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A wide variety of boys’ underwear

For boys, it is important not only what they wear during daycare or school, but also what they wear under their clothes. Although underwear or pajamas are only seen by the family, they are an important part of their lives for the youngest. They want to shape their own style, wear Star Wars pajamas or color-match their socks to their clothes. Treat your boy to the right boy’s underwear and delight him with the clothing he has always imagined.

Boys ‘underwear includes more than just a pair of boys’ underpants. Overall, boys’ underwear includes the following areas:

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Buy sledges online

Sleigh at Globetrotter

As soon as the landscape and the paths are covered with snow, sledges can be used as a means of transport or for sledding. No matter whether for children, for adults, made of wood or plastic: Here you will find the right wooden or plastic sled for you and your family.

Sporty, elegant and classic wooden sledges

On the one hand, we have various wooden sleds. These include classic Davos sledges with curved runners, a stable and shapely wooden frame and a seat made of wooden slats or a textile mesh. Some of our wooden sledges are additionally equipped with a backrest or even with a special and warmly lined sled bag so that children can be pulled safely and warmly on them.
Sledges with runners curved to the horns are good for sledding. The curved struts are ideal as handles, especially when riding in a prone position. The sledge is then controlled by shifting weight and by deliberately stepping off with your feet.
Our various toboggan runs are also suitable for athletic use. They are characterized by their sleek and light construction with slanted runners, which means that the sled lies well in the curve and can be easily controlled.

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Buy children's pajamas & sleepwear online »jako-o

sleepwear & Nightwear for children

Boys and girls enjoy maximum comfort in the pajamas for children from JAKO-O. The high-quality nightwear convinces with comfortable cuts, comfortable fabrics and trendy designs. Continue reading.

Pajamas for children in various designs

In the JAKO-O range you can find pajamas for children in different versions. Long pajamas consist of long trousers and a matching long-sleeved top, while short children’s pajamas combine a pair of shorts with a t-shirt or sleeveless top. The pajamas have an elastic waistband; in the long versions, similar to jogging pants, the leg ends are also processed elastically. Does your child want to wear his favorite shirt while sleeping? No problem – short and long pajama pants are also available separately from us. So the kids can put together their own well-being outfit. The children‘s nightwear range also includes pretty and comfortable nightgowns and sleep shirts. Popular with all age groups: overalls are no longer considered baby clothes, but are particularly popular with style-conscious teens. Equipped with a practical zipper, children can spend a long evening in the home theater in the cozy one-piece suits or have an extensive breakfast on Sunday.

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Children's tops: Buy tops for girls online »jako-o

Children’s tops: tops for girls

Girls love tops. In it they can feel good, romp and do sports. Browse through our extensive range and let yourself be inspired by the quality and design of the tops for children. Continue reading.

A large selection of tops for children at JAKO-O

Thanks to their soft quality, tops for children are ideal for the delicate skin of the offspring. Children like tops because they are light and comfortable, have a pleasant feel and, of course, offer the necessary freedom of movement when playing and romping thanks to their sleeveless design. Parents like them because they are so easy to care for and ready for next use after washing. And there we come to a crucial point: Even the little ones love fashion with a high cool factor: Little girls appreciate cheeky looks and trendy, fashionable cuts. Clothing also stands for a confident attitude towards life and should reflect individual characteristics. We at JAKO-O want to inspire you with our range. Our offer includes tops of exceptional quality in a child-friendly design. Our textiles are designed for durability and for frequent wear. This means that even after many washes, they look good and fit well.

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Free Italian lessons

Our Italian lessons allow you to learn basic Italian words and phrases online for free. The lessons are for children and adults learning Italian as a second language or learning Italian as a beginner.

There are 2 levels of lessons to choose from, beginner Italian lessons and advanced Italian lessons. All of these lessons include full sound recordings for every vocabulary from native Italian speakers.

The language in the beginner lessons has been carefully selected for beginners and corresponds to the Italian that you will find in school / university / your learning books. Lessons include "family members", "pets", "numbers up to 10" and more. Each lesson introduces 10 related words and phrases to the learner.

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Best online casino – best websites 2020

  • There is a specific provider, but experience has shown that it is not available to all German customers.
  • The internationally oriented offer has a base in Germany, may have been checked by the German TÜV.
  • A player plays casino games from Germany (slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker and so on).

Many recommended online casinos

If you want to play games of chance on the Internet, you can choose between a large number of providers. All have advantages, few disadvantages, because in terms of seriousness there is rarely anything to complain about. Every online casino mentioned below has the ambition and the chance to become the best online casino 2019.

The best online casino 2019 – what to expect

If you want to become the title holder, you have to offer a lot to the customers. The subject areas are:

  • A wide program with many games that cannot be played by the competition.
  • A variety of innovations.
  • Interesting doctorates with pleasant conditions
  • Possibly an app, because such programs are far less widespread than is commonly assumed.
  • A modern, German-language website.

If the topic of online casino PayPal were fulfilled, this would also be an advantage. The common thing is that payments via PayPal should be possible. This is remarkably rare in reality, but as long as there are alternatives, this should not be criticized.

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Avengers coloring pages

Avengers coloring pages. Miracle of the Avengers coloring page. There are many high quality coloring pages from Avengers for your children – printable with one click for free. "Avengers" is one of the epic superhero films of all time. It’s about a group of superheroes from the Marvel comics. The original team consists of Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Captain America. You are the number one team on earth. The follow-up film "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is just as fascinating.

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