Holiday homes and apartments for vacation with your dog

Vacation with a dog: no problem in a holiday home!

Vacation with a dog

So that dogs leave in the holiday home for the four-legged friend as well as for his owner is a complete success, you should note a few tips and hints when choosing the travel destination and the accommodation.

EU dog travel regulations – So that your dog stays healthy

Although the entry requirements for traveling with a dog have been improved since 2004, there are still some regulations that you as a dog owner must adhere to. It is legally regulated that pets are electronically secured with a unique identification using a chip. After the dog has been examined and vaccinated before the holiday, your veterinarian will then issue an EU pet passport in which the necessary vaccinations are entered. You should always carry this with you on your trip. Important vaccinations include hepatitis, leptospirosis, rabies and kennel cough and should be repeated in good time – if necessary – before starting a trip. The entry requirements may vary depending on the EU country.

Christina Cherry
Christina Cherry