Afraid of drilling at the dentist? (Tips)

Afraid of drilling at the dentist?

Hello, I have to go to the dentist tomorrow because I have 2 small and 1 medium holes. I’m afraid of drilling because it always hurts so much. Do you have any tips on how to survive this better??

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Do you do with or without anesthesia?
Try to get lost in thought. Think of past embarrassments, problems, arguments or or.
You can also claw yourself in the chair or take something to knead with you, which concerns you and your hands a little.
I always had anesthetic drilled because I found the anesthetic worse than drilling. Anyway, I managed to get lost in my thoughts.

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From relaxed-but-conscious to deep sleep – possibilities of modern anesthesia in dentistry

Thanks to effective local anesthetics, dentist patients no longer have to suffer pain in the dental chair. In addition, three forms of general anesthesia are available to dentists for longer, complex procedures or for "complicated" patients for one reason or another.

Sedation, twilight sleep and anesthesia

The transition between these three forms is fluid and primarily a question of dosage. In principle, all three stages can be brought about with many active substances in a dose-dependent manner – even if other medications are used for sedation and twilight sleep than for general anesthesia. Accordingly, the available anesthetic measures offer a spectrum of finely tuned options. This

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From when to the (children’s) dentist?

Regular visits to the dentist are particularly important for your child – this is the only way to build trust in the treating doctor! (© Pediatric Dentist (c) Alen-D – fotolia) The question that parents are most concerned with is how many years should I take my child to the dentist? There are many and, above all, different recommendations that can be picked up among friends. From "only with toothache" to "in preschool age" to "when all milk teeth are there", there are many opinions on this question. The expert’s answer is: From the first tooth!

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