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Nice ideas for a Christmas together

40th birthday party / 50th birthday party / 60th birthday party

There is a lot to celebrate before Christmas is just around the corner – like 40th / 50th / 60th Birthdays!

Time is progressing steadily and you can forget that in everyday stress. At the latest at the birthday party, however, it becomes apparent that 10 years have passed again. It is better to organize the festival properly. This applies in particular to round birthday parties.

Regardless of whether for the 40th birthday party, 50th birthday party, 60th birthday party – you usually spend this highlight with the whole family at an extensive party in your favorite restaurant. On the other hand, you can celebrate on a small scale, only with family and closest friends at home or on vacation. One invites all acquaintances to the 40th birthday party, at the 50th birthday party there are usually fewer with friends and long-time acquaintances; and at the 60th birthday party it is sometimes a family celebration. There are umpteen different ways to celebrate such an anniversary – but also some “must”. Of course, the birthday child determines how and what is specifically organized. Larger fixed companies logically require more planning; the budget and the venue have to be determined. For smaller celebrations, you may have a catering company come for a special meal or organize a professional cook who prepares a delicious meal at home.

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What shall we do today? # 1 – 101 ideas for great things to do & trips

How often do you ask yourself: What are we doing today? – We have the answer! Today we’ll present you the 101 best, coolest in our opinion & most exciting leisure activities for which you leave the house.

Finally weekend, vacation or holiday! You and your friends, your partner or your family want to experience something great – but don’t know what. The big question is: What shall we do today?

And there are many answers to this question … And a crucial point that depends largely on the weather, the season and mood, is the question that follows: Let’s go out or stay at home?

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Vacation ideas: Our best short vacation offers

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Great ideas for a weekend with children

Great ideas for a weekend with children

An overview of many great ideas for a weekend with the kids. Finally Friday afternoon! The long-awaited weekend is within reach and many families want to do something with their children. But often there is a lack of interesting ideas that both children and parents like. There are so many ways to make the two days off varied. And the family budget does not always have to be heavily used or long distances have to be accepted.

night walk

Each of us has an urge for adventure with a little creepy effect. This is probably the reason why night hikes are still the most popular activities on school trips and in the holiday camp. Start your short hike in familiar terrain at dawn. At the beginning, however, you should leave the flashlights in your backpack. Small stories that are told during the walk are also very popular with children. But make sure that no family member is seriously afraid.

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New Years Eve with children – the best New Years Eve ideas with children for the turn of the year (2019/2020)

New Year’s Eve with children – for many parents this means staying at home, going to bed early and hoping that the children won’t wake up from the noise and bang. But a New Year’s Eve with children can also look very different and doesn’t necessarily have to be boring.

For example, you can take a short vacation over New Year’s Eve with your children. No matter whether New Year’s Eve with children in the snow in the Harz or in the Allgäu, New Year’s Eve by the sea with children on the Baltic Sea or a rushing New Year’s Eve party with children in Berlin or Hamburg, almost everything is possible with a New Year’s Eve with children. Or you can have a New Year’s Eve party with children at home and invite friends and other families.

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Ideas for a week's evening program - Catholic youth archdiocese of Vienna

Ideas for a week evening and night program in the warehouse

A week of exciting night programs for children without fear? No problem! Here you can see an overview of what a warehouse week can look like. On the individual days you will find a brief description and, in the case of more elaborate actions, the note where a detailed model can be found in this kumquat. You can find many more ideas and models for camp games in the "Camp – Everyday life and program I-III" and on the homepage in the Models section.

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Ideas: what can I do with my horse?

Ideas: What can I do with my horse?

You ask yourself: What can I do with my horse? Asking yourself this question certainly makes sense.

Often you fall into an everyday or training routine that you unwind, and then things get boring for the keeper and horse.

So it is good to think outside the box and simply get new ideas.

In summer it is relatively easy to diversify the work with the animal.

You can go horse riding and plan hiking rides as an increase.

Great idea for summer: trail rides

If you leave familiar terrain, you should use a hiking map to find your way and inquire whether you can ride anywhere in the area. Then you search the way for things like: large streets to be crossed, underpasses and motorway bridges. Depending on the animal, such risk points should be avoided as far as possible.

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Healthy nutrition for children

Find out here what is part of a healthy diet for children and how you can encourage your child to eat.

Nutrition for children

Prepare healthy food for kids imaginatively

It should actually be clear to everyone how important healthy foods are for keeping our body healthy.

Of course, children don’t like healthy eating! With a few tricks it works anyway! – Photo: © Monika Adamczyk Children in particular need numerous important nutrients for their development. Unfortunately, healthy food is not one of the favorite foods of young people. However, a few useful tricks help to accommodate all the important nutrients.

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Indoor adventure with children

Scavenger hunt in the apartment for children – the most important tips

With funny hints and tasks, a scavenger hunt in the apartment becomes the highlight of every child’s birthday. Here are the most important tips for planning and implementation.

Dinoparty for children’s birthday parties – the theme party for small dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are a popular favorite with children and therefore an ideal motto for a children’s birthday party – here are our tips for a cool dino party!

Card game Napoleon – do you take away most of the tricks? | manual

Only in this English card game can you make a real Napoleon, Wellington or even a Blucher.

Dice game Macke – who will be the first to roll 10,000 points? | manual

You got a macke? With this classic dice game you can go crazy hunting for 10,000 points.

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Unusual advent calendars- >

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Now it’s getting colorful!

This colorful advent calendar is an absolute eye-catcher in every home! The lace bags are very easy to make yourself and offer space for many small gifts. The colorful bags are lined with delicate tissue paper. Combine the colors according to your mood! for me wishes a lot of fun with the handicrafts.

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