Waldorf school: that’s what children and parents can expect

At Waldorf schools there is dancing all the time, parents have to show constant commitment and the Abitur can only be taken at a few schools. Clichés or reality? Waldorf educator and author Henning Kullak-Ublick cleans up.

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scoyo: Mr. Kullak-Ublick, what do you think the Waldorf School can do better than other schools?

Kullak-Ublick: Waldorf schools take people with all their different characteristics seriously: learning at the Waldorf school means that the children get to know each other as actors, perceivers and independent thinkers. We take learning paths as important as the results. We want to enable children and young people not only to reproduce knowledge, but also to relate it to other things, for example to society or their experiences, and to form their own judgment. In the lower classes we particularly address the imagination and skill of the children and thus put them into practice Basis for lifelong learning, that can adapt to different situations.

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Many parents in Germany avoid compulsory schooling – and thus risk imprisonment

Spotted an Error?

Attending school is part of childhood for the vast majority of children in Germany. After all, it is a duty – the decision on whether one’s own child should go to school or not is made by the legislature.

Nevertheless, there are around 1000 children in Germany who do not go to school, as the “Welt” reports. Instead, they put math, German or English at the dining room tables at home – teachers are mostly their own parents. This is not allowed, the legal guardians even risk long prison terms if they violate the obligation to ensure their children attend school regularly.

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Alsterkind – News for parents and children in and around Hamburg

Events, courses, addresses and topics


Event Highlights

Little Red Riding Hood – play along theater

Hamburg children’s theater meeting

Piano taster lesson for children

Open Class Room Day

Saturday, January 11, 2020


Theater academy 3-6 years

Galli Theater | 3-6 years years | € 15.00

The Galli Theater Academy has set itself the goal of creating play spaces in which children can develop artistically and playfully without pressure to perform. Real creativity is promoted here primarily through fun, games and singing.

Little Red Riding Hood – play along theater

Galli Theater | ‘3-8’ years | ‘6, – / 10.-‘ €

They are not only allowed to listen to the story of the fairy tale, but also to actively intervene in the action. Children keep coming in.

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Maintenance for relatives - child, parents, grandparents

Relatives maintenance – I have to maintain my relatives ?

"Relatives in a straight line are obliged to support each other", it is quite succinct in the law.

Here one understands "related in a straight line" those people, one descended from the other.

Accordingly, parents are obliged to support their children and possibly even their grandchildren (please refer to the following sections).

It also follows that there are no maintenance obligations between siblings, between step-parents and stepchildren and between parents-in-law and children-in-law.

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Separation: How do parents explain this to the child?

Sometimes the separation is inevitable – even with parents. But how do you tell your child? A psychologist gives tips. And: parents report on their children’s reactions

Parents should not argue in front of the child or speak badly about the other

Prof. Walper, when is the right time to tell the child that mother and father are separating?

When the parents are sure and the decision is made. However, many find it difficult, they delay it. Surveys have shown that parents often give their child other reasons for someone to move out – such as professional commitments. If the child later learns that he has been lied to, he is usually very disappointed and may no longer be able to trust his parents.

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Separation of parents: this helps the child

When separated, parents are often very busy with themselves. But be careful: your child now needs them more than before. How to help your little one through difficult times

When parents stay in conversation with their little one, they find out what is troubling them

Those who separate usually change their everyday lives radically. Family celebrations, holidays, even meals at home will be different in the future. No one with whom you share experiences and worries every day. Nobody to make life’s big and small decisions with. Future plans need to be revised, shared dreams rejected and finances often reorganized. And then there are feelings like disappointment or self-doubt. It’s no wonder that many of them can’t get a clear idea at first. But what if you have children?

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Stutter – how can parents help their children?

Your child stutters? Don’t worry, it’s not that rare for children. We give tips on what you should pay attention to and where you can promote and support your child.

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Is your child suddenly having trouble speaking fluently or having trouble pronouncing sounds and syllables? This can be unsettling at first, but is not serious at first.

Stuttering in children

Stuttering is manifested by interruptions in speaking through repetitions of sounds or words and occurs in many children at a young age. There are two different types of stuttering: developmental stuttering (or developmental speech deficiency) and “real” stuttering.

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Saving for children: How parents properly invest money for children

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the essentials in brief

  • The money that children save themselves to finance larger purchases is best invested as overnight money.
  • When saving for several years to a big goal with a fixed date – such as a moped or a driver’s license – time deposits are the right investment for children and young people.
  • Large monetary gifts are best invested by parents in a mix of time deposits and high-yielding investments such as stocks or funds. Cheap index funds (ETFs) are particularly suitable.
  • If grandparents, godparents or the parents themselves regularly save money for children, a fund savings plan is particularly suitable.
  • Low costs, more returns – pay attention to favorable conditions when choosing your financial products and your securities account.

+++ This guide is updated regularly. The following information corresponds to the current status in October 2019. Subsequent developments have not yet been taken into account +++

Many parents regularly put some money back for their children. Grandparents, aunts and uncles or the godfathers also often contribute to the wealth accumulation of a child with larger monetary gifts. Parents are therefore faced with the question of which investment is particularly suitable for children. Those who pay attention to high interest rates and an attractive return get more out of the money saved. The savings book should have been used as the sole facility. Interest rates there are usually lower than inflation. So the rising prices eat up part of the money. We explain what you should pay attention to when saving for children and how you can introduce your children to responsible use of money.

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Smartphone for children – parents should pay attention to this

At some point, most children want to have a smartphone – but parents are skeptical. Rightly so! There are a few things mothers and fathers should keep in mind when their first mobile device is on the gift table.

With the first smartphone, children need to be accompanied by their parents © Pexels.com/natureaddict

Strict prohibitions often do not help parents. At some point, the time will come when mothers and fathers will simply no longer be there "No" can say. The begging, the eternal comparison à la "But Benno has had one since Christmas." sucks. Then it’s on the birthday table: the first smartphone for your own child. Although you never wanted that.

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Children’s pajamas & Babies: Parents need to pay attention to this

Pajamas for children and babies are available in different designs. Numerous colorful patterns and motifs are available for boys and girls. Which pajamas are suitable for your own child?

What parents at the Selection of the optimal pajamas for your child and how expensive a children’s pajamas should be, we reveal in this article.

Pajama variants for children and babies

Pajamas on and off to bed! ”A sentence that no child likes to hear. But children need a long and restful sleep, to process all the experiences of the day. It has a supporting effect choosing the right pajamas.

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