal

If children suffer from irritable cough at night because of a cold, this is a great torment for them. They cannot sleep, have a sore throat, are restless and very tolerable. The cough not only keeps the child awake but also the parents. During the day it is exhausted and angry – just like the parents. There are some practical things that you, as parents, can do about the irritating cough of your children at night. In this article, you will learn where the dry cough comes from, what the causes of it can be and what you can do about it.

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Irritating cough (dry cough) - causes, symptoms & treatment

Cough (dry cough)

The cough In contrast to normal wet cough, it usually occurs without expectoration (coughing mucus) and is therefore also considered a so-called "dry cough". The frequent coughing fits sound barking and hard. The dry, irritating cough usually occurs at the beginning of a cold, but then changes over the course to a normal cough with expectoration. But even with various lung diseases, the irritating cough can cause symptoms as a symptom.

Table of Contents

What is irritable cough (dry cough)?

As cough becomes a dry cough labeled without ejection. It is characteristic of many different diseases and can also occur as a side effect of drug treatment. The severity of the irritating cough varies: some affected patients only cough and have no pain, while others cough day and night and therefore not only have difficulty breathing, but also sleep disorders.

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When irritating cough particularly torments children

If we suffer from cough or coughing coughs as adults, that’s not exactly pleasant. But usually we know how to help each other and manage to survive a cold. Because irritable cough is a typical symptom for impending colds. But children and irritable cough, that goes to the kidneys. When our little darling lies in bed at night and coughs like there is no tomorrow, it often affects us more than our child. Who wants to see their children suffer?? Strong medication is only appropriate for children in extreme cases. How can we help our offspring to survive this cough more easily?

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Cough syrup comparison 2020

The 12 best expectorants and cough suppressants at a glance.

When you scratch your throat for the first time and get the first signs of a viral infection, you should act quickly. Herbal cough syrups are often harmless for self-medication, in contrast, we advise you, medical advice if symptoms are serious catch up.

In our test or comparison table you will find various products that we have regarding Active ingredients and additives compared with each other. You will also learn which cough syrup particularly well tolerated is and therefore can also be taken by children.

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Make cough syrup yourself

Make cough syrup yourself

When coughing, the diaphragm, back and abdominal muscles are tensed and the air is expelled from the bronchi. A cough is strenuous and tires the whole body.

There are two types of cough: dry and productive cough. With a dry cough, also known as a cough, no secretions come out. In the case of productive coughing, the bronchial tubes are cleaned by the coughing thrust and mucus and inhaled pollutants are transported out.

Dry and productive cough can be treated with natural foods and spices. A combination of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-boosting foods has an expectorant, antibacterial effect and is directed against viruses and bacteria that provoke the cough. If the viruses and bacteria are eliminated, the cough disappears.

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