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Gum treatment what can you do?

Seal your gums from the inside. They close the gateway for viruses, germs and bacteria.

A Gum treatment is carried out when the first signs of gingivitis or periodontitis are already present. The aim of the treatment is tooth preservation and the Decimation of the bacteria, which are responsible for the gum inflammation. For those affected, the announcement of an upcoming gum treatment is often sheer horror. The reason for this is the horror stories that others tell. Nobody claims that periodontal treatment is comfortable, but you shouldn’t let it stop you because of the scary stories if you are concerned. It is in your own interest. That being said, thanks to the latest technologies, it is nowhere near as uncomfortable as it was a few years ago.

Christina Cherry

hole in a tooth

A hole in the tooth is created when tooth decay damages the teeth. In many cases, insufficient dental care exacerbates the situation. Almost all people have to deal with tooth decay, even those who practice optimal dental care and oral hygiene. Caries is a disease caused by bacteria that is even contagious, which few know. In addition to the right dentifrices, play too Toothbrush-Technology and the toothbrush used play a big role in how far caries bacteria can spread in the oral cavity.

Holes in the tooth can lead to acute pain, in many cases there is no pain at first. Whether you are in pain or not depends on various factors. On the one hand, small, just created holes in the tooth do not cause any pain. Here, even the treatment, i.e. the filling of the holes, is usually possible without anesthesia, without feeling pain. Another possible reason for the painlessness may be that the tooth nerve, which transmits the pain signals, has already died.

Christina Cherry