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Dentist Dr. Lothar von Wittken in Munich Pasing Laim

Main objective of Dental practice dentist Dr. by Wittken in Munich Pasing / Laim is the long-term preservation of teeth and gums at all ages. Our motto is: "Healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime". We have been looking after you for over 30 years Dentist in Munich Pasing.

We are your contact in Munich when it comes to dentistry, Teeth and gums goes. Thanks to our many years of professional experience, we can offer you the best service and the latest methods in the field of dentistry. Not only that, we are also committed to ensuring that we can fulfill your extra wishes and respond to them. Our practice is located on the ground floor and is barrier-free. I answer all your questions about dentistry in detail in my practice on the ground floor. Together we can achieve the best for your teeth.

Christina Cherry

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Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry in Munich (Pasing)

The first visit to the dentist is a formative event that children should definitely experience positively. Otherwise, there may be latent fear of the dentist, which will significantly impair dental health. We recommend that you consult us briefly before you make an appointment for your child in our practice for pediatric and adolescent dentistry in Munich (Pasing) for the first time.

By deliberately choosing words and behaviors in advance of the first dentist appointment, you can make a strong contribution to your child getting one positive basic attitude to dental care formed. Of course, we do everything we can to make sure that children and young people feel comfortable in our practice. We impart necessary knowledge about dental care and nutrition in child-friendly language and thus lay the foundation for good dental health.

Christina Cherry