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A visit to the children’s dentist can be fun?

In the children’s dental practice Kinderzahn in Munich, definitely!

Beautiful and healthy children’s teeth play a particularly important role in our lives. They are there to smile, eat, speak, sing, whistle and help you develop a strong personality.

Our children’s dental practice in Munich focuses on children and healthy teeth. No matter whether your milk tooth shakes, a tooth has broken off, you are afraid of the dentist or you have a small hole – we will help you and are there for you.

In our children‘s dental practice in Munich North we arouse the child’s curiosity and the willingness to cooperate with your child. Because, as you know, children are particularly open to everything new. We have done everything possible to make this possible. Many years of dental training (children’s dentistry) and experience, a dentist’s practice optimally geared towards dental children’s treatment and a great treatment concept.

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Your pediatric dentist in Munich

Pediatric dentistry – prophylaxis and prevention

Children must go to the children’s dentist Dr. Burger and his team are not afraid of treatment!

Thanks to years of experience from Pediatric dentist Dr. Burger from Munich we know that prophylaxis in children is only promising if it is tailored to the individual child. Every child is different and the prophylactic assistant and the dentist must build a basis of trust for everyone. A high degree of flexibility and patience are therefore required of the little patients and the age of the child must always be taken into account. All this care around Pediatric Dentistry we can offer you in our children’s dental practice in Munich – Maxvorstadt.

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pediatric dentist

Pediatric dentist in Hanover

Teaching children good dental care in a playful way, taking away their fear of dental treatment and being extremely competent – Die Praxis Dr. Gahmlich & Kollegen is an expert in the field of pediatric dentistry and even the smallest patients notice this. On this page, the team in Hanover Mitte reveals what parents have to consider when it comes to dental care at home and what is important.

Studying is not enough for some jobs – it is the same for pediatric dentists. In addition to specialist knowledge of the teeth of children and adolescents, empathy is particularly important. The practice Dr. Gahmlich & Colleagues from Hanover know how to calm children down and gain their trust. If this prerequisite is correct, the dentist can also apply his skills to the little patients. What is important in the dental care of these young people is given to the children in our dental practice in a playful, but nevertheless responsible way along the way. We look forward to helping your children.

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Pediatric dentist in central Berlin: children's dentist's office mundwerk

Pediatric dentist Berlin-Mitte – proper dental care begins in childhood

For all children, whether from Mitte, Charlottenburg or Moabit, the following applies: if you want to become a master toothbrush, practice early. Correct dental care should be learned as early as possible and should be part of the daily routine for children. That is why we at MundWerk in Alexa attach great importance to teaching our smallest patients how to use toothbrushes, dental floss and the like. In addition, the sensitive staff in our practice ensure that your child develops a healthy, unbiased relationship with the dentist.

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The first visit to the dentist should take place between the 2nd and 3rd year of life!

In order to maintain a positive atmosphere, we kindly ask you to address critical issues on the phone when making an appointment or when registering, without addressing your child.

During the treatment you are cordially invited to be in the treatment room. Your child should be the center of attention!

Here are a few more tips:

Plan your first visit to our Lugeck dental practice free from stress and please make sure that you and your child are rested.

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Pediatric dentist haidhausen - max-weber-platz - dr

Dr. med. dent. / MBA Beatris Zagrean understands the psychological guidance of children and, as a pediatric dentist Haidhausen, takes care of the health of children’s teeth in a child-friendly, competent and trusting manner.

patients votes

Great children’s dental practice – absolutely recommendable.

I have been in the practice of Dr. with my two children for almost 7 years Zagrean. It’s a great practice. Miss Dr. Zagrean is very competent and works very professionally. Your dear, sensitive nature is very well received by the children and takes away their fear. Your team is also very nice, fond of children and committed. We already had some caries treatments and also a dental operation, all of which, thanks to the optimal preparation, could be carried out without any problems. Each with a very good result. Miss Dr. Zagrean also attaches great importance to dental hygiene, which is also very important to me personally. I trust her and can only recommend the practice to anyone who is looking for a good pediatric dentist.

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Your pediatric dentist Frankfurt will inform

Pediatric dentist Frankfurt: Welcome our new pediatric dentist with us Mr. Ibraheem Hatout. Mr. Hatout has been working in children’s dentistry in Frankfurt for several years. He holds the internationally recognized Master of Science in Pediatric Dentistry. In the following article we would like to describe the main focus of children’s dentistry.


To prevent damage to your child’s teeth, your pediatric dentist in Frankfurt has developed a prophylaxis concept that is tailored to every age group.

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Pediatric dentist Ha >

With small patients in particular, it is important to take away the fear of going to the dentist right from the start and to build a relationship of trust. As a pediatric dentist in Haidhausen, near Max-Weber-Platz, we want children to feel comfortable in our practice. We offer gentle, almost painless treatments and use modern, innovative techniques.

As a pediatric dentist, our goal is to introduce your child to maintaining optimal dental and oral health. With child-friendly treatment, every visit for our little patients becomes an experience that is only linked to pleasant memories.

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Pediatric dentist düsseldorf, your team of milk tooth experts

Welcome to the Milchzahn experts – your dental practice for children in the north of Düsseldorf

In our children’s dentist practice in Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth, the youngest stay together: an almost complete floor for relaxed treatment in a child-friendly atmosphere

Dear children and dear parents!

Welcome to our children’s dentist practice Tooth experts.

At the Zahn experts in Düsseldorf there are specialists for various dental treatments
– the experts.

We know from many years of experience that our youngest patients, the children, have very special needs and feel most comfortable in their own world. With the move of our practice to Kaiserswerther Markt 38, we have therefore planned a large part of the first barrier-free floor for advice and care for children: in our new children’s dentist’s office, milk tooth experts.

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Pediatric dentist – Anxiety-free and child-friendly dental treatment in the pediatric dentist’s office without pain

So that you and your child feel comfortable, your pediatric dentist in Berlin (pediatric dentist) will be happy to take enough time. In this way you can familiarize yourself with the respective child treatment concept and your child can gain confidence.

The pediatric dentist in the pediatric dentist’s office often begins with dental treatment of the deciduous teeth in the form of a brace in the child due to tooth misalignment. Pediatric dentists specializing in pediatric dentistry are therefore careful to make every dental treatment as stress-free as possible for the little patients and use various dental methods to guarantee optimal tooth care from the start.

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