Optimally deduct dentist costs from tax

Optimally deduct dentist costs from the tax

Invoices that the dentist issues after treatment can be deducted from the tax under certain conditions. The amount will then be entered in the tax documents under the heading “Extraordinary charges”. Whether the costs are actually deductible depends on the fulfillment of some criteria, which include based on the amount of income, marital status and number of children.

Which dentist costs can be deducted from the tax?

Patients can deduct dentist costs from the tax and claim them as an extraordinary tax if they are not borne by the health insurance or by the dental insurance. For example, if you, as a legally insured person, decide against regular care, dentures are tax deductible. Then health insurance usually only covers a small part of the costs and the limit of unreasonableness can be reached quickly. If the treating dentist prescribes medication or prescribes certain therapies, the resulting costs can also be listed in the tax documents. Travel expenses are also tax deductible in this context and are set at 30 cents per kilometer.

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What does gkv do for orthodontics, all information

Statutory health insurance for orthodontics

The cost coverage of the statutory health insurance (GKV) for orthodontic treatment measures depends on the classification of the patient in a so-called orthodontic indication group (KIG). Basically, it must be differentiated whether the patient in question belongs to the group of children and adolescents (up to the age of 18) or whether it is an adult. The following explains exactly how it is with the benefits of the statutory health insurance.

What happens if you are classified in KIG 1 or 2

In the case of children and adolescents, the statutory health insurance covers the treatment costs if the findings show a severity of at least KIG3. In adults, the whole thing looks a little different. Here, costs for services are only covered if there are severe malformations of the jaw that require orthodontic and orthodontic measures. These include in particular tooth position anomalies and anomalies of the bite position.

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General anesthesia at the dentist?

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General anesthesia at the dentist? What you need to know about it

For which dental treatment is general anesthesia useful??

In patients who are under dental fear le >General anesthesia is often the only way that the dentist can perform an operation. Even with young children and people with impairments or disabilities, anesthesia may be necessary for surgery. Why? With many dental treatments, it is necessary to keep the mouth open for a long time, not to swallow or to respond to precise instructions from the dentist. If the patient does not understand them, bites them out of fear, cannot open their mouth wide enough, or gets severe pain when they keep their mouth open for a long time, it is easier to have the procedure under general anesthetic perform.

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Physiotherapy in Nuremberg-Erlenstegen

Physiotherapy in Nuremberg-Erlenstegen

Practice Odile Frank
Telephone 0911 – 95 95 95 4

a committed physiotherapist
full-time, part-time or hourly as temporary help.
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Offer: "Healthy & Fit"

With the "Healthy and Fit" prevention package, you can recharge your batteries and stay healthy and resilient in the long term. Book the "Healthy and Fit" package for at least 3 months, which includes the following services:

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My rights at the dentist

The dentist owes you first and foremost professional treatment. In addition, there are other patient rights in the dental practice, which we have put together for you at a glance.

You have the right to comprehensive, understandable oral advice from the doctor for every upcoming examination or treatment. Written information or information from the specialist staff cannot replace this advice.

The dentist has to inform you about all aspects of the treatment such as risks, alternatives and aftercare including the costs. He should give you enough time to think about it. Advice must be given at eye level and not already lying in the treatment chair.

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Child health insurance

Children’s health insurance: What you should definitely pay attention to?

Your offspring has arrived?

Congratulations!! We cannot help you on shorter nights and full diapers; but in all questions about private health insurance. Just let me know, we take care gladly for you around the child health insurance – you are probably busy other time. By entering a little data you can send me this signed one Child insurance form send.

For my customers there is a “birth Teddy“With printed birth dates of the child. Just tell me the name, date and time of birth, weight and height of the baby. [Update: our supplier has unfortunately retired, we are still looking for a replacement]

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Dentists specializing in free braces

Dentists specializing in free braces

All dentists with available appointments are listed here. Book online now with just one click!

How do I get free braces?

For most children, dentists today can identify tooth and jaw misalignments very early, and therefore one free free braces recommend at the right time in order to quickly bring visible crooked teeth into their correct positions. To help children and adolescents regain a straight and symmetrical smile, dentists have a wide range of orthodontic devices at their disposal, including devices made of metal, white ceramic, or even transparent, almost invisible plastic.

Once a patient has opted for dental braces, he or she draws up an individual therapy plan with the dentist that usually includes the following steps:

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Family insurance or private child health insurance?

Children are covered by the free family co-insurance in a parent’s statutory health insurance. It does not matter which parent the child is insured with, because there are no extra contributions. However, children can also be privately insured if one or both parents are private patients. In some cases, parents can choose between private and statutory health insurance for their child.

Topics on this page

Families have to choose between GKV and PKV.

Children can also be insured in the SHI.

In the PKV, children are insured in their own tariffs.

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Twilight sleep - dr

Dr. Markus Schindler – Oral surgery & implantology



FAQ Twilight sleep

What is the difference between twilight sleep and general anesthesia?

In contrast to general anesthesia, artificial ventilation is not necessary during twilight sleep. You breathe on your own initiative, but you are in a relaxed and fear-free twilight sleep. In Germany, training in intravenous analgesia (twilight sleep) is part of the training catalog within oral surgery specialist dentist training. We therefore do not need an anesthetist to perform the twilight sleep, which minimizes your costs.

How does twilight sleep work??

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