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Painless dental treatment

The dental treatment should always painless his.

For many dental patients there is one painless Treatment at the dentist extreme important.

dental treatment

You can do that dental treatment without stress, fear and pain Experienced.

As a prerequisite for one Dental treatment without stress, Fear and pain is that the dental clinic through light sources and the harmonious ambience is set up so that you feel good. Gentle and partially laser-assisted procedures (dentist laser) make it possible for most Dental treatments painless and stress-free can be performed under local anesthesia. If you prefer the To sleep through dental treatment gently, will one in twilight (controlled sedation) or treated under general anesthesia (anesthesia). Even if you are afraid of syringes in the mouth and tooth area, dental treatment in twilight sleep is an alternative to normal dental treatment.

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Numbers, nacoa germany


There are an estimated six million adult people living in Germany who grew up as children in addicted families. Approximately 2.65 million children under the age of 18 currently live with alcoholic parents. In addition, there are approximately 40,000 to 60,000 children of drug-dependent parents. Approximately Every 6th child is affected by material addiction in the family. [1] The number of children suffering from non-material addictions at home (media and online addiction, job addiction, relationship addiction, sex addiction.) Cannot be recorded statistically. The Federal Drugs Report 2017 only gives an estimate of the children of gambling-addicted parents, the number of which is estimated between 37,500 and 150,000. Overall, the federal drug commissioner estimates the number of children affected by addiction in the parental home to three million, but assumes a high number of unreported cases. [2] It must therefore be assumed that at least 10 percent of Germany’s population was or was acutely burdened by a family addiction problem in childhood.

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Where to go on the weekend: 10 perfect weekend trips

Just go away? Then we have 10 spontaneous city trips for you to escape from everyday life. Just because.

N / A? Would you like a short break from personal and professional commitments? A short weekend trip is the ideal way to leave home for a few days and relax on vacation. We present exciting sights to you in ten different locations, which you can also explore on a short trip.

1. Prague

The Czech capital convinces as a place full of historical treasures. While the Charles Bridge is one of the oldest stone bridges in Europe, a guided tour of Prague Castle gives you some interesting information about the country’s important history. If you want to party in an exclusive atmosphere in the evening, you should stop by the largest club in Central Europe – Karlovy Lazne.

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How do children and young people eat in Germany?

The nutritional situation of children
in Germany

Continued poor nutrition can have lifelong consequences. Therefore, the questions inevitably arise: What do children eat and drink in Germany and to what extent does the social status of their families play a role? An overview of the nutritional situation of children and adolescents in Germany.

Every child has the right to an adequate standard of living in accordance with "his physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development". This is what Article 27 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child says. A healthy standard of living also includes a healthy diet. It is the cornerstone of physical wellbeing. But in no other European country do so many overweight children live as in Germany.

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What to do with children in Garmisch-Partenkirchen? (Germany, children, family vacation)

What to do with children in Garmisch-Partenkirchen?

What can you do with children in Garmisch-Partenkirchen? We go with our children (3,4,7) to Garmisch-Partenkirchen at Pentecost and want it to be really nice for the children. Since I’m unfortunately working and we can rarely do anything, I want it to be something very special. Any ideas, tips or suggestions?

1 answer

In Garmisch you can do a lot of great things with your children. There are beautiful hiking routes that are also very suitable for children. You could e.g. hike to the Werdenfels castle ruins. Children always love that, because the path is not very steep and the story behind it is also very interesting. There is also Alpspitz wave pool in Garmisch. I would definitely recommend that to you if the weather doesn’t cooperate. I also find the summer toboggan run quite amusing. I am sure that your children will like it very much. If you are a ski jumping fan, you can also visit the Olympic ski jump, which is next to the summer toboggan run.

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Many parents in Germany avoid compulsory schooling – and thus risk imprisonment

Spotted an Error?

Attending school is part of childhood for the vast majority of children in Germany. After all, it is a duty – the decision on whether one’s own child should go to school or not is made by the legislature.

Nevertheless, there are around 1000 children in Germany who do not go to school, as the “Welt” reports. Instead, they put math, German or English at the dining room tables at home – teachers are mostly their own parents. This is not allowed, the legal guardians even risk long prison terms if they violate the obligation to ensure their children attend school regularly.

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Holiday Telegram

Discover the world at Urlaubsstelegramm.de

Holidays with children during the summer holidays in Germany

Why wander far when the good is so close? It doesn’t always have to be Mallorca or Gran Canaria if there is still so much to discover in our home!

Germany has been our most popular holiday destination for many years – a trend that is continuing. And for good reason – we live in a beautiful, diverse country. In Germany there is everything your heart desires – open sea, inland sea, low mountain range, high mountain range, beautiful river landscapes and historic cities.

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Holidays in Germany: affordable relaxation at your fingertips

Vacation destinations from Alzenau to Werder – our 10 insider tips

Alzenau (Lower Franconia)

The Bavarian State Garden Show took place in 2015 in the small town of Alzenau in Lower Franconia. For this purpose, the town was really brought into shape, so that it still blooms everywhere in the most beautiful colors. The wonderful surroundings – the famous and picturesque wine-growing region of Franconia – invite you to take long walks and explore the vineyards. The nearby Spessart attracts with scenic hiking trails. We also recommend a bike tour along the Main that will delight young and old. “Alzenau is particularly beautiful for those who appreciate solid active holidays in nature with good food and wine. You can have it all here very well, ”enthuses the committed Bavarian Klara.

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Vacation Germany

Vacation in Germany with REWE Reisen

The saying goes that happiness is not far away. One thing is certain: The Federal Republic offers you all the amenities you would want for a dream vacation, whether on a weekend trip or on a longer trip. Explore the historic old towns of Munich and Dresden and combine art and culture, e.g. when visiting the Semperoper. The German Museum in Munich proves that science and technology can also inspire young guests with changing exhibitions and interactive opportunities that invite you to participate. The viewing platforms in many metropolises offer a good overview. In Munich it is the Olympic Tower and in Berlin the TV tower “Alex”, which gives visitors a bird’s eye view of the city over 200m. The German capital is not only a cultural site steeped in history as an expression of the German division, but also a shopping paradise with quirky retail shops and luxurious brand labels of international importance. A vacation in the metropolis on the Spree is particularly worthwhile for shopping. So that you can find your way around the many options, REWE Reisen offers you clearly structured and well-designed travel packages with useful extras that make your vacation in Germany particularly affordable.

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Holidays on the farm - farms in Germany │

vacation on the farm

Discover the farm with children

Milking cows, feeding pigs, riding the pony and petting rabbits – a farm holiday is not just an experience for Families with children! Do you spend the most beautiful time of the year on the farm of the Baltic Sea and North Sea until after Bavaria or in black forest.

All information about farm holidays

Vacation tips

Ferienhof Hafflandsichten
Dargen, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

from 54 € per night

Ferienhof Nägele
Seeg, Bavaria

from 65 € per night

Bad Peterstal-Griesbach – Bad Peterstal, Baden-Württemberg

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