Dental implant costs (prices)

Prices in implantology & how you can save. Branded implants in the Munich and Starnberg area from € 580 *

Author: Dr. med. dent. Nicole Ettl
last updated: February 21st, 2017

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A simple branded implant, including material and setting, generally costs between € 1,000 and € 1,500 in Germany. In our WE Care dental practices in the Munich area, a specific, simple brand dental implant including material and setting is available from € 580 * – including a 5-year guarantee.

The Dental implant costs cannot be determined as a whole. they are depends on the individual case and sit down various factors together. They can therefore vary greatly from patient to patient as well as from case to case. Generally speaking, the more complicated and extensive a treatment, the higher the price. This post is meant to give you a basic overview procure the costs for dental implants (also in the Munich area).

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Children’s dental care
(6-8 years)

At around five and a half years, many children lose their first milk teeth. Read here what is important when changing teeth and taking care of permanent teeth.

Dental care in children aged 6-8 years

At the age of around five and a half to six years the time has come: the front incisors begin to shake and the first permanent molars break through.

Since food residues get caught particularly easily in the recesses of the molars and this area is difficult to clean with the toothbrush, the risk of caries is now increasing. In addition, the enamel of the permanent teeth is still very thin. Good care of children’s teeth is therefore particularly important.

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Pediatric dentistry in Aachen

Regular check-ups at the dentist are not only important for adults with permanent teeth. Even for children, it is very important to go to dental appointments early to ensure healthy teeth. But why exactly it is so important for children and what parents can do for their children’s healthy teeth is explained here in detail.

Why should children go to the dentist from an early age??

Regular visits to the dentist at an early stage help the children to gain positive experiences. Many adults are very afraid of the dentist. Due to the early visits and the positive experiences, the fear of the dentist can be avoided and the children find the check-ups pleasant.

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dental treatment for families, children and adolescents

A visit to the children’s dentist can be fun?

In the children’s dental practice Kinderzahn in Munich, definitely!

Beautiful and healthy children’s teeth play a particularly important role in our lives. They are there to smile, eat, speak, sing, whistle and help you develop a strong personality.

Our children’s dental practice in Munich focuses on children and healthy teeth. No matter whether your milk tooth shakes, a tooth has broken off, you are afraid of the dentist or you have a small hole – we will help you and are there for you.

In our children‘s dental practice in Munich North we arouse the child’s curiosity and the willingness to cooperate with your child. Because, as you know, children are particularly open to everything new. We have done everything possible to make this possible. Many years of dental training (children’s dentistry) and experience, a dentist’s practice optimally geared towards dental children’s treatment and a great treatment concept.

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Your pediatric dentist Frankfurt will inform

Pediatric dentist Frankfurt: Welcome our new pediatric dentist with us Mr. Ibraheem Hatout. Mr. Hatout has been working in children’s dentistry in Frankfurt for several years. He holds the internationally recognized Master of Science in Pediatric Dentistry. In the following article we would like to describe the main focus of children’s dentistry.


To prevent damage to your child’s teeth, your pediatric dentist in Frankfurt has developed a prophylaxis concept that is tailored to every age group.

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Just a bike length away:
Your specialized pediatric dentist in Bonn-Oberkassel

Hello, I am Dr. Anne Winkler – dentist and mother of two children. Children’s dentistry gives me great pleasure. I enjoyed treating children and young people right from the start of my professional life. It was logical to deepen this area. I successfully completed the pediatric dentistry curriculum. Now I’m happy to offer this focus in our family dentist’s office.

With healthy teeth, the foundation stone for a healthy life is laid in childhood. In order to achieve this, we also involve trained colleagues. In the event of misaligned teeth or speech disorders, we contact our network and consider a good way of treatment with you and the children.

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Children's consultation - children's dentist - dental treatment for children, dentist ravensburg dres

Dental treatment in children

In the following we want to ask all parents important questions on the topic Dental treatment in children answer. Of course you can also contact us personally in our dental practice in Three-country house Ravensburg speak to.

When should I go to the dentist with my child??

From the breakthrough of the first milk teeth.

The widespread but wrong opinion is that milk teeth do not need to be given special attention because they will be replaced by permanent teeth in the foreseeable future. A healthy milk dentition is already an important basis for a healthy permanent dentition.

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Child hypnosis in dental treatment

Many people have a stereotype of hypnosis that in no way does justice to medical hypnosis.

Comprehensive information about hyposis tooth treatment – not only in children! – can be found at the German Society for Dental Hypnosis at

The seagull Jonathan helps the children with the hypnosis tooth treatment, because she knows the way into the magic forest:

Hello, I’m Jonathan the seagull!

You are probably wondering what I do in a children’s dentist’s office. Well, that may sound a little crazy, but I fly with the children during the dental treatment in the magic forest, in the dreamland, at the sea, to Mallorca or in the big jungle to visit the animals – depending on what the children want or where they feel particularly comfortable. Sometimes we fly into space with a rocket and look around there, listen to the sounds and feel the weightless floating – you want to know how we do it?

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What to do with caries on the molar?

by Fabian Stiller
written on April 25th, 2017

Tooth decay can be painful – what to do? (© gangliu10 -) Often it is the molars that get the least attention from us when cleaning and oral hygiene. This is mainly due to their difficult to access location and the limited view we have in front of a mirror.

There are also narrow interdental spaces. Misalignments, which have arisen over the years – for example due to oppressive wisdom teeth – also influence caries formation.

Caries despite regular teeth brushing?

So it is not surprising that despite the positive perception of dental and oral hygiene when visiting the dentist, the diagnosis "Caries on the molar" follows.

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Does dental supplementary insurance make sense for children?

How useful is a dental insurance for children?

Many parents wonder whether you should also take out dental insurance for your children – for example, to protect yourself against high orthodontic costs. We show the advantages and disadvantages and explain whether and when it is worth taking out dental insurance for children.

A supplementary dental insurance for children is worthwhile?

Supplementary dental insurance for children makes sense especially when it comes to paying for braces. All other areas of supplementary insurance, such as tooth preservation or dentures, are rarely used in children and therefore involve a comparatively low financial risk.

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