Gum treatment? Read treatment options here!

Gum treatment what can you do?

Seal your gums from the inside. They close the gateway for viruses, germs and bacteria.

A Gum treatment is carried out when the first signs of gingivitis or periodontitis are already present. The aim of the treatment is tooth preservation and the Decimation of the bacteria, which are responsible for the gum inflammation. For those affected, the announcement of an upcoming gum treatment is often sheer horror. The reason for this is the horror stories that others tell. Nobody claims that periodontal treatment is comfortable, but you shouldn’t let it stop you because of the scary stories if you are concerned. It is in your own interest. That being said, thanks to the latest technologies, it is nowhere near as uncomfortable as it was a few years ago.

Christina Cherry

Hamburg with children – here we come

We won three days of hotel stay in a Meininger hotel of our choice last year thanks to Mama Schulze’s blog ( and her great competition. It quickly became clear to us that our decision was made in Hamburg. Why? It is located on the water, is said to be great with children, according to hearsay, and we have never been to Hamburg before.

This is what moves me the most anyway, because you spend a whole year in the USA, would be worth a blog entry ;-), look at half the world and you have never seen many cities in your own country , In the following, I will tell you that it is worthwhile, especially with children. So much is anticipated, Hamburg my pearl, I’ll be back.

Christina Cherry

Family vacation by the sea

Beach vacation with children and family vacation by the sea

Family vacation by the sea – where to go to the beach with children?
For many families, a summer vacation with children by the sea is mandatory. Best on a wide beach with lots of sand, not too cold water and other children. Depending on where you live, there are various destinations that are ideal for family holidays by the sea and that keep travel times as short as possible.

Family vacation by the sea in Germany

Beach vacation with children on the Baltic Sea and North Sea in Germany
Those who live in the north of Germany are more likely to orientate themselves towards family vacations on the Baltic or North Sea. Especially on the Baltic Sea, in the last few years some hotels have focused very much on family holidays and have established themselves as family hotels. We have also been to family holidays on the Baltic Sea several times. We stayed in hotels on the beach and apartments. Here are our experiences for planning a family vacation on the Baltic Sea.

Christina Cherry