Dentist fear: We offer pain-free dental treatment in Munich

The dental team around Dr. med. dent. Marc Hausamen, it is a special need that you feel comfortable and in good hands when you visit the dental practice in Arnulfpark in Munich. Many people are afraid of the dentist because, for example, they have had bad experiences. For this reason, we treat our patients very carefully. Do you suffer from fear of the dentist or tooth phobia? Contact our trained specialist staff and let us know about your feelings of fear. You can also do this by phone before your appointment. In this way, we can respond to you individually and discuss in a calm atmosphere how we can make the treatment process as pleasant as possible for you.

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Dentist fear

Don’t worry at the dentist

Use of nitrous oxide in children

Some children are very afraid of the dentist. The use of laughing gas has already proven itself very well for these small patients. Since you can control the sedation with nitrous oxide very well, there are almost no side effects. Thanks to this method, the course of treatment is not only very stress-free for the child, but ultimately also for the dentist. So much for theory, but how is it really in practice?

theory and practice

It is often the case that the theory paints everything in beautiful colors and the practice then looks a little different. However, this is not the case. From various dental practices, you can hear again and again how surprisingly positive nitrous oxide can be handled. This is often mentioned not only in adults, but also in children. However, the little ones should only be slightly to moderately afraid of the dentist. The child still has to want to cooperate. This would not be possible and would not make sense in the case of phobia, since the child is made even more insecure. During the sedation, the dentist gains control of the fear, primarily no longer to be reached. Pain can be relieved with a local anesthetic.

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Bad teeth due to fear of the dentist: what can sufferers do?

Missing prophylactic treatments often lead to toothache in anxious patients! (© dulezidar_) Current, representative studies have shown that 80 – 98% of the western population feel at least a feeling of nervousness and tension during the dental treatment. 20% of Germans can even be classified as extremely fearful. The uncomfortable feeling of anxiety increases when a syringe is to be placed or when those affected perceive the shrill sound of the drill or the sterile smell of the treatment rooms. Sometimes even when you are thinking about the upcoming dentist appointment. This fear often means that appointments are always postponed and the need for treatment increases. A painful and fearful vicious cycle begins, which puts the patient in an apparently insurmountable position.

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Don’t be afraid of the dentist

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A visit to the dentist is certainly not one of the most pleasant everyday tasks for most people. In fact, it is often the case that, especially at a young age, there is a real fear of such an unfortunately necessary visit. Unfortunately, with increasing age, the fear of dental practitioners builds up again in the rarest of cases, and with a bit of clumsiness, the personal phobia is passed on to one’s own children. However, this does not have to be the case, because a few simple tricks help to relieve the children of the fear of visiting the dentist.

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Don’t be afraid of the dentist!

Regular visits to the dentist including prophylaxis are important for health. However, many people are afraid of these dates. Dr. Natalia Marquardt from carpe dentem in Bremen explains what people can do about fear of the dentist.

The dentist specializes in the treatment of anxiety patients. "Our most important message is that you don’t have to accept fear of the dentist – you can ‘unlearn’ it again," says Dr. Marquardt. "We would like to help with that."

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Don’t be afraid of the dentist!

Anyone who is afraid of the dentist is not alone. The fear is widespread, but there are remedies for it. How to fool the fear of the drill

Relaxed in the dentist’s chair: there are many ways out of fear

A debilitating fear of pain and the anesthetic injection keeps around six to eight percent of all Germans from having dental problems treated. They also do not take regular control appointments. Possible consequences: caries and periodontitis, a bad condition of the teeth, possibly even their loss.

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No more fear of fear – a guide for relatives

Fear is a very useful, normal emotion. However, it can sometimes be a problem for people. What can you do if a family member has leukemia? > Scientific supervision: Prof. Dr. Matthias J. Wieser

  • Fear is basically a positive thing, but it can become a problem for some people. In this case there may be an anxiety disorder.
  • Panic disorders (with or without agoraphobia), social phobias, generalized anxiety disorders and specific phobias are classically classed as anxiety disorders. While everyone expresses themselves in different ways, they all have in common that they lead to a great reduction in the quality of life and can be extremely stressful for both those affected and their relatives.
  • Affected people are often ashamed of their illness and often hesitate for years before seeking professional help. It is therefore important that they receive the necessary support from relatives and friends. A conversation with a family doctor or psychotherapist can often provide initial relief.
  • Anxiety disorders can be treated effectively with medication and psychotherapy. It is important to get involved in the therapy and not expect any immediate miracles.
  • Anxiety disorders are often associated with great psychosocial stress for both those affected and their relatives. With all care for your relatives, take care of yourself and seek help from an expert if necessary.
  • Do not stop your life due to the illnesses of your loved one. Keep active, meet friends and pursue your hobbies. What is good for you is also good for your loved one.

Ms. G. works in a medium-sized company, where she is responsible for around 30 employees. Her work is often hectic and stressful, she rarely comes to lunch. She was always energized at work and it was also increasingly difficult for her to switch off at home. In the end, this was also noticed by her family. One day Mrs. G. noticed that her heart was beating very fast, that she was trembling and that she was sick. Initially, these attacks only happened every few weeks and stopped after 10 to 15 minutes. Then they started to pile up; Almost daily, Ms. G. experienced panicky anxiety that was so severe that she often went black. She could only leave the house with great discomfort, and there was no longer any thought of work.

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Hypnosis against dentist fear

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Hypnosis Against Dentist Anxiety – It Really Helps?

Last week we told you about the fear of the dentist – an almost panicked reaction that only occurs when you think of visiting a dentist with a patient. In lighter cases, this type of phobia makes visiting the dentist twice as difficult as normal, and in the most extreme cases it can lead to patients not having a dentist even with a toothache until their suffering becomes unbearable and the affected teeth can hardly be saved , Ouch! Fortunately, there are some ways to relieve this fear, and one of the most exotic is hypnosis.

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Fear of the dentist - must be man

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Fear of the dentist - 6 tips to overcome, dak fit!

Fear of the dentist – 6 tips to overcome

Your fear of the dentist hasn’t let you set foot in a dentist’s office for years? Do you press your lips tightly together when you smile? And you endure toothache bravely because you hope it will go away on its own? Apparently you have dental phobia.

And you are not alone: ​​According to the German Society for Dental Treatment Phobia, around five million Germans suffer from severe dental treatment fears. For them, even the thought of a dentist appointment is an emotional disaster. We’ll tell you how to overcome your fear of the dentist.

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