Natural healing of deep gum pockets (periodontitis)

Self-help experience report – Operation recommended as the only salvation

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Self-healing of deep gum pockets (periodontitis) – in a simple and natural way thanks to diet and brushing your teeth

A few years ago I easily healed deep gum pockets myself. I was repeatedly assured by the (prospective) dentist in the dental clinic that only an extremely unpleasant operation (to remove subgingival deposits and pathogens and thus "only effective" Control of periodontal infection) in the advanced disease of my gums.

But of course I didn’t take a word of it seriously :-), because I believe in the self-healing power of the human body. And I was determined to successfully overcome this small challenge and to heal myself (this factor – the power of thought and intention – often seems to be crucial for many successful healings!).

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Nutrition for children: healthy and correct

A healthy life depends largely on a healthy diet. Anyone who eats too fat, too sweet or simply too unbalanced will quickly develop nutritional diseases and thus lose a great deal of vitality and joy in life. So in order to be able to live a really healthy life, you need a balanced, healthy and varied diet, and of course from your child’s legs. Because, as a well-known saying goes, "What Fritz doesn’t learn, Franz never learns anymore."

Why is healthy nutrition important in children?

In order to understand why a healthy and balanced diet is so important in children, it is important to understand how a child’s development proceeds. Children learn important basics for their later life in the first months of their lives. In terms of nutrition, this simply means away, if a child is not accustomed to a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables early on, it will be a little tiring later with these foods.

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Healthy nutrition for children – what you have to consider?

Healthy eating for children is more important than ever. Parents are usually aware of this, but it is difficult to put it into practice.

Because most kids are fond of sweet and prefer French fries, burgers and co as main course instead of vegetable pan and salad.

Since the little ones move less and less due to computers and smartphones, the importance of healthy child nutrition is important even bigger than ever.

You are what you eat – It is now assumed that many more diseases can be attributed to the diet than previously thought. And as parents, you are ultimately responsible for the offspring. That is precisely why it is so important to set the course right from the start and lay the foundations for healthy nutrition in childhood. But – what can a good child nutrition plan look like? And: healthy eating also works in kindergarten?

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Healthy nutrition What nutrients do children really need – and why?

by Redaktion December 03, 2018 at 12:08 p.m.

Finding your way around in the jungle of nutritional myths, diets and nutritional philosophies has become almost impossible. What is healthy? What can we still eat with a clear conscience? What do our children need? And what do we do if we actually have a vegan diet, are flexitarians or eat according to the paleo principle?

Vitamins for children: these are the most important nutrients

One thing in advance: Those who are growing are in a permanent state of emergency – just like our kids. Special attention must be paid to nutrition so that your offspring can develop optimally and not suffer from a deficiency.

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Teaching children healthy nutrition: children - nutrition

Teach children healthy eating

If it were up to the children, there would be chips and pizza, pasta and burgers, chips and plenty of sweets every day. Sounds tempting, but in the long run the big end is inevitable: important nutrients are missing and excess pounds accumulate. Children are increasingly developing metabolic disorders such as diabetes or high blood pressure. It is important to take early countermeasures. But that is easier said than done.

How do you get small vegetable refusers to eat more healthy greens? Like a fast food freak for a balanced diet or a computer junkie for more exercise? This does not work with prohibitions, but only together with the kids – so that the whole family is happy.

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A plate of health for children every day

Living healthy is not only important for the body but also for the soul. How does it look in a child when he is overweight? How well can it concentrate when it comes to school on an empty stomach? Hunger can really hurt. Bad nutrition too.

The German Children’s Fund enables children from families who are affected by poverty to eat good and wholesome meals. Because as a child, those who do not experience what a healthy diet is and how good it can taste will hardly be able to make up for it as an adult.

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Healthy nutrition for children

Find out here what is part of a healthy diet for children and how you can encourage your child to eat.

Nutrition for children

Prepare healthy food for kids imaginatively

It should actually be clear to everyone how important healthy foods are for keeping our body healthy.

Of course, children don’t like healthy eating! With a few tricks it works anyway! – Photo: © Monika Adamczyk Children in particular need numerous important nutrients for their development. Unfortunately, healthy food is not one of the favorite foods of young people. However, a few useful tricks help to accommodate all the important nutrients.

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Childhood nutrition

Introducing children to a wholesome and needs-based diet is certainly of great concern to all parents, because the diet influences health and well-being to a great extent. In the following article you will find recommendations for food selection for children of kindergarten and school age. The explanations are based on the current recommendations of the German Research Institute for Child Nutrition and the German Society for Nutrition.

The “optimized mixed food” – the basis of a child-friendly diet

A child-friendly diet meets the following requirements:

  • It provides sufficient nutrients, i.e. H. it is full.
  • The energy content is adapted to the child’s needs.
  • It takes into account foods that children particularly like.
  • It can be implemented without great expenditure of time and money.
  • It allows small “extras” like cakes or sweets.

In order to meet these requirements, the German Research Institute for Child Nutrition in Dortmund has developed the so-called “optimized mixed food”, in which all these aspects are taken into account. The optimized mixed food is based on the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society. It covers nutrient and energy needs and prevents nutritional diseases. Additional nutrient-enriched foods or vitamin preparations are not necessary. This diet is ideal for the whole family, because in principle these nutritional rules apply to all ages.

Christina Cherry

Nutrition for kindergarten and school children

By: Jutta Kamensky – Consumer Service Bavaria

Eating healthy has not been child’s play for a long time. Numerous foods and a lot of information flood the market. The children’s health situation in Germany clearly shows the importance of one conscious nutrition from the start is.

But what is actually the "Best for the child“And how is it implemented in everyday life?

In this post you will find

What Hänschen doesn’t learn.

In Germany, according to the KiGGS study, 15 percent of 3 to 17 year old children are considered overweight, 6.3 percent of them are pathologically overweight. Obese children often become obese adults. The earlier the children put too much weight on the scale, the higher this risk. Obesity causes physical, mental and physical problems.
Like adults, children eat too fat, too sweet and too little fruit and vegetables. A third of all six to 14 year olds do not eat breakfast in front of the school and only every second pupil has a lunch break. Malnutrition and malnutrition are possible causes of lack of concentration, fatigue and poor performance at school. Eating habits are learned in childhood and mostly continue to be practiced in adulthood. It is therefore essential to have healthy eating habits from good role models, e.g. to learn to parents.

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Nutrition for children

Nutrition for children

Eating with children is considered the "Pièce de Résistance" in family life. There is hardly a family who cannot sing a song about endless discussions about food and the frustrations associated with it. Nevertheless, the right nutrition is of central importance for young people in growth.

The same applies to children: balanced nutrition

It’s actually easy, because once again the food pyramid forms the basis for the menu plan: five servings of lettuce, vegetables and fruit, sufficient carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, legumes) as well as milk and milk products belong on the plate every day.

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