Children’s birthday with horses Hamburg

Invitation kids birthday horses print: kids birthday with horses Hamburg

Invitation Children’s Birthday Horse Print – If you are hosting a girl’s birthday party, then we might have a topic that is right for you. If your friend likes horses and let it face it what he likes could help and supplies for a party of horses work might suit your party needs. The strength of the horse is for children who love horses and horse themed party is sure to be a success.

If you want to hand out wedding favors are wonderful, but you don’t have much time to focus on the loot bag, you might want to stock a box of wedding anniversary congratulations, available around five dollars. This box full of stickers, pastel and even horses and horses, the representations of the rag will make your little fond of lovers.

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Pictures Photos Hamburg

* Pictures from Hamburg, photos from Hamburg

Hamburg summer holidays children’s holiday program offer 2018

Summer is just around the corner. And like every year, in 2018 many families in Hamburg will pack their bags, get on the plane and fly for the long-awaited, well-deserved annual vacation for several weeks at the beginning of the summer vacation. Then you will again enjoy the best time of the year in summer, sun, beach and sea in Spain, Portugal, Italy or Greece.

And as in all the years before, in 2018 many Hamburg families with children will have to spend the summer holidays at home again because their empty household and travel budgets do not allow large financial jumps and because they simply do not have the money to make an expensive one To be able to afford vacation.

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Hamburg sights for young people

Insider tips for young people – activities in Hamburg

Here are a few tips on where to find attractions for young people in Hamburg or which other locations are recommended.

Attractions & Events

If you want to deal with the sensation of blind people, you get a brief impression of what it is like to suddenly no longer see in the Speicherstadt, in dialogue in the dark. A moving experience. This experience will help young people to be more sensitive to blindness.

In the Planetarium Hamburg it is recommended to attend the various evening events with animated pictures and laser show. Some of these are accompanied by a DJ. So far I found the Pink Floyd Shows or the Deep Space Night for a chilled evening very cool.

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Hamburg with children: set off!

Hamburg with children: Cast off!

Hamburg with children: Spending a short vacation with children in Hamburg is spoiled for choice. The port city really has a lot to offer and there should be something for every taste and age group. We only give a few examples here, but you can always search for additional excursion tips with children in Hamburg using the postcode search.

Anyone visiting Hamburg with children can choose from a large number of events

Hamburg with children: all wood or something?

For nature lovers there is a special excursion destination in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, namely the Wälderhaus Hamburg. Here the topic of calf and sustainability comes into focus. The whole house is made of solid wood. Children who live in the big city in particular should be introduced to an important topic here. The children go on a search on two floors and find a lot of stations where questions about the forest can be answered. Admission is free, by the way, also an argument for families who have to look at the money on a family trip to Hamburg. You can also get more information on a family cult tour.

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Hamburg with children: three tips for trips

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Hamburg with children can be an interesting thing for you and the little ones. But Hamburg with children has a “minimal” catch. Some things that adults like very much, such as museums or galleries, are boring for outdoor children. The same applies to shopping. That is why we have three tips for you on how you can experience Hamburg with children!

Hamburg with children: Park Planten un Blomen must be on the program!
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Hamburg with children is completely free. For example in the Planten un Blomen park. The Hanseatic people rightly call this park the green heart of the city. Entry is free. There is a Japanese landscape garden that is second to none. The kids find that less tingling? No problem! Hamburg with children cannot be stopped even in bad weather. If pretty much everything falls from the sky, then go to the show greenhouse. After all, it is 2,800 square meters and here you will find exotic plants from all over the world. Entry is free, but a donation is welcome. The greenhouse is open:

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family tours

A family on tour

Hamburg with children

Hamburg, my pearl. City trips to Hamburg are so much fun that we have not only been there once – and will definitely be back. I would like to introduce our favorite places in Hamburg here. You may also feel like going on a trip to the far north?

The best place to get in the mood for Hamburg. It feels like dreams of distant countries start right here. The tingling in your stomach when you read the street sign: At the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken. The scent of the big wide world smells of cool water and fish sandwiches. A babble of voices of all sorts of nations, photographing tourists. The screeching of the seagulls and the sailors who want to lure a few landlubbers on board for the harbor tour. Depending on the weather, simply buy an ice cream or a hot drink, put it on the steps and let the scenes take effect. Watch the street performers. Watch ships. People watch. Haaaach, Hamburg.

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Hamburg with children

What is worthwhile in Hamburg with children?

Planning a family vacation with children in Hamburg
“The gateway to the world” as Hamburg Tourismus calls the world city of Hamburg, has many family-friendly sights and leisure options for a family vacation away from the Reeperbahn. We have been to the famous city on the Alster twice and explored Hamburg with children. Here you can get our insider tips and experiences.

It was great in the harbor at the jetties. Of course we also visited the famous miniature museum – a must with children in Hamburg. The greatest attraction will probably be the miniature wonder world for children and parents. Betting? But there are also great playgrounds and the city’s new attraction – the Hafencity with the Elbphilharmonie. Here are our tips for a family vacation or a trip with children in Hamburg. For us the short vacation in Hamburg was very varied. A nice city trip in Germany with children!

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Hamburg, 10 places in Hamburg that you should visit on a city trip with children


Hamburg, city break

10 places in Hamburg that you should visit on a city break with children

City trip Hamburg: We reveal where a family visit is really worthwhile!


Travel: 10 places in Hamburg that you should visit on a city trip with children

City trip Hamburg: We reveal where a family visit is really worthwhile!

3. Tierpark Hagenbeck: Feed elephants or marvel at tropical fish – a day is far too short for the zoo and its aquarium. A highlight is the polar sea with penguins and polar bears.

6. Water features and water light concerts: The Planten un Blomen park is worth a visit alone. However, if the fountains on the Parksee dance ballet every day from May, every picnic becomes a minor matter.

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Hamburg with children – here we come

We won three days of hotel stay in a Meininger hotel of our choice last year thanks to Mama Schulze’s blog ( and her great competition. It quickly became clear to us that our decision was made in Hamburg. Why? It is located on the water, is said to be great with children, according to hearsay, and we have never been to Hamburg before.

This is what moves me the most anyway, because you spend a whole year in the USA, would be worth a blog entry ;-), look at half the world and you have never seen many cities in your own country , In the following, I will tell you that it is worthwhile, especially with children. So much is anticipated, Hamburg my pearl, I’ll be back.

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Hamburg: highlights for toddlers

The typical top tourist attractions in Hamburg can be found on several pages and blogs. We therefore got to know Hamburg rather atypically. I have always set the direction in the city, but I let Samu guide me. What does a toddler find exciting in the Hanseatic city? What do the little ones want to do? Where does a little one go? I’ll tell you!

During our first, three-day, mother-son city trip, I not only wanted to experience something myself, but also to offer my son a great time, apart from the somewhat routine daily routine. But how do you best combine the interests of a mom and a toddler? I didn’t want to check off all the sights nor get to know all of Hamburg’s playgrounds. So we tried to find a good mix. And after Mama had chosen a place, Samu was allowed to choose the next one.

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