Tooth corrections in adults

Long since the order of the day

Awareness of the importance of healthy and well-groomed teeth is steadily increasing. Therefore, more and more adults are opting for tooth correction. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for medical reasons.

The most important information at a glance:

  • Misaligned teeth often lead to health problems such as headaches or joint disorders.
  • A tooth correction prevents the teeth from wearing out prematurely.
  • Fixed braces or aligners are recommended for adult tooth corrections.

Misaligned teeth in adults

Almost everyone has misaligned teeth. In some, however, they are more pronounced. In about every third person, the misalignments in the rows of teeth lead to health complaints.

Mostly are misaligned teeth hereditary, z. B. by the growth of the lower jaw. A too small lower jaw leads to a lack of space in the mouth. The teeth are therefore nested.
However, too external influences lead to misalignment of the teeth. About a milk tooth that failed too early. The neighboring teeth try to close the gap. This leaves too little space for the new tooth. Tooth injuries in childhood can also be to blame for a later malposition. If the tooth germ has been damaged, this can cause a malposition in the dentition.

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Stutter – how can parents help their children?

Your child stutters? Don’t worry, it’s not that rare for children. We give tips on what you should pay attention to and where you can promote and support your child.

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Is your child suddenly having trouble speaking fluently or having trouble pronouncing sounds and syllables? This can be unsettling at first, but is not serious at first.

Stuttering in children

Stuttering is manifested by interruptions in speaking through repetitions of sounds or words and occurs in many children at a young age. There are two different types of stuttering: developmental stuttering (or developmental speech deficiency) and “real” stuttering.

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Reading time: 2 minutes Children, like everyone else, sometimes feel a lot of anger. It is important not to simply swallow these emotions, it is not healthy for the small child’s soul. Here you can read about the great games against anger.

Games against anger: How to help children reduce aggression

Sometimes there are days when children just feel uncomfortable, are annoyed with things, are simply not in a good mood or just have a real rage in their stomach. Unfortunately, they usually don’t know how to deal with this feeling properly. Some children just swallow their frustration, while other children become aggressive towards others – both are still the wrong way.

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donate & Help

Give help, hope and healing to children with cancer!

Leon is healthy again and goes to school. He can no longer remember the time of his illness. But when he was just one and a half years old, his parents learned that he had cancer.

The diagnosis of “cancer” suddenly changes the whole family life. A long and intensive time begins with therapies, waiting, hoping and fear. We support children with cancer and their families to the best of their ability! Research and healing, giving hope, helping and supporting. All of this is only possible with your donation!

Help as a company

Start your fundraiser

Donate in case of bereavement

Donations instead of gifts

Inheritance and endowment


Even a small donation can give hope!

help parents with the travel costs for visiting their child with cancer

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organizations, help for children with hearing impairment

Hearing loss in children is important to recognize as early as possible, because language patterns are learned at such an early age. It is difficult to diagnose hearing problems when the child is too young to communicate, so screening tests are essential. Parents need help diagnosing and learning about their child’s specific problem, with emotional family support, and with treatment and education for the child. There are a number of organizations that can form a network of support for hearing impaired children and their families.

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We did it, the wheelchair is financed! Many thanks to all artists, the audience and the employees of Studio 44 and the Austrian Lotteries for their kind support!

The following photos by Andreas Tischler (

Welcome to the official Kükiki website!

Here you will find everything about the club "Artists and children help children" – in short: Kükiki. Our association organizes an annual event, among other things big charity event with raffle under the name "Laugh4Help" to collect donations, which children benefit those who are acutely or chronically, socially, psychologically or physically disadvantaged or impaired. We have had great success here for many years!

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Is the child sick often? We hurry to help him others: women's magazine january 2020

Is the child sick often? We hurry to help him! | Other: Women’s magazine January 2020

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If the baby hurts often, some parents panic, others despair. We asked four different specialists in the field of child health to explain the phenomenon of endless colds. And to find a way out.


"Up to 1 year a child usually only communicates with his close relatives. And if the baby suffers from ARD several times in autumn, winter and early spring, there is no need to worry.

After a year of catching infections and immensely refreshing a lot more. Therefore, the child is 1 to 3 years in the off-season and 3-5 times in winter "allowed". After 3 years, when the baby goes to kindergarten, he can get up to 10-12 colds for a year. Sick doctors are often considered a child if their number exceeds these limits.

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I need help to the dentist today? (Anxiety)

I need to go to the dentist today?

5 answers

Quiet … you hardly notice anything. And if you are afraid, tell the ZA, they are really understanding these days.

I know that, I’m always afraid of it.

Unfortunately, nothing else helps except eyes and hope that the dentist is done quickly.

Don’t you all need good :) They probably studied and can do it all well and it doesn’t hurt either. All good :) I personally like it even at the dentist :)

Don’t worry, it has to be anyway. And the later you go, the more painful it will be if something is real. So it can only get worse.

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Hypnosis against dentist fear

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Hypnosis Against Dentist Anxiety – It Really Helps?

Last week we told you about the fear of the dentist – an almost panicked reaction that only occurs when you think of visiting a dentist with a patient. In lighter cases, this type of phobia makes visiting the dentist twice as difficult as normal, and in the most extreme cases it can lead to patients not having a dentist even with a toothache until their suffering becomes unbearable and the affected teeth can hardly be saved , Ouch! Fortunately, there are some ways to relieve this fear, and one of the most exotic is hypnosis.

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Help! Where to go with the kids?

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Only two weeks left before the first federal states (Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland) start their summer vacation. As every year, it is necessary to bridge nine weeks; not an easy task for working people. Renate K. (33) from Vienna describes the holiday care of her two daughters, 7 and 9 years old, as a real challenge: “We have no grandmothers and grandpas available. My husband and I take three weeks of vacation, six weeks have to be bridged. And six weeks of a holiday camp for two children, who can afford that? ”

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