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Study dentistry

If you want to study dentistry, you are dealing with the field of dentistry, oral and maxillofacial medicine. In the study of dentistry you will learn different clinical pictures in mouth– and jaw know how periodontitis, periodontitis or malposition of the dentition. The aim of the course is to prevent these diseases, to recognize them and to treat them. Studying dentistry is a prerequisite for practicing the profession of dentist and specialist in oral, maxillofacial and facial surgery.

What course content await me?

Studying dentistry conveys complex knowledge from the field of natural sciences. Just like medical students, you acquire in the first stage of the course, preclinical called basic knowledge and skills to understand the human body. So that you can help people in your later job, you have to be able to explain the processes in the body, for example where a pain comes from. You will learn this in the following subjects:

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Pediatric dentistry Potsdam Babelsberg

"Pediatric Dentistry-Potsdam-Babelsberg What does that mean exactly?"

Pediatric Dentistry Potsdam-Babelsberg, sometimes it is a very carious truth. This results in a. a study on dental care for generations in 2008 *. As a result, the habits of dental care and oral hygiene (good and bad) are firmly established in preschool and are practiced by adults who are legal guardians. A particularly alarming finding was that most adults did not consider tooth decay to be a disease or an acute threat to dental health.

Dental and oral hygiene for the unborn child

Careful dental and oral hygiene cannot begin early enough. Even during pregnancy, the combination of meticulous dental care and a balanced diet has a positive effect on the dental health of the newborn. We therefore work with our patients to develop an appropriate dental care and nutrition program right from the start of pregnancy.

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Dentist for children dusseldorf center, children's dentistry

Pediatric dentistry in Düsseldorf center

The breakthrough of the very first milk tooth is always a very joyful event for the parents. In order for the teeth to develop optimally, careful dental care is of crucial importance right from the start. As experienced dentists for pediatric dentistry in Düsseldorf-Zentrum, we also recognize in the early stages of tooth development whether further prophylactic measures are advisable.

The basis for healthy teeth

When choosing the first toothbrush, we will advise you and your children thoroughly and advise you on all aspects of nutrition, which is also extremely important for dental health. Caries or periodontitis can be counteracted with special seals and professional tooth cleaning. We help your child understand the importance of careful dental and oral hygiene.

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Aesthetic dentistry

The fusion of digital technologies and high-end aesthetics

Digital technology can rationalize and simplify many work processes – but can it also replace analog technologies? MDT Raphael Laue pleads for one "merger" of techniques.

All-ceramic restoration on a root-analog hybrid implant

In order to promote osseointegration without endangering the aesthetics with the abutment, the hybrid technique with ZrO and titanium was chosen in the present patient case. More on this in the video.

Splint therapy as the ideal preparation for a complex, all-ceramic restoration

Dentist Dr. Matthias Kelch and master dental technician Clemens Schwerin present in a video the simple and digitally supported workflow of splint therapy for multiple non-systems.

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Dentist Alexander Planert

What is aesthetic dentistry?

The teeth are a very important part of the appearance of every person.
They unconsciously signal youth, health and influence self-confidence.
Those who are naturally blessed with straight, light and simply beautiful teeth can count themselves lucky.
Unfortunately, this does not apply to all people. Aesthetic dentistry deals with this problem.

I want brighter teeth!

If teeth are naturally darker, unpleasant due to amalgam fillings or discolored old fillings, there are various ways to tackle this problem therapeutically. Naturally darker teeth, or teeth that have become discolored after root canal treatments, can be whitened by various bleaching techniques (bleaching techniques) without drilling. A distinction is made between:

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Optimal dental treatment


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dental aesthetics

A beautiful smile is created by the Dental Aesthetics certainly.

Under "white aesthetics" will the white teeth or the white tooth color understood and under "pink aesthetics" it will be healthy Appearance of the gums Roger that.

On nice bit by a tooth regeneration signals happiness and success and one harmonious gum line underlines the natural aesthetics.

Healthy, beautiful and White teeth signal attractiveness, health and well-being to our surroundings.

It is important for many people that teeth are not only healthy, but that that denture includes all teeth and also beautiful and esthetic looks because White teeth are considered a status symbol and are a sign for youth, beauty and health. In today’s society that wins Dental Aesthetics more and more important because lovely, aesthetic teeth and a beautiful smile be with attractiveness, vitality and success connected. Influence on the Dental Aesthetics to have tooth color, tooth shape, tooth position, and the appearance of gums. For the facial aesthetics is in one harmonious teeth the gums "pink aesthetics" as important as beautiful teeth. In the Aesthetic dentistry (bio-aesthetics) plays the white aesthetics like that red aesthetics (Gum aesthetics) an important role because the red aesthetics includes all treatments for one healthy gums and the white aesthetics includes tooth color, tooth shape and tooth position. Research has shown that Mouth and teeth send the strongest signals when evaluating the other person, which also increases the chances of success on the job market.

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Dentists Stuhr

Beautiful teeth – one more reason to laugh

Apart from function, aesthetics is by far the most important point in dental work. Aesthetic dentistry is now expected of all patients. It includes both minimally invasive therapies such as Fillings, as well as the restoration by means of veneers in the anterior region, and ceramic inlays in the posterior region. The same aesthetic requirements also apply to crowns and bridges.

We often use digital photography to take pictures before and after. This way we can control ourselves again and again and offer you the highest level of documentation and transparency. We achieve optimal treatment results if the situation is tested beforehand on models or even directly in the mouth using wax-up.

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Aesthetic dentistry

Teeth show beauty

A bright white smile with straight, even teeth is important for many people. Beautiful teeth create self-confidence and are well received by other people – give sympathy and signalize success and a certain lifestyle.

Whitening is a central topic in Cologne’s Zahn-Pan-Kinik. Our dental practice offers various beautification methods to give you a "perfect smile". A thorough dental analysis should precede all beautification methods.


Whitening is one of the methods to beautify your teeth to perfect your smile.

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Sedation in dentistry – a current overview

Beyond pure local anesthesia, particularly anxious and / or pain-sensitive patients can benefit from modern sedation procedures. In an interview for the DZW, the Cologne anesthesiologist and emergency doctor Dr. med. Frank Mathers provides information on the current status of sedation in dentistry.

DZW: Dr. Mathers, what is the term “sedation”??

Dr. med. Frank Mathers: The word “sedation” is derived from the Latin term “sedare”, which means “to calm down”. In medicine or dentistry, this means the pharmacologically induced damping of functions of the central nervous system, in which a patient does not necessarily lose consciousness.

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Pediatric dentistry munich (pasing) »practice dr

Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry in Munich (Pasing)

The first visit to the dentist is a formative event that children should definitely experience positively. Otherwise, there may be latent fear of the dentist, which will significantly impair dental health. We recommend that you consult us briefly before you make an appointment for your child in our practice for pediatric and adolescent dentistry in Munich (Pasing) for the first time.

By deliberately choosing words and behaviors in advance of the first dentist appointment, you can make a strong contribution to your child getting one positive basic attitude to dental care formed. Of course, we do everything we can to make sure that children and young people feel comfortable in our practice. We impart necessary knowledge about dental care and nutrition in child-friendly language and thus lay the foundation for good dental health.

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