Overview of holiday destinations

34 popular holiday destinations 2019

You are in the middle of planning your trip and do not yet know where you want to travel this year? Let ours 34 most popular and the most beautiful holiday destinations in 2019 – whether for summer or winter holidays. In addition to the classic holiday destinations such as Greece or Egypt, there will also be something this year more special destinations like Slovenia or Malta among the top travel destinations. As in the previous year, the Spanish islands of the Balearic and Canary Islands are among the leaders. Another travel destination that has become an increasingly popular holiday destination in recent years is the Turkish Riviera. When looking at the most popular holiday destinations in 2019, it is very clear that Southern European travel destinations are still trendy. But travel outside of Europe is also becoming increasingly popular. At the forefront are travel destinations in Southeast Asia such as Bali or the Philippines. In addition to paradisiacal conditions, tourists are particularly attracted to the experience of a new, unknown culture. Whichever holiday destination you choose this year: I’ll help you plan your trip, I’ll give you helpful travel tips and I’m guaranteed to have the right offer for you.

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Top 5 travel destinations for families with children that will make every family member happy

Wild animals in Africa, dazzling pop culture in Asia, fantastic fairytale worlds in South America – find out which travel destinations are ideal for families with children!

Here we present the best travel destinations for families with children, hand-picked by our experts – who are parents themselves and therefore professionals in understanding, connecting and reconciling the needs of young and old! These family-friendly vacation destinations are ideal if you want to create unforgettable memories, strengthen cohesion and experience exciting adventures.

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Swabian Alb with children – 10 top destinations

    Sweet pea January 22, 2018 Germany / Europe / Living with a child / Traveling with a child5 comments

We love traveling. But it doesn’t always have to be far away, there are also great excursion destinations nearby. We want to offer parents, especially children, little explorers and scouts, a lot. And don’t always go anywhere else. Therefore:

Today we make a detour to the Swabian Alb; I have put together 10 + 1 great goals for you! The Swabian Alb is not far from my current place of residence near Upper Bavaria. By the way, our family moved there in 1982: to the heart of the Swabian Jura. To this day, I still don’t understand everything the Swabians say and I am very amused. Or would you have known what "Gsälz" is? Or “crumbs”? Jeez, I probably misspelled that too. You can find the resolution below in the article. Now have fun reading my top 10 in the Swabian Jura – for families.

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Snorkeling with children – age, practice and travel destinations

Children are fascinated by water. You can spend hours in the swimming pool or on the beach without getting bored. In order to give children a good start in the discovery of the underwater world, parents should pay attention to a few things. Here are our tips for snorkeling with children:

At what age can children learn to snorkel??

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question with a rigid age limit. Every child develops both physically and mentally sooner or later. We would like to give you some requirements that a child should meet in order to be ready to learn to snorkel:

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10 entry-level destinations for long-distance travel with children

We are asked this very often: Which countries are particularly suitable for long-distance travel with children? Especially when you’re just getting started. It would probably be easier to make a list of which countries are not suitable. But we still want to try it. Here it comes. Our TOP 10 list, inspired by the most frequently booked long-distance destinations with children, from east to west.

Long-distance travel with children places 1-5

1. South Africa

Admittedly, South Africa is not really Africa! But that is exactly what makes it a popular travel destination for new parents. Even if security is still a problem in some parts of the country. There are many corners that you can travel safely and comfortably with a little common sense. Many choose a permanent location near the beach (in the Cape region) during their parental leave to make day trips from there.

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Where to go in April? Favorite travel destinations with children

Rough coastlines, heavenly beaches, wonderful food, exciting culture – Nadine from Planet Hibbel takes us on a trip to her favorite travel destinations with children during the Easter holidays.

Scotland is not only cold and wet: there are many beautiful beaches here © Planet Hibbel

Tip 1: A trip to Scotland with the whole family

Easter after Scotland? Most people probably shake their heads at the thought. Too cold and too wet. But that can also happen to you in a Scottish summer. In addition, not only myriads of Midges (nasty mosquitoes) frolic in the summer Scotland around, but probably just as many tourists. So why not just come back with children in April Scotland travel and enjoy spring there? We had wonderful weather except for two days during the Easter holidays and even spent Easter picnicking on the beach.

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Travel and vacation destinations - discover fantastic travel destinations and vacation destinations

Travel and vacation destinations

Find dream vacation spots with travel information and recommendations.


Plan your vacation with guaranteed snow: Ski holidays in Ischgl – The village of Ischgl in Paznaun has only a good one and a half thousand inhabitants. There is hardly a community of this size in Europe that is as well known as this place in the Tyrolean Alps. Because even people who are not interested in alpine winter sports have heard of Ischgl at one time or another. There are good reasons for this.


In winter to Kitzbühel – The popular town of Kitzbühel, which is located in North Tyrol, offers its visitors not only wonderful ski areas, but also many sights. The small community is one of the most famous winter sports areas in Europe. In the city museum, the traveler can take a deep insight into the history and experience the culture up close. If you want to do sports, this well-known ski area is the right place for you.

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Quermania - Hamburg - excursion destinations and offers for children

Hamburg – excursion destinations for children

There are many excursion destinations in and around Hamburg that are particularly suitable for children and guarantee exciting experiences but also learning opportunities.

Excursions for children in Hamburg:

Hagenbeck Zoo
As the oldest gridless zoo in the world, Germany’s only large private zoo has numerous old and new attractions as well as a beautiful park with many rare plants.

miniature wonderland Hamburg’s Speicherstadt is home to the largest digital H0 model railroad layout in the world, where visitors large and small can even control some processes themselves.

Other destinations for children in Hamburg:

    Hamburg School Museum – Objects, documents and pictures from over a hundred years of school history in the city of Hamburg. Information at www.hamburger schulmuseum.de.

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Traveling with children on the Moselle? Here are 34 tips and destinations

Traveling with children and skittles on the Moselle? Here are 34 tips for activities, sights and attractions. Many of them even for free.

Soapbox races in Klüsserath.

01 soapbox races in Klüsserath. Who needs Formula 1 when they can have soap boxes? Families with children meet for the race every third Sunday in May.
But in Klüsserath not only chic Bols wave >50 kilometers per hour. But also cakes, sausages and fries. More info "

02 Moselle Balloon Fiesta in Föhren. Every year in August pilots from all over Europe travel to Föhren. Because for a weekend, everything revolves around the popular colorful giants.

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Croatia vacation with children: Top 4 destinations

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A vacation with children has to be planned carefully and precisely, after all, children have different needs than adults. The most important points for a Croatia holiday with children include:

  • A safe beach with small pebbles or sand.
  • A child-friendly place to stay.
  • Leisure activities (e.g. slides, animation programs, pedal boats or water parks).
  • Hotel facilities that are safe for children and do not pose any dangers.

In the following post we offer an overview of our Top 4 recommendations for Croatia holidays with children.

1. Hotel Amarin, Family Hotel Rovinj

Getting there:(quick arrival, place is in the north of Croatia)
Child friendly:(Family Hotel)
Our recommendation:

The Hotel Amarin is located north of Rovinj and can therefore be reached very quickly from Germany or Austria. In addition to the opportunity to swim on the pebble beach, you can also splash around in the hotel pool. The beach was also awarded the blue flag and is one of the best destinations in Croatia.

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