Hypnosis – not just for fear of the dentist

Dental hypnosis is helpful in the treatment of children and adults with more or less pronounced dental phobia. We achieve a high level of compliance (readiness to treat), especially for children whose willingness to treat cannot be addressed via the ratio. For everyone else, long-term dental treatment becomes a pleasant, low-pain, time-shortening experience.

What is Dental Hypnosis??

Modern clinical hypnosis is a scientifically developed method of going into a trance. In this state between sleep and wakefulness, attention is strongly focused on inner experience. You can still perceive all the events, the contact with the conversation remains, but the current events move so far away that feelings of fear and perception of pain are reduced. The patient feels that the treatment is pleasant.

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Child hypnosis in dental treatment

Many people have a stereotype of hypnosis that in no way does justice to medical hypnosis.

Comprehensive information about hyposis tooth treatment – not only in children! – can be found at the German Society for Dental Hypnosis at www.dgzh.de..

The seagull Jonathan helps the children with the hypnosis tooth treatment, because she knows the way into the magic forest:

Hello, I’m Jonathan the seagull!

You are probably wondering what I do in a children’s dentist’s office. Well, that may sound a little crazy, but I fly with the children during the dental treatment in the magic forest, in the dreamland, at the sea, to Mallorca or in the big jungle to visit the animals – depending on what the children want or where they feel particularly comfortable. Sometimes we fly into space with a rocket and look around there, listen to the sounds and feel the weightless floating – you want to know how we do it?

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Dental treatment with hypnosis

Who doesn’t know them: The fear of the dentist. Hypnosis can help here. It eases fears and calms down. Hypnosis is a technique of deep trance and inner calm. It is therefore certainly a helpful tool, especially in dentistry.

In the past, hypnosis was equated with sleep. In Greek mythology, Hypnos was the god of sleep. However, hypnosis and sleep are different states of consciousness. In contrast to hypnosis, the reflex intensity during sleep is significantly reduced. A sleeping person is usually not aware of their condition. This is extremely rare in hypnosis (spontaneous amnesia). In my practice, I have only seen one case in which a patient could not remember ever smoking after quitting smoking.

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Hypnosis at the dentist: how it works, what it brings

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Hypnosis at the dentist: For patients with fear of treatment, a good way to reduce these fears. Adobe Stock, (c) Photographee.eu

Panicked fear of the dentist often prevents necessary dental treatment and therefore costs some valuable teeth. hypnosis can help there. In any case, most afraid rabbits take pain away from hypnotizing dentists. Often without any anesthetic. HEROLD reveals how hypnosis works at the dentist and what Viennese dentists offer this slightly different form of sedation.

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Hypnosis against dentist fear

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Hypnosis Against Dentist Anxiety – It Really Helps?

Last week we told you about the fear of the dentist – an almost panicked reaction that only occurs when you think of visiting a dentist with a patient. In lighter cases, this type of phobia makes visiting the dentist twice as difficult as normal, and in the most extreme cases it can lead to patients not having a dentist even with a toothache until their suffering becomes unbearable and the affected teeth can hardly be saved , Ouch! Fortunately, there are some ways to relieve this fear, and one of the most exotic is hypnosis.

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Hypnosis at the dentist

Anxiety-free and pain-free at the dentist – with hypnosis during dental treatment in the dental practice Dr. Seidel Berlin

This trance-like condition has proven itself in many areas as a method for relaxation and anxiety relief – including in dentistry. Hypnosis technology is also increasingly used in dental treatment.

In the meantime, many dentists have already completed qualified additional hypnosis training. However, not every dental practice offers hypnosis. Dr. In the Berlin area, Seidel gives you this special form of treatment – it helps you to survive unpleasant situations at the dentist.

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Hypnosis at the dentist: process, applications & benefits

Hypnosis can be of great help in therapy, especially for patients with dental anxiety. (© Posmann) Hypnosis is a procedure aimed at a changed state of consciousness, the hypnotic trance. This state creates deep relaxation, which in turn increases susceptibility to suggestions. In a trance, all attention is focused on one thing. The rest of the environment takes a back seat. We can also experience this in everyday life when we jog, read an exciting book or concentrate on a difficult job.

This is how hypnosis works

Dental hypnosis specifically promotes and strengthens the natural ability to perform everyday trance. It enables the patient to mentally distance himself from the current treatment situation and to concentrate on pleasant ideas and memories. He can relax completely physically: breathing becomes calm, blood pressure drops and the pulse rate slows down. In this state, surgical interventions can even be performed without the patient noticing anything.

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Hypnosis at the dentist – overcoming fears through trance

Hypnosis is a psychotherapeutic method used in auto and third party suggestion procedures to reduce anxiety and pain,
Relaxation and anesthesia can be used.

Modern hypnosis techniques work with the individual ideas of the patient. The hypnotized person is awake and responsive during hypnosis and can therefore be actively involved in the treatment. In our practice, medical hypnosis is carried out by specially trained hypnosis personnel. The patient is prepared for treatment under hypnosis in extensive preliminary talks. Nobody can be hypnotized against their will.
Through the use of music, supported with calming words, the heartbeat, blood pressure and breathing are regulated. The patient embarks on a pleasant journey in a relaxed state. The treatment takes a back seat for him.

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Hypnosis for pain and anxiety treatment in the dental practice

We look forward to meeting you in our dental practice Dr. T. Lehmann to offer hypnosis in Neumünster:

You are afraid of your visit to the dentist?

Are you sensitive to pain treatment? They do not tolerate the syringe very well?

Then hypnosis is just the thing for you. Hypnosis is an excellent way to treat anxiety and phobias and to ease pain management.

Whether fear of the needle, the prick or the syringe itself, fear of pain or the feeling of feeling defenseless and at the dentist’s hands – with hypnosis you can be freed from these negative feelings and even enjoy the treatment in a completely relaxed manner.

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