Toothache diagnosis: uncover the causes

The dentist is the first point of contact for complaints on the bit. He determines the causes of the pain with targeted examinations

Where exactly is the dental problem: An x-ray of the dentition gives an insight

  • Toothache: causes
  • How toothache arises
  • Diagnosis of toothache
  • Therapy and self-help

If your teeth only react occasionally to cold food and beverages or to drafts, pay more attention to dental care. Also, get advice from your dentist or in your practice from a dental hygienist (dental hygienist) or a specially trained specialist assistant.

Toothache: when to the dentist?

Get an appointment with the dentist right away, if

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How do I know that I have a fever? (Doctor, sick, sleep)

How do I know that I have a fever??

Can someone please tell me quickly how I notice that I have a fever? I don’t have a fever knife at hand. Was celebrating carnival and a bit drunk when I got home. I removed my make-up and went to bed. Then it started that I was so cold that I trembled without end and I really thought I was freezing to death. Now after 2 1/2 hours it works again but my feet are still freezing. I am sleepless all the time even though I have been on my feet at 4:00 am yesterday. I cannot assess whether I have a fever when I touch my head..

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Which is the best dental clinic in Pune?

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What do I say on the phone to make an appointment? (Doctor, phone, talk)

What do I say on the phone to make an appointment?

Can someone write me down step by step what I say when I call the doctor to make an appointment? Thank you

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Hello here is . I wanted to ask if you had an appointment for me? Vl on. morning or on. afternoon.

for now "hello, here is (first name) (last name). this hurts me and that / I feel bad / or or or." and the rest will ask you and give you an appointment.

Doctor’s office: Practice Dr. Frizzy, good day.

Patient: Hello, Armin Völler here. I would like to make an appointment with the doctor.

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When should I go to the doctor with a fever?


Fever is usually a symptomatic symptom of a vital infection and is characterized by an increase in temperature. Different boundaries are drawn for children and adults. While fever is spoken of in adults from a temperature of 38.3 degrees Celcius, the limit value for newborns is already 37.8 degrees Celcius. To clarify the question of when exactly I should introduce myself to a doctor with a fever, there are several basic rules.

When should I go to the doctor with a fever?

In order to be able to judge when you have to go to the doctor with a fever, you also evaluate the absolute measured temperature other factors as well Severity of symptoms and the General condition.

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I die of cancer when we speak?

I will submit my disclaimer for you to see a doctor because I am not a doctor or cancer researcher. However, I can give you some statistics and information that will make you feel better.

Have you been smoking or chewing tobacco for years? Do you have a history of oral cancer in the family? Have you had oral sex that could put you at risk for the STD Human Papilloma Virus? Do you drink alcohol in large quantities daily? Do you have any pain swallowing or swollen lymph nodes? Any bleeding or white lesions? Any pain in your ears, head, jaw? Did the teeth fall out for no reason? Are you over 40 years old If you answered yes to 1 or more, I would check it out. But after the braces look, I’ll let my neck out there and say no. The hard line in your lip that you tore out was dried skin, which turns faster than other skin cells due to the high moisture content in your mouth. Winter also sells a lot of lip balm for this reason. If you tear it off, the skin underneath may be exposed and swollen due to the trauma. The unevenness of the tear would have created the separate areas of the swell.

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Fever in children: when should I go to the doctor with my baby in case of fever?

Fever in children: when should I take my baby to the doctor?

Fever in children is a frequently asked topic. No wonder, after all, mom and dad are particularly worried about their own children. Especially with feverish babies. When should you see a doctor with your child??

What should you say as an experienced pediatrician? Maybe so much: There are exciting years ahead of you. They are now parents and instinctively the protection and safety of their children has come first. Those who have no children cannot understand that. It is a primal feeling that is difficult to grasp and explain. Child and adolescent health should be a priority in any society. Our children are the future!

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Doctor children's tooth dental treatment

Our information on dental treatment


Materials for milk teeth

glass ionomer cement

As an alternative to amalgam, these so-called “cements” are fully paid for by the statutory health insurance companies. Glass ionomer cements have a yellowish, light color. They are much softer and, especially in the posterior region, are not as resilient as plastic fillings.

Plastics (compomer / composite)

Compomers or composites are tooth-colored, plastic filling materials which, after being introduced into the cavity (the "cavity", which it is after
after the caries has been removed, the tooth should be cured) with a small LED lamp.

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Dentist costs
The prices in comparison

Save costs by comparing prices

Dentist: cost & Compare prices

In Germany there are big differences in dental treatment costs. On the one hand, because dentists have some leeway in pricing their billing and, on the other hand, because there are big differences in material and laboratory costs.

On this page we explain all details about tooth type costs and prices and also show you how to save.

On MediKompassDE you can also carry out a dentist price comparison. In the course of such a comparison, you will receive cheap denture offers from experienced and cheap dentists in your area. In this way, we save each patient an average of more than 1,000 euros on dentures.

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