Dental care for children: healthy teeth right from the start

As soon as the milk teeth appear, the right nutrition and dental care can create the basis for healthy teeth. DAK-Gesundheit pays the costs for the check-ups in children.

DAK-Gesundheit pays the prevention costs?

The cost of preventive check-ups at the dentist for infants and toddlers is borne by your DAK health.

The milk teeth are fully developed in children at the age of two, but the first tooth in the mouth (at around six months) is already susceptible to tooth decay. Dental prophylaxis is therefore a must for children as soon as the first tooth is visible in the oral cavity. Because: If damage to the milk teeth occurs, this often has ramifications for the permanent teeth. So take the annual checkups for the little ones.

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Braces for adults: What costs does the health insurance cover??

by Claudia Galler
written on April 23, 2018

Even in adulthood, the desire for straight teeth can still be fulfilled (© – fotolia) Braces for adults are no longer uncommon today. This jameda health tip shows when health insurers share the costs and to what extent expensive and cheap braces differ.

Assumption of costs by the health insurance companies

As a rule, health insurance companies do not cover dental braces for adults. Exceptions are severe jaw anomalies, which require coordinated orthodontic and orthodontic treatment, e.g. B. in congenital malformations, bone-related miss bites and injured jaw deformities. Here, the statutory health insurance company pays a standard treatment after approval by an estimate.

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Dental care in children

Many parents are very concerned about what they should do to prevent their children from having dental problems. For this reason families;

– When to start brushing?
– What is the best toothpaste?
– When should the first dentist be examined?

frequently ask how. The only reason why they ask these questions is to ensure that their children have a healthy mouth-and-tooth structure in the future.

With the application of the following, it is not far away that our children will rot their teeth in the future.

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Dental benefits from private health insurance

Dental services in private health insurance

Regular check-ups are essential for long-lasting healthy teeth. In the past three years, however, around 15% of the German population avoided visiting the dentist for financial reasons, since without the appropriate insurance, the dentist is often associated with high costs.

Dental forms of treatment such as prophylaxis or professional tooth cleaning to prevent tooth decay and periodontitis are generally not insured by the health insurance companies and must be paid by the patient out of their own pocket. Statutory health insurance (GKV) does not necessarily pay for aesthetically pleasing dentures, so that insured persons have to fall back on inexpensive alternatives wherever possible.

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How to recognize and treat tooth microcrack?

The crack in a tooth can develop unnoticed and in various ways. A crack in the tooth or several cracks in the tooth can therefore not only have different causes. These cracks are usually barely visible, but a crack also affects the health of a tooth and the resulting consequences of treatment. The type of crack in a tooth, which is determined by its position and size, is crucial for the health of the affected tooth and the environment in the mouth. Another treatment, such as a subsequent root canal treatment, see Dr. Seidel, inevitably belong to these episodes.

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How much does the health insurance company pay for a missing year in the bonus booklet? (Teeth, dentist, dentures)

How much does the health insurance company pay for a missing year in the bonus booklet??

Hello everyone!

I should have a question about my bonus book. I just went to the dentist and needed 2 crowns. my bonus book is complete from 1991 to 1 year (2007) until today. what% is now covered by the health insurance??

Many thanks for your help!

5 answers

If only one year is missing, I would go to your health insurance company and clarify this myself, often the clerks are so nice and close your eyes. It can happen that you forgot it in the year, or that a death in the family intervened or something. We have seen this happen in practice many times and the health insurers were always very nice!

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Who can take out private insurance and when


Compulsory insurance limit

The Compulsory insurance limit or Annual income limit represents the dividing line between compulsory insurance and employee exemption from insurance. The limit is set annually by ordinance by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in line with the average wage and salary development.

Who can assure himself private?

Private health insurance (PKV) can be taken out by anyone who does not have compulsory insurance in statutory health insurance (GKV), but insurance prepaid is. This applies to the following groups of people:

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What grants do the health insurance companies pay for professional teeth cleaning?

The essentials in brief:

  • The grants are voluntary benefits provided by the health insurers and are therefore not the same everywhere.
  • Some of these offers are part of an optional tariff or selective contract. This can be associated with a change of dentist.
  • Statutory health insurance benefits are tartar removal once a year.

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What grants are there??

It is very different. Many statutory health insurance companies offer grants, but the amount and conditions vary. Grants of between 25 and 100 euros per tooth cleaning are possible. In some cases, health insurance companies also cover the full cost. However, this is subject to certain conditions, for example, it can only apply to tooth cleaning at certain dentists, for example from a network that cooperates with the health insurance fund. In some cases, the assumption of costs (in whole or in part) is limited to professional teeth cleaning per year.

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Test: The best supplementary health insurance in comparison

Supplementary health insurance Statutory insurance, private treatment

Treatment by a chief doctor costs extra, some supplementary insurance covers the costs.

Only about one in ten Germans has full private health insurance. The vast majority are legally insured – and must therefore participate in certain benefits provided by their health insurers through additional payments. However, many German citizens want to protect themselves from high costs and have therefore taken out additional health insurance. Demand is increasing: there were more than 25 million such extra policies at the end of last year, more than ever before.

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Sedation at the dentist? (Health and medicine)

Sedation at the dentist?

I’m going to get sedation / twilight sleep at the dentist today to have my four whitening teeth operated out. Since the operation can take a little longer (two teeth are crooked) I am now afraid that I will have to go to the toilet during the operation, which of course will not be possible. Does anyone have any experience if you can feel the need to go to the toilet during sedation? Or you don’t care about anything?

3 answers

Neeee. Everything cool :). I fell asleep right away. Woke up in between and just heard the dentist swear, haha. But there was no pain and I was gone again. So don’t stress yourself, your worries are unfounded. ;-)

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