Dental implant, dentures: how much do dental implants cost?

How much does a dental implant cost in Munich

The dental implant costs depend on the individual case – on the number of implants as well as on the type of implant and on the degree of difficulty of the procedure. Patients have to expect an average cost of 1,000 to 1,500 euros per tooth implant. This form of denture costs is worthwhile. In addition to the implant including all implant costs for the material, this also includes doctor’s fees and other services such as X-ray diagnostics. If a bone build-up or additional surgical measures are necessary, there are additional expenses outside of the dental implant costs. The pure denture costs for the actual dentures (crowns, bridges) are also added.

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The tooth crown

The visible part of the dental implant consists of an all-ceramic crown. These are made to measure by a laboratory and attached in the last step.

The implant

The implant is the root replacement for the tooth. It is attached to the bone and after successful healing, the crown is attached to it.

Either titanium or ceramic is used as the material. Both are biologically very well tolerated, titanium is generally considered to be more elastic and therefore more stable, but ceramics match the color of the tooth.

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