Tongue breaker for children with the letters M and Ñ

With tongue twisters, children can playfully practice the language. The tongue twisters have a great benefit for children: they improve their language, expand their vocabulary, improve memory and practice concentration. In guiain fan. com let’s let you see some of the most popular tongue twisters that practice the letters M and Ñ.

Children can playfully use tongue twisters language work out.

The tongue twisters have a great benefit for children: they improve their language, expand their vocabulary, improve memory and practice concentration.

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Liability insurance also pays within the family?

You visit your daughter and sit comfortably on the couch. Krsch! That was the expensive designer glasses. Now it should be Liability insurance stand up for the damage! This is how you would think. But is that so? We explain whether and when liability insurance also pays damage within the family.

Liability claims can happen faster than you think. This means the damage that they cause to others or to the property of others. The insurer divides liability claims into personal injury, property damage and financial loss. Most of the damage amounts are in the smaller three-digit range. However, if people are injured, surgery and treatment costs can quickly lead to higher sums that cannot be settled with a single payment.

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Have teeth sealed in children?

Tooth seals help reduce tooth decay. Dentists explain whether and which teeth should be sealed

The dentist assesses whether and which teeth should be sealed

Parents often only notice it when it is already there: the first permanent molar. Mostly from the age of six, the so-called six-year molars slide behind the last milk teeth. Viewed from above, each one resembles a small mountain range with four or five peaks and rivers buried between them. Sometimes more, sometimes less deep.

Dentists see potential fissures and cavities for caries in the fissures and dimples. As a rule, doctors advise plastic sealing, because thorough brushing is often not enough on its own. What parents should know:

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Family vacation wherever

Family vacation where? – Our tips for a vacation with children

Family vacation spring? Family vacation autumn?
If you are not yet dependent on school holidays, it is worth going on a family vacation outside of these core times. On the one hand, there is much less going on in family hotels and holiday apartments outside of school holidays and the holiday resorts are less crowded. On the other hand, the price is also lower. So you can go on holiday longer with the same holiday budget or book a better hotel. The sun and the beautiful weather do not stick to vacation times! It is often nice and warm in spring, while there are some rainy days in August.

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Family vacation in the mountains

Vacation in the mountains with children

Vacation with the kids together in the mountains. That means get out of everyday life, into the beautiful nature with green alpine meadows, high mountain peaks, fresh air and many beautiful family experiences. So that your vacation in the mountains with the family works as well as possible, we present you our best experiences with children in the mountains.

Family vacation in the mountains – for us this includes not only hiking together, but also exciting and fun excursions, cool playgrounds and beautiful family accommodation in the mountains. This post is about summer. If you want to learn more about a nice winter holiday in the mountains, then read on here in the winter article:

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What are the age limits for children in family insurance, the technicians

What are the age limits for children in family insurance??

more details

Children can have family insurance up to their 25th birthday if they

  • still go to school,
  • do vocational training without pay,
  • study or
  • do a voluntary social or ecological year or a voluntary youth service abroad without wages.

Did your child’s education go through one Military or voluntary service delayed? Then your child can continue to be insured with the family for as long after the 25th birthday as the service took, up to a maximum of one year.

Disabled children can remain permanently insured with the family if, even as an adult, they cannot make a living themselves. The disability must have occurred within the age limits of the family insurance.

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Christmas games for the whole family - sat

Christmas games for the whole family: nice ideas

The family strolls on the couch while the classic Christmas films are on TV – communication? None. It doesn’t have to be. Christmas games not only ensure a good mood, but also promote cooperation. Ideas for fun games in good company here in the SAT.1 guide.

Christmas games that ensure a good mood

Would you like some exercise? Then play, for example, "Journey to Jerusalem", perfectly tailored for Christmas. The rules are the same as always: chairs are placed in a circle, one less than the number of participants. A family member has to bite the bullet and play the DJ, so cannot join "travel". When the music plays, the funny company wanders around the chairs. As soon as the music stops abruptly, everyone has to sit in an empty chair. If you don’t make it, fly out. Now take a chair from the middle and continue playing until there is only one chair left and the music sounds for the last time – and breaks off. To make the whole thing a little more Christmassy, ​​you can only play Christmas carols.

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Reading time: 3 minutes Do you dread the holidays because your children garnish the boring family celebrations with wild romp? Our Christmas games for children not only entertain the little bullies. Try to build a bridge between the generations and encourage all family members to participate. In this way you strengthen family cohesion.

Christmas games for children loosen up family celebrations

Liven up family celebrations with game ideas

The holidays are a lot of stress for children. On the one hand, they are very prickly because of the many gifts. On the other hand, the whole family is gathered, everyone is talking confused and nobody really has time for the children. These promptly increase the volume level in order to attract the desired attention.

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What to do with children in Garmisch-Partenkirchen? (Germany, children, family vacation)

What to do with children in Garmisch-Partenkirchen?

What can you do with children in Garmisch-Partenkirchen? We go with our children (3,4,7) to Garmisch-Partenkirchen at Pentecost and want it to be really nice for the children. Since I’m unfortunately working and we can rarely do anything, I want it to be something very special. Any ideas, tips or suggestions?

1 answer

In Garmisch you can do a lot of great things with your children. There are beautiful hiking routes that are also very suitable for children. You could e.g. hike to the Werdenfels castle ruins. Children always love that, because the path is not very steep and the story behind it is also very interesting. There is also Alpspitz wave pool in Garmisch. I would definitely recommend that to you if the weather doesn’t cooperate. I also find the summer toboggan run quite amusing. I am sure that your children will like it very much. If you are a ski jumping fan, you can also visit the Olympic ski jump, which is next to the summer toboggan run.

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Vacation with young children

What you have to consider!

As soon as the young family happiness is perfect with a new little person, the first imponderables appear. One of these is vacation planning, because not every accommodation and resort is suitable for a vacation with small children. A lot should be taken into account when planning your vacation. A guest post about family-friendly apartments and holiday homes.

Children on vacation

The first difficulty arises when you arrive: For children it is very difficult to travel long distances or flights. A distant vacation destination should be avoided if possible. Also to facilitate a possible earlier return trip.

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