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In Germany there are big differences in dental treatment costs. On the one hand, because dentists have some leeway in pricing their billing and, on the other hand, because there are big differences in material and laboratory costs.

On this page we explain all details about tooth type costs and prices and also show you how to save.

On MediKompassDE you can also carry out a dentist price comparison. In the course of such a comparison, you will receive cheap denture offers from experienced and cheap dentists in your area. In this way, we save each patient an average of more than 1,000 euros on dentures.

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anxiety patient

Tips for anxious patients

Take a little nap and wake up refreshed with bright teeth! This is what some patients dream of before their dentist appointment – especially if a supposedly painful treatment is on the agenda.

This dream does not become a reality for us because we do not offer general anesthesia. And we have good reasons for that. It is not only since the tragic death of an 18-year-old fear patient in a Hamburg practice at the end of May 2016 that medical doctors have warned against the careless handling of general anesthesia. Even if all the high requirements for room and device standards are met and an anesthetist and qualified assistant initiate and discharge anesthesia, incidents can occur. For example, because the patient suffers from previous illnesses of which, as in the Hamburg case, he knew nothing at all.

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Fear of the dentist - must be man

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Fear of the dentist - 6 tips to overcome, dak fit!

Fear of the dentist – 6 tips to overcome

Your fear of the dentist hasn’t let you set foot in a dentist’s office for years? Do you press your lips tightly together when you smile? And you endure toothache bravely because you hope it will go away on its own? Apparently you have dental phobia.

And you are not alone: ​​According to the German Society for Dental Treatment Phobia, around five million Germans suffer from severe dental treatment fears. For them, even the thought of a dentist appointment is an emotional disaster. We’ll tell you how to overcome your fear of the dentist.

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anxiety patients

You have a toothache and fear of the dentist?

Please do not let your fear of the dentist prevent you from visiting the dentist – and also not be embarrassed by your possibly neglected teeth. Our team welcomes you!

Successful methods such as local anesthesia, nitrous oxide treatment or dental treatment under general anesthesia enable painless treatment.

As your professional dental health partner, we did not compete to judge or judge you. But to help you. We respect you for your courage! As a dentist for children (there is a special sedative treatment with nitrous oxide for children), we also take care of your little one’s fears. From the receptionist to the dentist treating you, anxious patients meet in the dentist’s office. Vienna has nothing but understanding and empathy – we can promise you that!

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Fear of the dentist?

Sensitive, humanly attentive and careful treatment with heart and mind

Are you so afraid of the dentist that despite the pain, you would rather do anything than go to the examination? The normal fear of the dentist is based on negative experiences that a dental patient has often had in childhood. You are not alone with this fear. Many people fear visiting the dentist. Even famous artists and scientists like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or Sigmund Freud were affected. The problem: With every missed check-up or treatment, dental problems can increase.

Don’t be afraid of beautiful teeth: Whether you see yourself as a "fear patient" or not, we will not leave you alone with this fear or these doubts. The choice of dentist is a matter of trust. We have been living on that for years Word of mouth and are proud of this positive response. You can expect friendliness, humanity, patience and a lot of sensitivity to take away your skepticism and fear. Detailed information and open discussions are our recipe against uncertainty and fear. We will take you step by step to healthy and beautiful teeth. Comprehensive advice without time pressure and a relaxed atmosphere are the cornerstone of the desired result for dental fear. The first visit to the dentist is only a consultation and should not be associated with fear, stress or pain, because the fear of expectation in front of the dentist is mostly due to the fear of pain during the first treatment.

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Afraid of the dentist? You can do that against dental phobia! >

Fear of the dentist

General / basic

Fear of the dentist is common. According to various surveys, three out of four respondents fear the dentist. Like every form of fear, fear of the dentist is nothing unusual at first. After all, there are certainly more pleasant situations than lying relatively helplessly on a folded back chair and letting someone fiddle in his mouth. However, around forty percent of the respondents postponed their visit to the dentist until they suffered severe pain. The fact that delaying the visit often aggravates the dental problems and thus the treatment is often overlooked. In about every twentieth, fear ultimately means that they no longer go to the dentist for fear of dental treatment. Such exaggerated fear can be attributed to various causes and is often not comprehensible for the environment. Sufferers often react with shame and restraint, there are numerous therapeutic options, approaches and options that can alleviate or overcome fear.

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Fear of the dentist – tips against dental phobia

Everyone knows the queasy feeling before visiting the dentist, because the treatments are really not pleasant. But when the fear of visiting a dentist grows to panic, doctors speak of a so-called dental phobia, or dental phobia – the pathological fear of the dentist. Dental phobia has been a psychosomatic illness recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1997, but the causes are not yet fully understood.

Fear of the dentist – Article overview:

In European industrialized countries, it is estimated that around 10% of adults suffer from dental phobia. This does not mean the queasy feeling that affects almost everyone when they look at the treatment chair or when the drill is buzzing. Those affected simply see themselves unable to go to the dentist – sometimes for thirty years. In extreme cases, those affected prefer to swallow tons of painkillers and watch their teeth rot rather than go to the dentist.

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Fear of the dentist - 7 tips against fear

Fear of the dentist – 7 tips against fear

The fear of the dentist is a common problem. One in ten in Germany suffers from oppressive feelings to a great extent when they have to go to the treatment chair. Some people are affected by real dental phobia and therefore avoid going to the doctor. But if you want to have healthy and well-groomed teeth in the long run, you have to see the dentist regularly. The following tips can help sufferers get a grip on their fears before and during the dentist’s visit.

When does one speak of a dental phobia?

  • the vibration and noise of the drill plus the pain associated with it,
  • see and feel the anesthetic injection,
  • the doctor enters the room (in a white coat),
  • the smells, sounds and visual stimuli in the waiting room,
  • the fear of the pain afterwards and
  • the fear of not opening your mouth.

Tip one: address the fear openly

People suffering from fear or phobia should not keep this to themselves. They can only be helped if they name their fears and dare to admit them. Phobia is not uncommon for the dentist before he starts work. However, he can only act accordingly and take the patient’s fear away if he is in the picture.

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Afraid of the dentist

Fear of the dentist

Synonyms in a broader sense

Children at the dentist, dental phophy, childish fear of the dentist

The parents

The anxiety before the dentist is common.
This affects not only adults, but also children if they are not properly prepared for the dentist’s visit.

The parents are the role models for their children, so it is not surprising that their fear of the dentist is also passed on to the children. But visiting the dentist should be seen as a completely natural process of everyday life. Therefore, the children should get to know the dental practice as early as possible, even if they are still with them no Treatment is necessary.
Under no circumstances should a visit to the dentist be threatened as punishment. On the other hand, the indication that it would not hurt the dentist is harmful, since the child is then informed that the dentist may experience pain.

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