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Martina Feichter studied biology with an elective in pharmacy in Innsbruck and also delved into the world of medicinal plants. From there it wasn’t far to other medical topics that still captivate them today. She trained as a journalist at the Axel Springer Academy in Hamburg and has worked for NetDoktor since 2007 – first as an editor and since 2012 as a freelance author.

lack of concentration every person has from time to time. You can no longer manage to concentrate on something any longer. The lack of concentration can have a variety of causes. Lack of sleep, stress, malnutrition, reduced blood flow to the brain, depressed mood or poisoning can cause concentration problems. Here you can read everything important about common causes and treatment options in the case of a lack of concentration.

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child has problems with bedwetting or incontinence.
We believe that with the right product, even child incontinence or bedwetting is no problem.
With the kiwisto Kids products we offer you and your child solutions for a carefree everyday life.

So that your child can simply be a child.

Since we started kiwisto in 2007, we have spoken to countless parents. Again and again we were asked a question: why is there no suitable diaper for my child??

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Dental practice Dr. Alex Wiessner

"Whoever does what he already can always stays what he already is!"
(Mark Twain and Henry Ford)

  • powder-water-air mixture .

    2 LED diagnostics: In dentistry, an alloy of mercury with other metals such as silver, copper, indium, tin and zinc has been used extensively as a dental filling material for decades. It was cheap, durable, and .

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Home - early mobile support in laatzen, hemmingen and the surrounding area

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Mobile early intervention in Laatzen, Hemmingen and the surrounding area

Live together, develop together

What is early special education??

This support represents a comprehensive support for your child in his personal development (mentally, mentally and physically) and offers advice for his caregivers, such as: B. Guardians and carers in everyday life. The support and discussions take place at your child’s home or / and in the respective care facility. Children from birth to school are admitted who live in the municipalities of Laatzen, Hemmingen, Pattensen, Gehrden, Springe, Ronnenberg, Sarstedt and Nordstemmen. MOCA stands for Mobile early intervention in Calenberger land.

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dental treatment for families, children and adolescents

Home remedies for children’s toothache

What home remedies are there for children’s toothache?

Toothache can have many reasons and triggers. Already in baby age jaw pain begins when the first children’s teeth pierce. Knocked out teeth and tooth decay can also cause toothache in children. Medicines for children’s toothache should only be prescribed by the children’s dentist. There is first aid some home remedies that can relieve children’s toothache. Our children’s dental practice wrote down a few tips:

Your child has a toothache?

One of the most common children’s toothache triggers is tooth decay. In kindergarten children, the milk teeth are often carious. Does your child complain of toothache? When the pain is felt, the nervous system is already sending impulses to the brain. Then make an appointment with the children’s dentist practice in Munich Bogenhausen immediately! – Very important: When making an appointment, please tell us that your child is in pain so that you can get a reserved appointment that is free for pain patients-

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Home remedies for toothache – 16 tips & tricks

Ouch! It pulls and hurts? Toothache is horrible. But we have 16 home remedies that can give you relief – for now. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid visiting the dentist in the long term.

Off to the dentist!

Almost everyone has a toothache at some point in their lives. The The causes are very diverse his. So it doesn’t always have to be a hole in the tooth. Despite that, toothache is always a reason to see the dentist and have the cause clarified. In most cases, the pain will not go away on its own, because it causes one inflammation underlying that needs to be addressed. This can be gum infection or even an overdue root canal treatment.

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What home remedies help with heartburn?

If one uncomfortable feeling in the stomach sets and the Gastric juice back into the esophagus running, this leads to heartburn.

In medical jargon, this condition reflux called. Common symptoms include an uncomfortable burning sensation in the esophagus and a sour taste in the mouth.

A large percentage of the population suffers from the reflux disease. The reason for this is often one Weakness of the sphincter, which is at the end of the esophagus and is intended to prevent the contents of the stomach from flowing back into the esophagus.

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These little home remedies help cough up children!

Children sometimes need a little different home remedy for cough than we adults do

The to cough is coming, whether we want it or not, to almost every one of us. Especially now in the fall you caught a cold quickly.

We adults can handle it, but our little children are struggling a little more with the symptoms of the cold. Good if you have a few effective ones now Home remedies for cough at hand for children.

Children who like cold symptoms Cough or runny nose have to struggle are often obnoxious and whining constantly. Classic drugs and remedies against coughing are often difficult to get into children.

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Home remedies for angina – 16 home remedies that work

Updated on: July 1, 2019

In the following article we will show you what angina is, what symptoms there are and which ones 16 home remedies for angina help.

What is angina?

If from one angina is usually spoken of as angina tonsillaris or acute tonsillitis. Angina comes from the Latin word ‘angor’, which means oppression or restlessness, and tonsils, in technical terms, stand for almonds. Our throat and throat area is then restless, more common in children than in adults, and is particularly associated with difficulty swallowing and pain.

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Lake Garda vacation with children

Italy is a child-friendly country and "Bambinis" are welcome guests everywhere. Lake Garda occupies a top position among all family-friendly travel destinations in the country.

Lake Garda with children – playground on the bank
Photo: © | V.M.

Family vacation on Lake Garda: amusement parks and water slides
Lake Garda welcomes families with children with a wide range of leisure options. Italy’s largest lake owes its reputation as a child-friendly travel destination not least to its leisure and aqua parks. A visit to Gardaland is a permanent memory for young and old. The oldest amusement park on Lake Garda, with its roller coasters, water shows and dwarf world, still lights up children’s eyes even more than 40 years after its foundation. A day at the Altominicio Acquapark in Salionze sul Mincio near Peschiera is no less amusing. Play fields invite you to romp and on huge water slides you can go downhill at a rapid pace. While the parents relax on the lawn, the little ones can splash around in several swimming pools.

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