Dental implants cost: What does a dental implant cost per tooth?

If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer, the saying goes, but it could also mean that if you want to be beautiful, you have to bring a lot of money. This also applies to dental implants, because this modern, very effective form of dentures is not particularly cheap.

The cost of a dental implant is high, but is this expenditure really worth it? Maybe you’re with one bridge, one partial prosthesis or with one complete prosthesis better off and can save a lot of money?

If you want to have your teeth renewed, you should definitely consider the cost of dental implants very precisely to compare, so as not to experience a very expensive surprise afterwards.

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How much does the health insurance company pay for a missing year in the bonus booklet? (Teeth, dentist, dentures)

How much does the health insurance company pay for a missing year in the bonus booklet??

Hello everyone!

I should have a question about my bonus book. I just went to the dentist and needed 2 crowns. my bonus book is complete from 1991 to 1 year (2007) until today. what% is now covered by the health insurance??

Many thanks for your help!

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If only one year is missing, I would go to your health insurance company and clarify this myself, often the clerks are so nice and close your eyes. It can happen that you forgot it in the year, or that a death in the family intervened or something. We have seen this happen in practice many times and the health insurers were always very nice!

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How long does a telescopic prosthesis last??

You leave the dental practice with new self-confidence and are happy about your new “third party”. However, you had to dig deep into your pocket because you treated yourself to a new telescopic prosthesis. Now you also want to know how long you have had some of it! Find out more here.

The average lifespan of telescopic prostheses

Since telescopic prostheses belong to the "removable dentures" category, there is always an increased risk that something unpredictable can happen compared to "fixed dentures". The nice job can be done when cleaning e.g. fall into the sink. It doesn’t break completely, but the veneers on the telescopes could chip off. Apart from such difficult situations, the average life expectancy of a well-made telescopic prosthesis is around 5 to 20 years or longer.

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How long does a fever last??


Fever is an increase in body temperature to 38 ° C or more. It is a measure of the body’s immune system to get rid of pathogens that cause disease. The duration of a fever depends on the underlying disease.

How long does a fever last??

The duration of fever largely depends on the causative disease. Sometimes the duration of the fever provides clues for possible causes of the disease.

Takes fever two to three days it is difficult to draw any conclusions about the cause of the fever. In this case, the accompanying symptoms are essential to make a diagnosis. Pneumonia or a cold are possible.

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Periodontal surgery: effective therapy for severe periodontitis

Treating periodontitis successfully (© apops – Fotolia) The gums swell, turn red and bleed: Around 80 percent of Germans have periodontitis. Sometimes without realizing it. But this inconspicuous illness, which does not cause pain, can have serious consequences. How can modern periodontal therapy remedy this disease??

Periodontal disease, a danger to the whole body

The toothbrush only reaches two thirds of the oral cavity. For example, interdental spaces or molars are difficult to access: especially here germs accumulate, whose metabolic products attack teeth and gums over time. This leads to inflammation and gum or bone breakdown – all defense measures of the body. If the bacteria still get into the bloodstream, they increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and diabetes.

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How does that work with the child allowance??

The state supports parents with the so-called child allowance: parents can earn and earn EUR 7,620 per child per year without paying taxes.

Anyone who makes money in some way – for example, by going to work or renting an apartment – has to pay taxes. Certain groups of people do not have to pay taxes for special costs, they receive so-called allowances.

This also applies to women and men with biological and adopted children and – depending on the scope of care – with foster children: You can take 7,620 euros a year without paying taxes. This is the so-called child allowance 2019 including the child allowance. With this, the state wants to ensure that parents have enough money to pay for their children things like food, an apartment, childcare or training.

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What does gkv do for orthodontics, all information

Statutory health insurance for orthodontics

The cost coverage of the statutory health insurance (GKV) for orthodontic treatment measures depends on the classification of the patient in a so-called orthodontic indication group (KIG). Basically, it must be differentiated whether the patient in question belongs to the group of children and adolescents (up to the age of 18) or whether it is an adult. The following explains exactly how it is with the benefits of the statutory health insurance.

What happens if you are classified in KIG 1 or 2

In the case of children and adolescents, the statutory health insurance covers the treatment costs if the findings show a severity of at least KIG3. In adults, the whole thing looks a little different. Here, costs for services are only covered if there are severe malformations of the jaw that require orthodontic and orthodontic measures. These include in particular tooth position anomalies and anomalies of the bite position.

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What does it mean to 'receive the kingdom of God like a child'?

What does it mean to "receive the kingdom of God like a child"?

One day people bring children to Jesus to bless them. The disciples oppose them. Jesus is upset and instructs them to let the children come to him. Then he says to them: "Whoever does not accept the kingdom of God as a child will not get in" (Mark 10: 13-16).

It is good to remember that some time before, Jesus said to the same disciples: "You have been entrusted with the mystery of the Kingdom of God" (Mark 4:11). For the sake of God’s kingdom, they left everything and followed Jesus. You are looking for the presence of God, you want to be part of his kingdom. And now Jesus makes them understand that if they reject the children, they will shut the only door to the longed for Kingdom of God!

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What does my smartphone have to do with the civil war in the Congo?

What does my smartphone have to do with the civil war in the Congo??

We buy fair trade more and more, whether chocolate, bananas or clothing. But how much do we know about the consumer goods that we use every day, many of us every hour? How fair is our cell phone??

We eat vegan, buy "fair" chocolate and think about green electricity. When eating our gluten-free organic whole grain toast, we eagerly tap and wipe the display of our smartphone. And they go unnoticed to support a war that costs 45,000 lives a month. Although ethical norms and social responsibility are increasingly permeating many of our areas of life, there is a taboo subject that is rarely or never discussed: how fair is the production of our cell phones?

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General anesthesia at the dentist When does the health insurance company pay??

Local anesthesia is the method of choice for most dental treatments. It is usually sufficient to make the procedure painless and is always covered by the health insurance.

In the case of major interventions, treatment under general anesthesia is also possible – either at the patient’s request or on the advice of the dentist. But here the question arises who has to bear the costs of such general anesthesia.

The statutory health insurance fund only pays the costs of general anesthesia if it is considered necessary from a purely medical point of view. This is primarily the decision of the treating dentist. In order to finally assess the medical need, the health insurance company usually receives advice from specialists from the Medical Service of the Health Insurance (MDK), taking into account the medical report.

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