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Professional gum treatment (periodontology)

Every third person in Germany suffers from periodontitis. Anyone who suffers from this has to fight with an inflammation of the tooth-holding apparatus – also called periodontium. This spreads from the gumline to the tooth cement and the root skin and is a common cause of tooth loss, especially as we age.

What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis usually progresses slowly and initially does not cause pain. Periodontitis only becomes noticeable with the appearance of regular bleeding gums, reddening and swelling of the gum tissue and unpleasant bad breath. As a result, there are so-called gum pockets, which may secrete secretions. This can lead to loosening and ultimately loss of teeth, which can only be compensated for by dentures. These pockets go hand in hand with a decrease in gums and sensitive tooth necks, but a change in the tooth position can also be the result. Periodontitis can progress chronically (gradually) or aggressively (within a few weeks).

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CEREC is innovative because you now only need one session for a partial crown or inlay. They come with a tooth in need of treatment and leave our dental practice in Regensburg completely treated. Who of us doesn’t know the uncomfortable feeling of an imprint? Cerec saves you from this unpleasant procedure. Using a digital camera, we can transmit the “digital impression” directly to the device so that the CERamik REConstruction can be used within a very short time and has a high accuracy of fit. Cerec is a high-quality alternative to gold restorations – with the same or even better durability. This solution gives you a metal-free denture and a natural appearance with tooth-colored ceramic restorations.

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