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In urgent emergencies you can reach the dental emergency service for the Kassel area under the telephone number:

01805 – 607011.

Landline: 0.14 € / min .; Mobile radio max. € 0.42 / min.

What should you bring to the emergency service??

As a statutory health insurer, please bring your insurance card with you. If you have international insurance protection (exchange students), please bring your insurance certificate with you. If you have allergies, please do not forget your allergy ID.

Pain medication and emergency service

The dental emergency service Kassel is set up for real emergencies. Many pain in the mouth can be treated well with pain medication, so that the following day you can get better help in a regular consultation with your dentist than in emergency services. However, please avoid excessive amounts of pain medication and decide to go to the emergency service before midnight.

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If you are looking for the search term Dental clinic Ulm emergency service is, you are looking for an immediate solution to your concerns. We would be happy to help you as your Ars Dentalis Dental Clinic Neu-Ulm team in this matter.

In general, today it is about finally being there for yourself. We understand that you don’t have time to visit the dentist forever. But that’s exactly why we want to help you. Because we have full understanding for today. Likewise, of course, for your duties and tasks.

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With heart and hand
Your dental practice Ute Knobloch in Hamburg-Wilstorf.
We are experts in prophylaxis, prosthetics, fillings, periodontitis, CMD, root canal treatments and in the treatment of the elderly.

First aid

Dentist emergency service in Hamburg

In the event of sudden dental problems such as tooth loss, pain and swelling, please contact your dental practice immediately.

emergency service announcement

On the phone number 01805 050518 find out which practice has emergency services at your place of residence.

The dentist emergency service in Hamburg is available outside of office hours.

Nightly dentist emergency service in Hamburg

From 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Stresemannstrasse 52, 22769 Hamburg

No telephone registration is required.

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dental emergency service

You are looking for a dental emergency service?

Important questions about the dental emergency service …

When is it advisable to go to the dental emergency service?

It is not always necessary to go to the dentist straight away, but there are some cases in which you should go directly to a dental practice. These are primarily dental accidents. If a tooth is knocked out or a part of the tooth has broken off, it is important not only that the root should not be touched under any circumstances, but also that a dentist be consulted as soon as possible. If there is a dental accident, then it is also important to bring the tooth to the dentist in a tooth rescue box or in an emergency in UHT milk. The faster a tooth can be replaced or restored, the higher the probability that the tooth’s health can be restored.

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For dentists

In our video, as a dentist, you will receive the most important details about us in one minute! Convince yourself as a dentist of the possibilities of cooperation.

patient Reviews

"I found a dentist quickly and easily via the portal, so I was quickly helped with my toothache. Thank you very much!"

Ms. Vollmerhausen from Gelsenkirchen, got information on

"With toothache in Hamburg I quickly found the right phone number, was connected directly to a dental practice that was available to me in the evening and immediately got an appointment as a pain patient. I can highly recommend the announcement and mediation of the Dental Emergency Service e.V.!"

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Dental emergency service in Hamburg

. Dentist emergency service Hamburg

We are Hamburg’s largest medical care center for dentistry.

By merging into an MVZ and a ZMVZ, we can offer you the complete spectrum of dentistry at two locations:

We are recognized by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, which means for you that we can treat both insured and private patients. We are many medical professionals at two locations (50 meters apart), which means that we can offer our patients an in-house dental emergency service 365 days a year – also on weekends and on public holidays (one location is open on weekends).

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Dentist emergency service graz districts! Lkh dental clinic for toothache?

Dentist: weekend service, emergency service districts, night service for toothache. Dental outpatient clinic / dental clinic Graz LKH

At (almost) any time of the day or night – the service of the dentists

The service of Dentists about the Dental Association is getting better!

At (almost) every day and night helps "Emergency dentist" in an emergency. Our search has currently (yet?) No dentists saved that "Dental emergency service on weekends" Show. Saturday there are already a few. A solution for Sunday offers the emergency service of the Dental Association from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00 on.

Which ordination / dental practice is now open:

Note the possibility of Narrow down to individual districts!

Dentist emergency service in Graz and the surrounding area, because toothache is always inconvenient

Should you not find an open dental practice, (unfortunately on Sundays and public holidays "default"): the Dental clinic at the LKH Graz (outpatient clinic) 0316/385 13280 or the dental emergency service 0316/818 111 (tape) know further.

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Emergency Practice Stuttgart e.V..
at the Marienhospital

about us

Competent treatment by doctors from various specialties.

In the emergency practice Stuttgart e.V., approx. 1400 specialists from the Stuttgart medical profession or their specialist representatives provide your emergency service as prescribed by law. In the rooms of the Marienhospital we offer a central contact point that is always available when the doctor’s offices are closed. Supported by around 40 non-medical employees, the resident specialists in the following specialties alternate:

  • General practitioners / internists
  • Otolaryngologists (Sat, Sun, FT 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
  • Orthopedists / surgeons
  • Psychiatrist (on call)

Thanks to the direct connection to the Marienhospital, we have first-class technical equipment at our disposal. So you can be sure that we will treat you in an emergency just as competently as the doctor you usually trust – and who you should see for further treatment. There is also a home visit service that visits incapable patients at home.

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Emergency dentist Zurich

The dental emergency service dentist Zurich for all cases

Your Zurich emergency dentist will help in an emergency

Toothache often occurs spontaneously and can quickly escalate to an acute emergency. Acute mouth discomfort is an uncomfortable thing and can become unbearable. The emergency dentist is available to treat acute dental problems.

A common problem and emergency are severe and acute toothache, which does not go away even after taking painkillers. If bleeding gums occur that cannot be stopped, the Zurich emergency dentist can also be consulted. If a smaller tooth corner breaks off, this is not an emergency. If a larger corner of the tooth breaks off so that the nerve is exposed and causes pain, the emergency dentist in Zurich is asked. A serious problem is an accident. where a tooth has been badly damaged or has failed. If you act quickly and contact the Zurich emergency dentist, you have the chance that your own tooth can be used again.

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Emergency dentist Lucerne

. we offer immediate help on the same day – 365 days in the year

With competent and attentive procedures, we will find the cause and a targeted solution for you to alleviate pain as quickly as possible and to solve problems – even on weekends without surcharge.

Please fill in the following fields and choose your preferred date. For very urgent appointments, please use our emergency number on 041 417 40 40.

Dental emergencies in Lucerne

Emergencies never happen at a convenient time, and dental emergencies are no different. If you live in Lucerne or the surrounding area and find that you need emergency dental care, please contact us directly. We are a dental practice that specializes in a wide range of different dental services. Dental emergencies should never be ignored and when you call our practice we will do everything we can to ensure that you are treated promptly.

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